Developing games for children of 4-5 years: learning to count, write and think logically

The period of early development of a child is very important, because it is at this time that the child is trained in skills that will be useful for him throughout his life. Parents should not miss the opportunity to help their child grow up healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. To do this, you need to know what loads to give the kid and what to play with him in every period of his life.
Developing games for children 4-5 years old

What should a child of 4-5 years be able to do with diligent parents?

Developing games like children at any age, they are able to use sensorics, fine motor skills, memory and logic.

Using special games, you will learn how to properly develop your preschooler at home.

Let's look at what effective development games exist for children of 4-5 years, after going through the points that the child can do at an early age and what is the benefit of such pursuits.

At the age of , the child begins active and consciously to know the world around for 4-5 years. If parents deal with their baby, then they are a

ble to develop his abilities and transform them into specific skills.

Total that we can have:

  • It's commendable if your little one at the age of four clearly understands his thoughts and speaks fluently.
  • Remember that the child begins to develop creative thinking.
  • The kid can analyze pictures and various situations.
  • Also the kid is capable to invent additional elements in the game or any other kind of activity.

Gradually, when dealing with a child, you can increase the load and the amount of new material. After 4 years, the child can withstand full-time studies.

Child fantasizes, draws, plays - Mom benefits from

Developing games for children 4-5 years old

During this period very well works the fantasy of the child .Do not punish him for it.

Treat children's fantasies with understanding and even encouragement, because they dilute our everyday life with fresh non-standard stories. Use the information received from the child correctly and at this age, the joint pastime will be pleasant for you and the baby, regardless of the type of joint activity.

In this period the child more than usual begins to draw .Each time the drawings become more interesting and beautiful.

  1. Thanks to this, the child learns coordination, performing small movements.
  2. During the drawing, visual control is developed over what kind of work is performed with the help of hands.
  3. Using the pictures of your baby, analyze the psycho-emotional state of your child .
  4. With the help of drawing, the child is freed from stress, which, in turn, can hinder the development of speech and writing.

In the period from 4 to 5 years for the child, the main activity is still a game. Now it is complicated by roles, plots and performance of certain tasks.

During the session with the parent, the child learns communication skills, cooperation and discipline, which contributes to the intellectual development of the child.

Now about the serious, about the games

The most favorite for all parents developing games for children of 4-5 years of the house are aimed at the formation of the kids skills and abilities that can be bragged to other parents.

And boasting the most pleasant achievements in mathematics, logic and reading. Well, another poem to tell, but we will not consider the latter today, as we will not touch upon developing games for children of 4-5 years online, we will concentrate on the necessary and useful from the academic point of view.

Mathematics( algebra and even geometry)

  1. At the age of 4-5 years the child should distinguish such concepts: left and right, bottom and top.
  2. Also it is able to memorize the basic geometric figures such as: circle, square, oval, diamond, rectangle, triangle.
  3. And geometric bodies: a cube, a cylinder, a pyramid, a cone, a sphere.
  4. It is necessary to teach the child to easily count up to 10 and in the correct sequence to arrange the numbers.
  5. The child develops the concept of a number-number, which means that he, in accordance with the number of objects, associates a certain number.

The complexity of the child causes a difficult task of comparing the number of items, how much more or how much less items in the comparative series.

Logic games for girls

If you are growing a princess, then you will be interested to find out what special games for girls are on the logic of

. In case the princess or the prince has a younger brother or sister, you might be interested in this article about the developmental features of the child afterof the year.

Do not know how to cope with your children and suspect them of hyperactivity? To understand whether this is so, the following material will help you.

To help your preschooler learn basic mathematical concepts, use the following educational games:

Game Rocket

Painted missile to play with a child 4-5 years old Draw a large rocket on the album sheet and ask the child to run it.

However, in order for the missile to launch , it is necessary to correctly place the numbers and seat the passengers.

Show the child a ruler and ask: "With what number does the count begin?", Then it will be at the beginning. We write down the subsequent figures to 10. After that, we seat the passengers( number-number).

Next to the figure we draw little animals or geometric figures corresponding to the number. After that, visually click on the button and count on the numbers to launch the rocket from 1 to 10, and raise your hands up "Start".Our rocket flew.

Thus, in the game form the child learns the numerical sequence, count and the concept of the number-number of .

The game "How much?"

Children love to play with magnets. Buy 10 magnets with beasts, fruits or cartoon characters.

Place 2 magnets in one row, and in the other 3 magnets. For example, the chanterelle had two nuts, and the squirrel had three mushrooms. Ask the question: "Who has more mushrooms, and who has fewer nuts?".Start small and end up with a big difference in numbers.

