TOP-⑤ the best resorts in Greece for holidays with children

When planning a vacation, more and more tourists prefer the hospitable state of Southern Europe and choose the best resorts in Greece for recreation with children. Today, in the territory of 131 957 km ², tourism is developing successfully. Favorable climatic conditions, wonderful beach holidays and developed infrastructure attract millions of tourists to the region every year.
Children in the Greek resort


Where is the best holiday in Greece? This question can not be answered unambiguously. In this country you can perfectly relax both on its mainland and on the islands. Knowingly according to the estimates of the FEE - European Foundation for Environmental Education, Greece's beaches are among the top three in Europe in terms of the number of Blue Flags.

Many couples tend to rest on islands, which is why we consider the first holiday in Greece with the children on the island of Crete.

One of the largest islands of the Hellenic Republic, an area of ​​8336 square kilometers, attracts tourists thanks to a number of


  • favorable climate for health;
  • is washed by three seas;
  • wonderful beach vacation;
  • many attractions.


Having gone to the island of Crete, you have an opportunity to evaluate different climatic zones. In the northern part of the typical temperate Mediterranean, the southern part is more hot climate, lovers of coolness like the mountain region.

During the summer season, the air temperature does not fall below +28 ºС.The maximum thermometer temperature can rise to +40 ºС in the south. Water in the sea from June to August is heated to an average of +26 ºС.

In autumn, towards the end of September, the velvet season begins. On the beach you can safely spend most of the day, the sun is no longer so active, and the water has a comfortable temperature of + 24-23 ºС.

Resort Crete in Greece

For parents with children of the youngest age, the velvet season is considered the most optimal .The influx of tourists is not so great, the beaches become spacious, sun softer, there is no need to spend a large amount of time under the sun loungers, and the prices are much lower.

How much does a holiday in Crete?

The minimum cost of a round trip from Moscow to Crete in June is from 150 euros.

Of course, if you look for tickets in advance, the price can be significantly lower.

In this you will help the low price calendar. Correctly having planned date of departure, it is possible to save on air tickets well.

The rest on the island became available to people with different financial opportunities. Five-star hotels with luxury restaurants or budget holidays, choose you.

After spending 125 euros at your disposal will be a room in a three-star hotel. Breakfast, of course, is not included in the price, but it can be purchased on site at a price of 4 euros per person.

And if your choice is 5 star hotels and all-inclusive service, their choice on the island is considerable.

To date, the lowest-priced tour for parents with children with breakfast and dinner for a week will cost 415 euros.

Almost every hotel has its own swimming pool, and next to it is the beach.

Beach Holidays in Crete

often ask travel agencies - where the best beach holiday in Greece and get a simple answer - everywhere.

Beaches in Greece on Crete On Crete there are sandy and pebble beaches

And it is not an exaggeration and an attempt to avoid answering, beaches in Greece almost everywhere the blue-flagged.

To be precise, in 2016 the country received more than 425!

And on Crete, anyone will find the beach to your taste. There are lively beaches with sun beds and all amenities, and secluded quiet places.

If you rent a car, you can easily visit all the most notable:

  • beach Elafonosi with fabulous pink sand,
  • Beach Balos,
  • beach of Vai with the palm forest,
  • beach Psaromuras ideal for children, quiet and with all the amenities,
  • beach VulizmaWith golden sand.

Tired of swimming and the sun, you can safely go to explore local attractions and nature, and see what's there.

Attractions in Crete

Lovers of cultural recreation will not be bored on the island for sure. One of the main points of the curious tourist was the Palace of Knossos. Hundreds of travelers are eager to visit the ancient ruins and remember the legend of the Minotaur.

Many valuable archaeological finds have been found in the Festa Palace. All those who are sorry can visit the house museum of the artist El-Greco or the museum of the Cretan folk life.

Nature has deserved special attention. A popular attraction of the island are fascinating caves. For example, the Bear Cave, the Cave of Zeus and the Milathos Cave with stalagmites.

