☀ Weather in Greece by months or 4 times of the year for rest in Greek

Welcome to Greece! The weather by months will help you to decide the time of your trip. This year, choose your holiday in Greek, because weather conditions will accompany your best holiday, whenever it takes place.
Weather in Greece by Month

Weather in winter

If you have to come to Greece in the winter, do not be sad. When it's cold and snowing in the homeland, the weather in Greece in winter is much softer and warmer.

The average air temperature in the winter is + 12 ° C in the daytime and +5 ° C at night. The water in the sea is cold, only those who like extreme sports can swim. It rains almost every day.

Winter is considered an ideal time for skiing .The ski season lasts from December to April.

Greece will be a real godsend for winter lovers. In the country there are 20 stations of mountain skiing for different tastes and financial possibilities of tourists.
Weather in greece in winter
The most popular cities are in Parnassus - Kelaria and Fterolaka.

The average price for a day ski pass is 15 euros.

After Christmas time begin

s, which is considered a paradise for fashionistas - the season of sales in stores for fur coats.

It lasts 6 weeks and at this time you can buy the most beautiful part of the winter wardrobe at a low price. Tours for fur coats in the winter - popular with our compatriots.

All the winter in the country are city holidays and carnivals.

Many tourists try so pick up holiday time to see or participate in one of the many Greek events:

  • «Parade of Lights" and "Yogurt fights" in Thessaloniki,
  • Carnival "Ragutsariya" in Kastoria,
  • oldest carnival in Patras,
  • wineholiday in Naoussa, and others.


spring in the spring nature of the Greek mainland and the islands begins to revive, and the weather is often pleases serene days and warm evenings. There comes a time when one should think about traveling to the country to get acquainted with its cultural heritage.

The choice of excursions is huge - Greece is rich in acropolis and pantheons, temples and monasteries, basilicas and churches.


weather in March presented with unpleasant surprises in the form of cold rain, but often it is short-lived.

Be sure to take with you warm things and umbrellas .

The average temperature in the daytime does not drop below +18 ° С.In the sea the water is cold.


In April, it is already quite warm - + 20 - + 23 ° С.Riot of colors and aroma of flowers revive even the arid regions of the country, such as Crete and the Cyclades.

Weather in Greece in the spring

An increasing number of tourists come to this time on the coast and islands for sunbathing.

Sunburn can be obtained smooth and resistant, but do not forget about sunscreen.

The water temperature in the seas rises to the level of +18 ° C, there are some tourists who would not be afraid to take a dip in the cool water.


Weather in Greece in May, accompanied by the beginning of the beach season, which is confirmed by the influx of tourists who want to bask in the sun and get a charge of emotion on vacation.

This time is considered ideal for holidays on the Greek islands - it's already warm, but it's not hot yet. Loyal prices for tour packages are also encouraging.

Wild flowers and a grass carpet delight the look, because the heat has not yet dried the earth. The air temperature is +23 ° С.Water, especially on the islands, is already warm - +20 ° С.

If you are going to have a rest in Greece in Rhodes, it is better to know the weather in advance, because the country by area is large and the temperature indicators may differ. Once on the island of Rhodes, in Greece in May, you will be happy with the weather.

Weather in summer

Most tourists come to Greece for holidays in the summer months. The season for beach non-accomplishment continues and as a bonus, in summer in shops tourists are also offered discounts for the purchase of fur coats.

From excursions at this time of the year you need to refuse - under the scorching sun of the day you will not enjoy visiting the sights. More comfortable and familiar climate at this time of year at the resorts of Bulgaria.

On holiday, take with you sunscreen cosmetics and headgear to protect against possible sun or thermal shock and from skin burns.


The weather in Greece in June is still not as hot as in the following months. In the sea comfortable in water temperature - +23 ° С - with pleasure both adults and children bathe.

Weather in Greece in summer

The air in the daytime is already warming up to +30 ° C, but this summer's heat in the country is still in the future.

We offer you to read about the best resorts in Greece for recreation with children. To get the most out of the vacation, you need to plan it in advance.

