❁ The gods do not count on the days spent on the best beaches of Majorca

The island of Mallorca, being the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean, like the ancient Sphinx sets a riddle that can not be solved: how to choose the best beaches of Mallorca. Fortunately, this work has already been partly done: 63 of the many more beautiful beaches were awarded the "Blue Flag", which guarantees maximum safety and ecology.
The best beaches of Mallorca

The main city of

The main city and port on Mallorca is Palma de Mallorca, located in a picturesque bay. In its historical center there are many interesting architectural masterpieces worth visiting.

Cognitive excursions can be perfectly combined with rest, because the beaches of Palma de Mallorca, in a large number of surrounding the city, provide this opportunity.

An excellent way to see as much as possible in Mallorca is to rent a car. In addition to the saved time, you will also save money - rental will be cheaper than using a taxi.

Palma de mallorca beaches

There is a well-developed network of car rental companies in Mallorca. It is advisable to be the holder o

f an international driving license.

Most often, cars are ordered at the airport, but there are also car rental offices in Alcúdia and the resort areas of Palma de Mallorca.
Map of Mallorca roads

Estimated prices depending on vehicle brands and rental locations:

  1. Airport. From the economy class for 25 euro / day to the jeep for 380 euro / day. Promenade in Palma de Mallorca. There is a company "Alamo", where you can rent the cheapest cars.

From Toyota for 30 euro / day to Opel Insignia for 46 euros / day.

  1. Alcudia - is considered an expensive resort, respectively, prices will be more expensive.

From Fiat Panda for 52 euro / day to Opel Astra for 94 euro / day.

If you rent a car online in advance, you can get an additional 15% discount, which is a nice bonus.

We rest with children

. Do not miss children - it's good for everyone. But their parents can, as it were, return to their childhood, thanks to a number of interesting proposals. The best beaches of Mallorca with white sand are at their disposal.

When going on a trip with children, do not forget to bring a first aid kit, which must contain cold medicines and disinfectants and dressings for minor injuries.

Mom babes, who aspire as soon as possible to go to the sea and see the beaches of Mallorca should take care of the nutrition of the kids. Therefore, an article on how to sterilize bottles for feeding on a trip is very useful.

If you are more attracted to mainland Spain for recreation with children, then about the best city of the Costa Dorada - Salou, as well as about the features of service in hotels 3 *, 4 *, 5 *, read in another article. There you can find out in which hotels Salou is best to stay for a family holiday.

Platja de Santa Ponca

One of the relatively few beaches of Majorca awarded with the Blue Flag award. The sea, as if created for bathing children, is shallow, clean and peaceful. On the beach there is sand. Mallorca hotels all inclusive with private beach

It has a wide range of entertainment for children: a children's park, umbrellas, an amusement park. For adults, there are such creative entertainments as yachting and diving.

In the equestrian club you can rent horses. You can play tennis on the courts, master golf on any of the three sites that have different landscapes.

There are a large number of hotels to choose from. At a distance of 0.28 km from the beach is the Playa Santa Ponsa Hotel, which seems to be specially designed for families who are here with children.

Double and single rooms. Swimming pools are available for children and adults. Animators will offer entertaining games.

Majorca beaches

Every year on the beach you can see a festival in honor of King Jaime I, who successfully landed here in 1229, and his subsequent conquests.

Behind the beach there is free parking for your own or rented car .There is regular traffic of buses. There are places of interest near the beach:

  • Park, which is a preserve of Galatzo.
  • The building of the Guild of Seamen La Lonja.
  • The Royal Fortress - Belver Castle.
  • Architectural monument of Palma - the Gothic Cathedral of La Seu.
  • The ancient residence of the rulers is the Almudine Palace.

Mallorca hotels all inclusive with private beach

Sandy beaches of Mallorca

Mallorca hotels all inclusive with private beach

Palma de mallorca beaches

Es Trenc

The symbol of this beach can be called white sand and clear water of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, the length of which is more than two hundred meters, is surrounded by dunes and pine trees.

Beach es trenche mallorca with white sand Beaches of Mallorca with white sand

The only beach practically unaffected by the urbanization of .Primordial form: not small, but the smallest sand of white color. The water is pure with a turquoise hue.

Es Trenc in the season is very popular. A smooth bottom and a small depth over a long stretch make this place perfectly suitable for visiting it with children.

For a special fee, you can use the sun loungers and umbrellas. Fans of windsurfing will be able to do their hobbies.

It is easy to get to these places by car or by bus. In addition to the chic hotels located almost on the beach, for example, Universal Hotel Marques, there is an opportunity to stay in the village houses.

Universal Hotel Marques

The nearest attractions are:

  • Coastal reserve - Mondragó Nature Park.
  • Hill with two Rand sanctuaries.
  • A large system of dragon caves.
  • Museum of Furniture and Traditions - Manor of Els Kalderers.
  • The Cabrera Island National Park is directly visible from the beach.

