Overview of resorts in Bulgaria for families with children aged 1-14 years and over

Bulgarian resorts for holidays with children do not cease to be in demand among many parents. Among the resorts in Bulgaria there are different options on the budget - both for a quiet and for an active holiday with children of different ages. About where to go to Bulgaria with children, which resort to choose - in the following lines.
Resorts in Bulgaria for families with children

Resorts for children 1-7 years old


Kranevo is a holiday village in Bulgaria. It is located on the Black Sea coast, 12 km from Golden Sands and 24 km from Varna.

Beaches in Kranevo are sandy. Descent into the water on them shallow, without rocks and algae. The village is suitable for passive recreation with children.

By bus the resort is connected to Varna, Albena, Golden Sands and Balchik. A trip from Varna airport takes no more than 30 minutes .


Tourist bureaus of the village sell tickets for trips to Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Sozopol and other cities of Bulgaria.


For treatment suitable hotel Therma Palace 5 *, for

families with children - hotels Margarita 3 *, Laguna 2 *.


Kranevo is considered a resort with average prices. Rest in luxury hotels with treatment costs 85-150 euros per night per room, in economy class facilities 40-60 euros. Daily expenses do not exceed 60 euros.


Resort in Bulgaria Balchik In the summer heat the beaches of Balchik are rarely occupied by a large number of people.

Balchik is a resort in the northeast of Bulgaria. It is located on the site of an ancient Greek settlement, between salt lakes and the Black Sea. Beaches in Balchik are sandy, with a gentle descent into the sea and a shallow water strip 5-7 meters wide.

The ideal time for rest and treatment in Balchik is mid July, when the air and the sea are warm. The resort is great for relaxing with children of all ages.

There is a regular bus service between Balchik and Varna airport for the convenience of tourists. The interval between flights to the resort is 15-20 minutes, and the journey time is 45 minutes.


In Balchik there are many beautiful places that surprise even sophisticated travelers. The most beautiful of them is the botanical garden and the residence of Queen Mary of Edinburgh.
Botanical garden in the gully


Small travelers on the waterfront of the city are pleased with the rental of equipment for water sports and bicycle rental. For adults, yachts and golf clubs, bars, discotheques open daily on the resort.


For a comfortable stay with children and health-improving courses, the hotels: Lighthouse Golf &Spa Resort 5 *, Helios Hotel 3 *, Bisser Hotel 2 *.


The price for accommodation in Balchik is low - 25-30 euros for a 2-bed room in a 3 * hotel and 40-100 euros per night in a 4-5 * hotel. Daily expenditure of funds at the resort varies from 20 to 60 euros per day per person .

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach - a resort in Bulgaria for families with children Sunny Beach is famous for its impeccable beaches and wonderful views

All resorts of Bulgaria for holiday with children fit well, but Sunny Beach especially. Its sandy beaches with gentle entrances to the sea have attracted tourists for 50 years.

Buses and taxis run from the airports and bus stations of Burgas, Varna and Sofia to the Sunny Beach with an interval of 30 minutes.

The journey time from Burgas to Sunny Beach is 40 minutes, from Varna - 1 hour 50 minutes.

Rest in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is better in late August-early September , when tourists are getting smaller, and the sea water and air retain their heat. The resort is suitable for recreation with young children and schoolchildren.


Sunny Beach is a modern resort and there are not many sights in it. But tickets for trips to nearby cities and museums are always available at city tour offices.


In the center of the resort there is an amusement park with carousels, a house of horrors, a dead loop and other attractions. Also in the city invites guests to a water park, an area of ​​24000 m² with winding slides and swimming pools.


Guests who come with children like the hotels: Helena Park Hotel 5 *, Iberostar Sunny Beach 4 *, Hotel L & B 3 *.


Accommodation in a 2-person hotel room of a budget class costs 20-40 euros per day, in establishments of categories 4-5 * - 45-70 euros. Everyday costs are also low - only 10-30 euros per person.

Resort in Bulgaria Albena Come to the resort is better in July-August, when the warm summer nights are and the sea warms up to + 25. .. 27 ° C


Albena is the 3rd most popular health resort in the country of Orpheus. It is considered the best resort for families with children 4-14 years old .Buses departing from Varna airport reach the city in 45 minutes.


Attractions in the village only 2 - Icon Gallery and Historical Museum. Just 20 minutes drive from it, in Balchik, there are botanical gardens, the residence of the Romanian Queen Maria.


For the socialization of the youngest guests, the resort has a kindergarten and special clubs. The beaches of the city are covered with sand. The depth of the sea at the shore does not exceed 1-1.5 meters.