Attractions Crete

Attractions Crete And you can just wander the narrow and quiet Greek streets, the color in them is not less.

The best resorts in Greece for children Crete with its sights will be able to surprise even the most demanding guests.

Crete for children

You can safely come to the island with young children. Here they just will not be bored. A wide beach area, a gentle entrance to the water, which can be better even for the most malyavok?

Children on the beach of Crete

With young travelers it is worth to visit one of the water parks, choose the nearest to your hotel:

  • Limnoupolis water park,
  • Aquapaprk Star Beach,
  • Aquapakr AquaPlus,
  • Watercity water park.

If your baby is too young for a roller coaster, bring it to the Aquarium island of Crete or just give the baby a scoop with a bucket, because the coastal area is a huge sandbox.
Family holidays in Greece


If you continue to talk about the Greek islands, then choosing a place where to have a better rest in Greece, you can give preference to Rhodes.

The popularity of the island is associated with a number of factors:

  • favorable climatic conditions,
  • the possibility of family and active beach recreation,
  • availability,
  • developed infrastructure,
  • many attractions.

Climate of Rhodes

The island has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summer with its average temperature of air + 29 ºС and water +24 ºС is favorable for tourists of all age categories.

Holiday in Rhodes with children Practically all year round warm sunny weather reigns here and you can take useful ultraviolet baths.

Beach holiday

Rhodes is famous for its variety of beaches. As in Crete, everyone here will find everything for himself.

Family couples will enjoy calmness and azure water, and lovers of outdoor activities will be able to catch a wave and go surfing.

Beaches of Rhodes for holidays with children On the coastline, which has occupied 250 km, there are sandy, stone and pebble beaches. Among the most attractive for tourists are:

  • Faliraki. A popular sandy beach with a well-developed infrastructure;
  • Ladiko. A popular sandy beach with a green oasis nearby;
  • Afandou. Sand and pebble beach with blue water, sun beds and umbrellas;
  • Available. Beautiful island beach, ideal for couples with children due to a smooth entry into the water.

All the beaches of the island are clean, not without reason many are marked by blue flags and deserve the love of tourists from all over the world.

How much does a holiday in Rhodes cost?

Having decided to independently plan a trip to the island, the most expensive in the list of costs will be the flight. If you did not take care of a timely online booking of air tickets to Rhodes, then the minimum amount of flight in June for one person back and forth from Moscow will cost from 166 euros per person.

Accommodation for a couple will require a minimum amount of 147 euros per week per person .For this money you will get a studio without breakfast. Plus the additional cost for the three is about 277 euros.

If you are not a supporter of a vacation economy, the number of excellent 4-5 star hotels is also great, as in Crete.

Having solved all the questions with accommodation and getting to know the local beaches, it's time to explore the sights.

What to see in Rhodes?

Rich in the sights of the island of Rhodes, will not bore neither young nor the most experienced travelers. Attention is worthy of both rich history and natural beauty.

Those wishing to explore the past should first of all visit the ancient city of Ialyssos, it will transport the guests in the 3rd millennium BC.

Visiting the Acropolis of Lindos you will explore the medieval period of the island. Complete the story of the ancient city of Kamiros. It is one of the most popular places in Rhodes - the majestic castle of Monolithos.

Acropolis of Lindos Rhodes

Rhodes for children

Where to have a better rest in Greece
After going on a trip with a small child, you can entertain him in the water park. The most famous of them is "Faliraki", if the kid is not yet 3 years old - the entrance is free.

Positive emotions will bring and the Moon Park "Fantasy".Nature lovers should look into the Butterfly Valley( the Petaloudes Valley), located 20 km from Rhodes. You can get to Petaloudes by buses of the local company R.O.D.A.For 25-30 minutes. The ticket price for one seat is 5 euros.

Valley of butterflies Rhodes


Another attractive tourist destination of Greece was the island of Corfu. Filled with beautiful legends, it was always welcome for conquerors. Today, many travelers choose it because of the mild climate, clean beaches and developed infrastructure.

Hotel Map.