The best beaches of Mallorca

Sandy beaches of Mallorca

Platja de Palma

Among the best beaches of Mallorca is rightfully one of the first places. There is a Blue Flag award. The width is about 50 meters. It is included in the main beaches of Mallorca with white sand, and the sand here has a golden eye that pleases the eye. The sea is clean and, most importantly, shallow, which makes the beach ideal for a holiday with children.

When you are satisfied with the sea procedures and buying a tan, your attention will certainly attract a variety of sports events:

  • jet skis and skis;
  • Volleyball;
  • football;
  • tennis;
  • windsurfing;
  • squash;
  • miniature golf.

There is a rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, right on the beach there are many bars. Behind the beach there is an embankment with a large selection of different establishments. Cars do not ride along the embankment, but there is a bicycle path. Right on the waterfront are modern hotels. Beach Alcudia Mallorca

There are a lot of holidaymakers in the summer months, which makes it quite busy. But, thanks to the great length and breadth, there is a place for everyone.

You can park your car or rented car for free in the streets behind the beach. From Palma and the airport there are regular scheduled buses.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Architectural record - La Seu Cathedral.
  • The building, built in the original style - Can Corbella.
  • The Mallorca Museum of History.

Mallorca hotels with private beach

The best beaches of Mallorca with white sand


Popular beaches of Majorca include Alcudia, one of the world's first-class beaches. The sand has a golden hue, and the water is emerald. Beach Alcudia Mallorca

Conditionally the beach of Alcudia Mallorca is divided into two parts. One attracts with an abundance of bars and nightclubs. There is an opportunity to do gliding, windsurfing, karting. Mallorca hotels all inclusive with private beach

The second was chosen by tourists with children. The solitude of this place and the shallow sandy bottom of the Mediterranean Sea satisfies their needs for a quiet pastime.

The most attractive place to visit is the water park "HidroPark Alcudia".Of the five swimming pools available there, two are for children. Swimming pool for minipark kids with very low water level. For children older - Children's World and the depth of water there, respectively, more. Mallorca hotels all inclusive with private beach

Slides for descent are made in the form of different animals, mushrooms. Small fountains with rain.

When it is forbidden to sail to children and what benefits from water procedures it is very easy to learn. It is enough to find information on our website in order to be aware of and fully armed when traveling to the water park.

The pool with artificial waves is popular among all visitors of any age. Next to it is the beach. For a fee, you can use the sun beds and parasols. There are several slides that develop a different speed.

The operating time of the water park depends on the season: in the height of summer the institution works from 10 to 18 hours, in the remaining months for an hour shorter.

Ticket price:

  • Adult - 22.9 euros.
  • Children( from 3 to 11 years old) - 16.9 euros.

When you buy online, you can save a little. The best beaches of Mallorca

For beach lovers with stones

For tourists who for some reason do not want to visit the sandy beaches of Mallorca, there are many offers of beaches with pebbles and stones:

  • Remote Sa Calobra.
  • Picturesque and quiet Alcanada.
  • Located in the sea bay of Cala Carbo( Cala Carbo).
  • For lovers of sailing Cala Boquer.
  • Suitable for mooring yachts and scuba diving Cala Llamp.
  • Beach with pebbles, characterized by beauty, Cala Deia( Cala Deia).
  • Semi-circular in the rocks of Cala Tuent( Cala Tuent).
  • Beach with pebbles and sand Cala Banyalbufar( Cala Banyalbufar).
  • Under the overhanging cliffs of Cala Can Pruaga.

Beaches that are the property of the

An attractive tourist option is Mallorcan hotels all inclusive with its own private beach. This saves time and allows you to quickly solve many problems.

For those who consider their stay to be as much time as possible for sunbathing and bathing, this type of accommodation is suitable.

The sea is available at any time. There are also romantic night walks along the seashore. Palma de mallorca beaches

Restaurants work according to the principle of "buffet".In addition to national Spanish dishes, the cuisine of different countries is offered.

Hotels in Mallorca with private beach, having the status of 5 stars:

  1. Melia de Mar. This is a hotel without children, which is located in the bay. The situation is calm and serene. There is a beach owned by the hotel.
  2. Grupotel Parc Natural &Spa. The hotel is a modern type, located on the beach, which has a long extension.
  3. Nixe Palace Hotel. The hotel, which has grandiose forms, is located near a sandy beach, which is very wide.
  4. Be Live Grand Palace De Muro. Spa hotel near the beach.
  5. Iberostar Playa de Muro Village. He owns a long and wide beach.
  6. PURAVIDA Resort Blau Porto Petro. It is located near the beach.
  7. Port Adriano Marina Golf &Spa. It is located on the shore near the sea.

In addition to these there are a number of hotels with their own beaches, with the status of 4 stars.

If the choice fell on the Costa Brava in Spain, then the next article about the best hotels of Blanes and Santa Susanna will help in choosing a hotel for recreation with children.


Probably, there are no such desires, except those very exotic, which could not satisfy the beaches of Mallorca. Beaches with white sand or pebbles, quiet or with a lot of entertainment, expensive or economical.

Having visited such beaches, you will take with you a holiday, which from now on will always be with you!