Magnets for playing with the child
If the child can not figure out, close the palm, then the number of magnets, which equally and ask the child, how much to give the chanterelle, so that they have the same.

Deliver the magnet, now they are the same. With this task, the child learns to distinguish between concepts more and less.

Many parents develop the logical-mathematical thinking of the child with such simple, but at the same time entertaining games.

Most mothers, using a game with a rocket, notice how over time the child quickly and independently can cope with the task. And this indicates the normal development of your baby.

Logic( it's thinking, memory, attention)

Here we refer activities that develop logical thinking, mindfulness and memory.

  • In 4-5 years the child can find and comment on the differences or similarities of in two pictures.
  • According to the sample, the kid is able to add a specific design. Also any picture, cut into several parts, the child must fold independently, without the help of the parent.

For the development of thinking, it is necessary to discuss pictures with the child, asking simple questions. Replenish your baby's vocabulary with antonyms. For example, cheerful - sad, empty - full, narrow - wide.

A difficult task at this age is to memorize words, possessing a collective value, and also to allocate from the group an unnecessary( not similar) object .

For the development of thinking, memory and skills for attention, use the following games:


A puzzle for a child 4-5 years old Buy pictures of various sizes, which consist of 5-6 parts, and ask the child to collect them themselves.

At first it can not work out, but gradually, the child must learn to analyze the fragment seen and find an addition to it.

Working with

Card for an educational game with one superfluous item

cards It is necessary to purchase cards with painted objects. On each card there will be 4 items, one of them will not belong to the general group.

Ask the child: "How can you call a painted group of objects in one word?", "What or who is superfluous? Why? ".

With cards, you can practice visual concentration of attention - ask your child to show a certain object with his finger.
Thus, the thinking and memory of the baby develops.

Board Game


Prepare the same geometric shapes different in size, large and small, in different colors.

Ask the child to find the same geometric shapes. Ask him to explain what the similarity and difference are.

With the help of such simple figures it is easy to develop logical thinking in a child.

Each of these educational games is quite interesting. Thanks to him, the child of is filled with vocabulary, develops speech ability, logical thinking and memory. Moms easily conduct such exercises without spending much effort and time.

Reading( yes, reading, not alphabet)

  • At the age of 4-5 years the child has to know all the letters of the alphabet.
  • It is also easy to read three-letter words with .
  • At this age, the character memory begins to work particularly actively, so closer to the 5th year of life your child will try to read the books himself before going to bed. Do not be afraid to load the child with reading, but it is important and do not overdo it.

In order to interest the child in reading, play with him in such developing games:

Cubes Zaitsev

Developing cubes Zaitseva For memorizing letters, buy cubes Zaitsev.

Review the instructions for use.

This method is well known and many mothers were able to help their children easily memorize all the letters of the alphabet.

Smart cubes

Develop smart cubes and simulator for writing Smart cubes with three letter strings and a writing machine

Smart cubes with a simulator for writing. Any word that the child will come up with, try to assemble with this designer.

Do not separate three strings of letters from cubes.
Let the child pick up one of the chains and turn from top to bottom, searching for a suitable letter. Finding, let him detach it and put it aside.
Thus, working with the child can collect a word.

Classes with smart cubes instill the ability not to miss the letters in the word.


Mom and child read developing tale puzzle
This game is made at home. Invent a story and write a few simple words on the same pieces of paper and ask the child to read to continue the tale.

For example, there lived a "MAE"( the child reads), he had a "BABA", she cooked a delicious "Kasha," and put it on the "TABLE", etc.

The child is happy to read the words to learn the continuation of the tale.

Only a fairy tale should be no more than 10 words.

Every time, come up with something new, then your baby will not be afraid to read unfamiliar words.

Separately it should be noted that children who regularly attend kindergarten or other preschools, in addition to the above skills and skills, are also formed skills of communication and interaction in large and small groups.

Developing games for children of 4-5 years in the garden are held not isolated, but in the complex .In the next video, you can see how an experienced educator skillfully uses the familiar children's instruments, including cubes of Zaitsev, for the formation of academic skills in children in game form.

The child, while he is small, needs communication, which in 4-5 years is perceived through the game. Using developing games for children of 4-5 years, we learn to count, write, and reason logically.

By spending time with your little one, and developing with it, you will see how your child is growing up. Developing games are simple, you only need to use imagination and make efforts.

When your child goes to school, he will be very grateful for the time you gave to deal with him.
We wish your baby to grow not only healthy, but also intellectually developed!