Where it is better to have a rest in Greece Beaches Corfu

Fans of water procedures should pay attention to this island. Here everyone can find a lesson to their liking. Among the best resorts in Greece for holiday with children, it is the local beaches. Parents with young children will be attracted not only by azure water and clean sand, but also a safety factor.

The entrance to the water is very smooth and you can safely go here for water procedures even with the smallest ones. Fans of outdoor activities will not be bored, here and beach volleyball and scootering. Among the best beaches in Corfu are:

  • Almiros. Sandy beach, ideal for families;
  • Perulades. Interesting beach with a beautiful view of the rocks;
  • Paleokastritsa. Great for scuba diving;
  • Kerassia. Beach for a quiet, secluded holiday.

The best resorts in Greece
Corfu Beach in Greece

Sights of Corfu

It is not difficult to organize cultural leisure on the island. There are regular excursion programs here and for all those who wish to open the door all the local attractions.

Among the most curious should be highlighted:

  • Palace of Achillion,
  • Sea Fortress,
  • Archaeological Museum,
  • Ruins of the temples of Zeus and Artemis.

Corfu for children

In Corfu three water parks :

  • Aquapark AQUALAND.
  • Waterpark Hydropolis.
  • Water park Sidari Water Park.

Water parks for children in Greece
Water parks of greece
Aqua parks corfu

Also parents with children will find employment in one of the parks-entertainment: the center "Aladdin" or in the park of the exhibition center.


Beaches of the resort of Halkidiki in Greece The peninsula, consisting of three peninsulas and reminiscent of the trident Poseidon, is very popular among tourists.

The summer temperature here does not fall below + 29 ºС during the day, and the water temperature does not fall below +24 ºС.

Sights of Chalkidiki

Among the places of Greece, rich in tourist attractions, is Chalkidiki. A rich in cultural values ​​of the peninsula are regularly visited by hundreds of curious tourists.

Sightseeings of Hadqidiki Sightseeings of Hadqidiki The territory of 2,918 km² is covered with famous myths and legends. It is here that the temple of Zeus-Amon , the church of St. Demetrius and the Sanctuary of Dionysus are located.

Chalkidiki for children

Holidays with children in Greece Holidays with children in Greece When choosing the optimal optimal place for rest with children, parents tend to lean towards the Kassandra Peninsula. The choice is due to a number of reasons:

  • the safest sandy beaches with a smooth approach to the sea;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • a wide selection of specialized hotels for couples with young children.


Thessaloniki is one of the most popular among tourists.

The second largest population, it annually hosts numerous tourists.

According to the number of cultural and historical values ​​of Greece, it is not inferior to the sights of Athens.

Thessaloniki: climate and beach holidays

Thessaloniki vacation at sea The summer season has become the most popular tourist destination for a Mediterranean city. Despite the high temperature, an average of 28 ° C, and the lack of beaches, many travelers come here every year. The connoisseurs of the beach holiday will have to go to the suburbs.

On the Thermal Gulf, all comers will be met by the clearest water and the warm sand of the beaches: Agia, Triada, Perea.

If you are ready to devote time to the beauties of architecture, museums and basilicas instead of water procedures, Thessaloniki is your choice.


Thessaloniki Attractions White Tower - one of the attractions in Thessaloniki

The city, first mentioned in the 4th century BC, today has 365,000 inhabitants. Planning a cultural holiday is worth considering the route in advance.

Thessaloniki Attractions Thessaloniki Attractions But, regardless of the chosen route, you will enjoy the monuments of Byzantine architecture and early Christian architecture.

Thessaloniki Attractions Thessaloniki Attractions There are many churches and temples in Thessaloniki: the ancient church of Hagia Sophia, the monastery of Latom, the basilica of St. Dimitri, the church of St. Panteleimon. In the museums of the city everyone will be able to find useful and interesting information for themselves.

Thessaloniki Attractions Presented as classical museums - archaeological, military, folklore and ethnographic, and very unusual and modern - a museum of water supply, design, photography.