From the weather in Greece in June 2016, do not expect a cool.


When planning your vacation for the average summer month, check in advance with the weather forecasts in Greece in July. At this time, the heat has mercilessly destroyed the wild vegetation, blooming oases you will see only in the territories of hotels and parks.

If in the best hotels in Greece for July there is no place, we recommend paying attention to the hotels in Bulgaria. Among the Bulgarian hotels you can really pick up a decent option for recreation with children.

Stay at the beach be careful - air temperature +35 ° C and water +26 ° C will not be comfortable, so go swimming and sunbathing better in the morning and after dinner .Also for this month is characterized by strong northern winds .

For travelers there is also a pleasant information - the weather on the island of Kos, Greece although hot, but the heat here is transferred much easier than on the mainland, thanks to the sea breeze.

Weather in Greece in August The scorching sun and the warmest water are provided for tourists in early August

The weather in Greece in July can be enjoyed by residents of northern cities - only for them the heat will become a joy.


The weather in Greece in August is still very hot - +36 ° С.This month at noon you will not have to sit in an air-conditioned room - the monsoons from the sea bring coolness.

In summer there is almost no rain in the country .If in June this is not very noticeable, then in August the absence of precipitation can be considered a drawback.

Dry and hot weather exhausts both tourists and local residents.

When you come to rest in August, then choose the resorts that are located to the north - Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Paralia-Katerini. It's cooler here than in the south of the country.

The weather in autumn

Autumn beneficially affects the environment and temperature. Rare rains saturated the earth with moisture, giving cool nights and warm days.


September in the country is considered to be a continuation of summer, but with lower temperature indexes. Weather in Greece in September will please vacationers with air temperature +30 ° C and water +24 ° C.

Experienced tourists leave the house umbrellas and raincoats and come to the Greek velvet season - this month there are few beach people, and the conditions for the holidays are ideal. Pleases the abundance of fruit in the markets - grapes, peaches, figs, apples, pears.


If you come to Greece in October, we recommend taking part in the traditional harvest of olives and olives. For our tourists it will be an interesting event.

Weather in Greece in autumn September in Greece is considered a velvet season for visitors and the time of harvesting olives

Weather in Greece in October promises to be favorable for rest - in the sea you can swim( +22 ° C) , in the daytime it's warm( +28 ° C).

The beach holiday season is coming to an end. From time to time rest will be spoiled by short cold rains.

Ideal resorts for you will be the islands - Crete, Patmos and Rhodes.


In November, the weather in Greece is not suitable for beach holidays. This month begins the rainy season - cold and long. Therefore, before going to Greece, look at the weather by the months and the water temperature.

On average, the air temperature does not exceed +20 ° C, the water in the sea +19 ° C.In November it is good to plan excursion tours, however, one can not forget about warm things and umbrellas.


Tatiana, 30, Moscow

We rested in Thessaloniki with my family last year in July. At this time, very hot, during the day could not be saved from the heat. Moreover, it was also hot outside at night, saving air conditioning in the hotel room. I do not advise you to go on vacation in the middle of summer to Greece.

Mikhail, 35 yo, Kazan

Dear. In May of this year, I with my wife and daughter rested in Hanioti, Chalkidiki. Quiet and quiet place, just what you need for a family vacation. A clean beach, warm sea and perfect warm weather left positive impressions of May Greece.

Irina, 25, Moscow

September 20 - September 27, 2015 For a long time could not choose a resort in Greece, where you could relax - so that the beaches are good, and the sights were at hand. We decided to go with a friend to the west coast of Rhodes. Remained impressed by the visit of the castle of Creinia and the village of Siana. In the sea it was warm to swim, there was an excellent tan. Pleased with a huge amount of fruits and vegetables in the markets at an affordable price.


All year round in Greece you will find yourself than yourself. Rich culture, chic beaches, developed infrastructure and excellent service in hotels guarantee positive emotions and a lot of amazing memories. And, choosing a good time for vacation, you will enjoy and good weather.