Hotels in

Hotels in Albena( Bulgaria) that are suitable for stay with children: Orhidea 3 *, Laguna Garden 4 *, Flamingo Grand 5 *.These institutions have everything you need for kids: cribs, playgrounds, animation, babysitting.
Laguna Garden 4 *


The price of a room per night in hotels in Albena ranges from 35 to 120 euros. The cost per day for one holidaymaker is 30-50 euros.

Resorts for children 8-13 years old


Resort Bulgaria Sozopol In Sozopol you can stay in both a luxurious and a mini hotel

Sozopol is a small resort town in the east of Bulgaria. It is located 34 km from Burgas. To get to the resort you can take the buses that leave from the aprons of bus stations in Varna and Burgas.

Travel time is 35-40 minutes from Bourgas and 90-110 minutes from Sozopol. In the period from May to September, the daytime air temperature is + 27. .. + 33 ° C, and water + 25. .. + 28 ° C.

The resort is suitable for holidays with children of primary and secondary school age. In Sozopol open for swimming 12 beaches. They are all sandy, with a gently sloping entrance to the water.


The old part of town with the castle and the park next to it - the most beautiful sights of Sozopol. In 3-5 km from the city there are nature conservation areas - the island of Saint Ivan, the mouth of the Ropotamo river, sand dunes.


The main entertainment facilities of the health resort are located near the Harmani beach. In this place, guests are amused: an amusement park with a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster, rental stations for water crafts, platforms with trampolines for children and adults, dozens of nightclubs, cafes and restaurants.


There are a lot of 2 * and 3 * hotels in Sozopol, but there are few classes of 4 * and 5 *.Among the facilities that are suitable for families with children include: Saint Thomas Residences 5 *, Laguna Beach Resort &Spa 4 *, Coral 3 *, Selena 3 *.


The cost of rest in hotels 2-3 * categories is - 20-30 euros per day for 1-2 local number, in establishments of categories 4-5 * - 35-50 euros. On average for a day, a family of 2 adults and 1 child per day can spend 15-35 euros , depending on the food costs( if not provided by the hotel) and entertainment.


Resort in Bulgaria Nessebar The swimming season in the resort starts in May and ends in October, thanks to the warm climate of

Nessebar is a city considered to be a satellite of Sunny Beach. The optimal time for rest in Nessebar is the end of July.

The transport accessibility of the health resort is provided by regular buses, with which you can reach Bourgas airport in 40 minutes.


The main attraction of the resort Nessebar( Bulgaria) is the old town. The nature of the city surprises guests with white sand dunes and cliffs 7-8 meters high.


At the border of Nessebar and Sunny Beach, the mini-aqua park "Pirates of the Caribbean" delivers pleasant emotions to small guests.


In Nessebar there are small hotels for budget rest and huge hotel complexes of the highest category. Facilities that are great for families with children: Sol Nessebar Palace Resort &Aquapark 5 *, Bilyana Beach Hotel 4 *, Family Hotel Evridika 3 *.


The cost of rest in economy class hotels is 30-50 euros, in hotels of categories 4-5 * - 100-140 euros per day. Daily expenses require the availability of 30 to 60 euros per person.

Resorts for children from 14 years

Golden Sands

Resort in Bulgaria Golden Sands Golden Sands is considered the best resort for active pastime

Bulgarian resorts for recreation with children are bright and colorful. One of the best is Golden Sands, especially for children from the age of 14.Beaches in the city are sandy. The entrance to the water on them is not very gentle.

For 50 minutes buses are brought to Golden Sands, tourists who arrived to Varna airport, and for 2 hours of travelers who left the airport of Burgas.


The most beautiful sights of Golden Sands are the chapel of St. John the Baptist and the rock monastery of Aladzha. In the latter, Christian hermits lived from the 4th century AD.


For adults and children in the city there are a lot of entertaining establishments: tracks of trips on maps and quad bikes, amusement parks on land and on water with carousels and attractions. On the day of entertainment, 1 person will have to spend 15-45 euros.


For relaxation and treatment with children excellent hotels: Marina Grand Beach 5 *, Sentido Golden Star 4 *, Astera Hotel &Spa 3 *.


In a cafe for 1 person you should have in your pocket from 15 euro .Accommodation in hotels 4 * per person per night will come from 240 euros.


Bulgarian resort Pomorie The resort is suitable for a budget and peaceful holiday.

Pomorie is a resort town on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

Regular buses for 30 minutes bring guests to the city from the airport of Burgas.

Suitable for holidays with children of senior school age. The sea shore at the resort is gently sloping with fine sand.


Attractions Pomorie are museums of salt, nature of Pomorie Lake, the history of the city, the monastery of St. George the Victorious.


Guests are invited to a park of children's attractions on land, water attractions on the beaches, an outdoor area with sports simulators. For adults, they conduct training courses for windsurfing and diving schools, tasting brandy and wines are organized by a local alcoholic beverage plant.