Thessaloniki for children

Kids here just have a lesson to their liking. Trekking through museums will be appreciated by school-age children, while other young people will enjoy other entertainments. Parents should bring their children to the water park Waterland or go to the amusement park - Magic Park.

And you can just stroll along the waterfront. In the evening, she is especially charming.
Seafront of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki-view-to-night

Why Greece is chosen for rest with children: comparison table

Greece today has become a favorite place for parents to have a rest with young children. The choice made by millions of tourists is not accidental.

The weather in Greece is rarely clouded by rains, places to relax here are better than some resorts in Bulgaria.

In the table you will see a comparison of the key parameters of family holidays for popular destinations of our compatriots.

Special features of entry
GREECE Need for obtaining a Schengen visa
  1. Affordable leisure.
  2. Clean and safe beaches, the second largest in the world according to the number of blue flags for environmental friendliness.
  3. Development of infrastructure, car rental services.
  4. Many hotels have a special children's recreation area and animators.
  5. Many cafes and restaurants equipped with children's rooms and special furniture.
  1. High air temperatures in the summer season for children.
  2. Additional charge for beach accessories( sun loungers, sun beds).
  3. Additional costs for visa support.
CYPRUS You need to obtain a pro-visa
  1. Clean water and beaches.
  2. The sea with a gentle descent.
  3. A lot of fun for children.
  4. Well-developed infrastructure.
  5. Service. In many hotels children's rooms and animators.
  1. High price for rest and entertainment for children.
  2. The need to obtain a visa, but it can be issued online over 1 day.
BULGARIA Necessity of obtaining a national visa
  1. Budget vacation for couples with children.
  2. Well-developed infrastructure.
  3. Hotels in Bulgaria with good service.
  4. A lot of fun for children.
  1. Beaches and water are inferior to the Greek in quality and safety for children.
  2. Additional costs for obtaining a national visa.
RUSSIA No features
  1. Budget vacation for families with children in less popular resort areas.
  2. The infrastructure is well developed, but only in popular resorts.
  3. No language barrier.
  1. Water quality is not always at a high level.
  2. Clean beaches are inferior to Greek, Bulgarian and Cyprus. .
  3. Sunset in the water is less secure, not always there are lifeguards nearby.
  4. Service level is much inferior.


Maria, 27, Saint-Petersburg

A week ago she returned from hospitable Crete. Choosing the place where to have a better rest in Greece, I recommend this island. We went to rest with my husband and were satisfied. Pleasantly pleased with the clean water and beaches. Service at the hotel is three stars at the highest level, lots of entertainment, bars and discos.

The only negative is the heat. We went in July, the temperature was too high for us. Next time we plan a vacation for the end of August.

Екатерина, 30 years old, Moscow

Добрый день!I hasten to share my impressions about the rest in Greece, in Halkidiki. Last year we went to Crete and Rhodes. We concluded that the best resorts in Greece for holidays with children are Halkidiki and Crete.

Leave this time planned for September and did not lose. The price for a ticket for the family was very pleased, for three for a week spent 473 euros. For a child of 3 years is just perfect. Spent the whole day on the beach. The sea is warm, the sun is soft, the water entering the water is smooth. Next year we plan to go there.

Dmitry, 37, Rostov-on-Don

Everyone who is going to rest in Greece, I strongly advise the island of Corfu. The trip left an exceptionally positive impression. For 2 weeks had time to inspect all the beaches and not one disappointed. The infrastructure is well developed, everywhere there are cafes and shops. The only thing that was not ready is the dress code. In the restaurant men in shorts are not allowed, so be sure to bring your pants below the knee. In general, the ideal place for a relaxing family holiday.


If you are still in doubt and are looking for a place to rest, then safely choose Greece. Here everyone will find entertainment and activities for themselves. Whether it be beaches, water parks in Greece, cultural attractions or active sports. The Greek weather by months corresponds to the season, and the mild climate will have a positive effect on health. The resorts of Greece are ideal for families with children and are perfect for a youth holiday.