Maximum meeting all the requirements for hotels with children: Festa Via Pontica Resort 5 *, Marina Holiday Club, Grand Hotel Pomorie.


Pomorie is considered a relatively expensive resort. For a 2-bed room in a 3 * hotel, they ask 45-60 euros per day, in an institution of 4 * -5 * - 80-120 euros. Daily expenses for the season are 20-40 euros per person.


Resort Bulgaria Duni It is considered an expensive resort, justified by excellent recreational facilities.

Dyuni is a young resort in Bulgaria, which is 40 km away from Bourgas and 7 km from Sozopol.

Ideal for a holiday with children from 12-14 years. Beaches of Dyuni are covered with fine-grained sand. The bottom at the entrance to the sea is flat and clean.

In Dyuni stop buses that follow from Bourgas to Primorsko. The journey takes 45 minutes.


Dunes is surrounded by nature reserves. The first of these is "Ropotamo".Its nature resembles a real jungle. The second is "Water Lily".5 km to the south of the health resort is located the island of St. Thomas.


Entertainment facilities at the resort are oriented to fans of outdoor activities. For them are open: 5 tennis courts, a mini-golf course, a school for surfing and windsurfing. Local residents organize walks on horseback for the guests along the Stazhdansky Mountains.


Hotels in the resort of Duni in Bulgaria are divided into 3 zones. All requests by families and children meet: Marina Royal Palace 5 *, Holiday Village 4 *, Pelican 4 *.


Dyuni is considered an expensive and luxurious resort. Average daily expenses in it are 50-70 euros per person, and price per room in the hotel is 70-120 euros .


Resort of Bulgaria Elenite The lack of winds, mild and warm climate provide a pleasant holiday in Elenite

Elenite is a young resort in the Republic of Bulgaria. For a long time, I was guided by tourists from France and England.

Thanks to this, I have found a level of service that meets all international standards. The shore of the sea in the village is covered with sand, but the bottom is covered with large stones.

Elenite is a good resort for rest with children aged 14-18 who like active rest. By bus, Elenite is connected only to Sunny Beach and Nessebar. To move to a health resort from the airports of Varna and Burgas, you need to make a transfer in the above-mentioned settlements. Total travel time( including transfers) to the resort is 60-70 minutes.


There are no historical sights in Elenite. But the historical center of Nessebar is only 10 km away.


Children in the village are entertained by a mini club and water park. They employ teams of experienced animators who know Russian and English. Adults help to find employment in the soul of an equestrian center, a yacht club, archery, aerobics, volleyball courts, courts for large and tables for small tennis. There are no nightclubs in the resort.


In Elenite, most of the accommodation facilities are aparthotels. The guest reviews are provided by the Apartments Privilige Fort Beach, Atrium Beach and Spa Hotel 4 *, Andalusia 2 Apartment.


Rent for a day apartments in a hotel costs 50-70 euros, relax the same time in a 5 * hotel - 70-100 euros. Pocket costs in Elenite are higher than in other resorts.

Reviews about the rest in Bulgaria with children

Maria, 32, Novosibirsk

I went to the Green Life Beach Resort 4 * in Sozopol with my 2 year old daughter last July. There is a separate children's table with cereal and fresh fruit.

Almost all holidaymakers with young children. The only serious disadvantage of this hotel is the lack of mosquito nets on windows and doors. In the evenings, little bothersome mosquitoes and had to buy a fumigator.

The sea is warm. The appearance of the town is pleasant. All the streets are clean. At each step there are urns. On an excursion I went to the Ropotamo reserve. It was nice to see the jungle in Europe.

Nikolay 38 y., Ekaterinburg

I was in the hotel Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort 4 * in Sunny Beach in August with his wife and son 12 years old. The rooms are spacious and clean.

Power is excellent. The dishes were never repeated for 7 days of rest. The service is organized perfectly. Animators constantly organize new games.

The very city of Golden Sands left a pleasant impression. Even at 2 o'clock in the morning it was possible to go for a walk and not afraid of thieves.

Ivan, 36, Tver

I was in the hotel Melia Grand Hermitage 5 * in Golden Sands in August last year. Has arrived with the wife, the son of 12 years and a daughter of 14 years. The transfer from the airport lasted about 40 minutes.

Thanks to the good work of retsepshen we got a room overlooking the pool. There were no complaints about clean-up - always clean, neat and on time.

The food also did not cause any complaints. Especially liked the team of animators. I'm not a sports fan, but I went for aerobics with pleasure.

Also liked the area - well maintained, clean, reminiscent of a large garden. The Internet worked anywhere in the hotel. The weather was good and pleased us with warmth.


The best resorts in Bulgaria for families with children are described above. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Which one is the best and satisfies all the requirements and wishes - it's up to you.