TOP ➆ beaches of Valencia - everyone will find their place under the sun

The beaches of Valencia are distinguished for their cleanliness and comfort for visitors. About 125 of them were awarded a special badge - the Blue Flag. Below is the top 7 most popular and interesting places for every taste.
Hotels in valencia on the beach

Why Valencia

High comfort rates make the city exceptional, as beaches with similar differences have a number of features. These features make the rest really comfortable.

This is the presence of the shower, and toilets, medical offices for first aid, compliance with environmental standards in samples of water and sand, the availability of rescue services.

The Blue Flag guarantees the presence of equipment for people with disabilities. The sand is white and clean, the descent into the sea is smooth.

The best part is that everyone will find their place under the sun. One beach vacation in Valencia is more suitable for lovers of peace and quiet, the other - for young people and noisy companies. They share the city port. In the northern half more people and fun, in the

south - silence and unity with nature .

A few words about the climate: the official opening of the swimming season takes place in June, but people bathe since the beginning of April. The bathing season lasts until the end of September, and in hot years - until the beginning of October.

It is recommended to visit the sea at the beginning of the season, when there is not yet an influx of people .In the autumn, many complain about muddy water. But the water is always warm at this time on the beaches of Valencia, reviews say exactly about it.

Water temperature is very warm, in September it is above 20 ° C.Sunny days in Valencia abound - not less than 300 days for the whole year. Now we will tell you about the 7 best beaches in Valencia.


Malvarosa( or Playa de la Malvarrosa) is one of the city beaches of Valencia. Its picturesque name Lilac Rose came from a neighboring district that adjoined it. The place is very spacious, at least 3 km in length, and up to 135 m wide .Vacation in valencia on the sea

Slightly south is the beach of Las Arenas( El Cabañal), which has long been considered part of Malvarossa. In this part you can enjoy real Valencian paella and sea tapas .On average, lunch will be 10 euros per person.

Malvarossa is interesting not only for rest and sunbathing, but also for its color. Previously, here rested the Spanish bourgeoisie, but with the advent of the crisis, their ranks have thinned out, and now it is possible to meet not only all layers of society, but also tourists. Beaches of valencia on the map

For lovers of literature, too, has its own "sweetness" - it was on the local embankment in restaurants like to rest Ernest Hemingway .In what exactly nobody recognizes - in everyone assert, what exactly in their institution there was a known writer.

For children
  • There is not a lot of depth near the shore.
  • There are no marine attractions and entertainment of this kind.
  • On the beach there are grids for free volleyball, often conduct entertainment programs, too, based on enthusiasm.
  • Sometimes, as an advertising campaign, they distribute beer and other drinks for free.
  • Very popular in the territory of the air show. It is free for viewing, you can see it lying right on the sand.
Getting there
  1. The beach starts at the port. It is right next to it( in a minute's walk) there is a metro-tram station Neptu.
  • The tram itself is connected to the station of the more familiar, underground, metro.
  • The station is called Maritim Serreria, it's a green branch.
  • From the city center on this branch, go no more than 10 minutes. The blue branch also leads here.
  • Approach 6 and 4 routes of the metro-tram, stop Eugenie Vinus. But you have to walk for up to 7 minutes.
  1. On that part of the beach, called Las Arenas, you can get to 5 tram. Get off at the Marina Reial Joan Carles I.
  2. You can go by bus, on the 32 minibus. Get off at the Pavia stop.

Beach vacation can be combined with sightseeing in Valencia. And do you know that it is in Valencia that the famous Silk Exchange, established in 1482 for trading in the heyday of the city as the largest shopping center of the Mediterranean XV-XVI centuries, is located?

Also in Valencia is the famous Holy Grail - the cup from which Jesus Christ ate at the Last Supper, and according to legend it is believed that anyone who has drunk from this cup receives the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, etc.

We advise without failVisit the City of Science and Arts in Valencia - a complex of 5 buildings, which is considered one of the outstanding examples of modern architecture, as well as the largest aquarium in Europe, located there.


Arbre del Gos

Arbre del Gos( or l'Arbre del Gos) is the most popular beach in the Albufera nature reserve. It was open to visitors only 10 years ago, so there are very few tourists here, unlike Malvarossa.

In length it has a length of almost 3 km. This place is favorable for cyclists, since there are special bike paths everywhere. Valencia sea

It is very quiet and quiet, an ideal place for tired of the city bustle, lovers who want to hide from all, married couples.

It has everything you need: free showers and toilets, including those equipped for people with disabilities, first aid points, rescue towers and the like. The entrance to the reserve costs about 4 euros for each adult and 2 euros for a child under 10 years old .

For children
  • There is a specially equipped playground for children
  • Tour of the reserve.
  • Bike tours.
How to get there
  • Two ways - rent a bike or go by public transport.
  • The beaches of Valencia on the map are always marked, so there will be no problems with the road.
  1. The first will cost up to 14 euros a week, while a deposit of 150 euros will also be written off. The deposit will be returned in 4-5 working days after the end of using the bicycle. On the beach there is a bicycle parking.
  2. City transport is less sporty and comfortable. The buses number 190a, 190b, 190c also go to the place.

City beaches are pleasant with their regular shows and shares , which are often completely free. In addition, you can save a lot if you get to the beach on foot.


El Saler

The El Saler beach( or El Saler) is located in the same Albufera nature reserve. Arbre del Gos is north, which makes it easy to get to the destination. Best beaches of valencia

The highlight of this area is the sandy beach located right next to the pine grove of .So you can connect two favorite aromas - sea and pine. Its length is the same as that of its northern neighbor - up to 3 km.

Thanks to an unusual neighborhood with trees, the shore is protected from cold winds. But the sea opposite, often worried, because of what El Saler very much loved surfers and other lovers of water sports. Recreation in Valencia at sea will really enjoy the athletes.

It's worthwhile to be careful and not to make your way through the forest, as you can get to the swampy terrain. In addition, a walk along El Saler can lead to nudists, lovers of local peace.

In the issue of accommodation, the beach is equipped with everything necessary: ​​

  • rental of inventory;
  • points of medical care;
  • free shower and toilet;
  • in the territory there are catering establishments.

It is worth noting that parking though not expensive, but still paid .

  • Surfing.
  • Water skiing.
  • Sailing.
How to get there
  • 107 the bus goes to the stop with the name El Saler.



Pinedo( or Playa de Pinedo) is considered a suburban location, as it is located 10 km from Valencia. Its length is slightly more than 3 km, in width - 40 m.

The sand is not as snow-white as on city counterparts - slightly more golden .For this is very fond of the beaches of Valencia, the photos are incredible. Best beaches of valencia

The water is calm and without waves, from the wind the beach is closed by a port.

Its name came from the area next to it - Pueblo de Pinedo. In this village many centuries live fishermen and those who are engaged in handicrafts.

The kitchen deserves special attention. As the place is not very crowded, restaurants are mostly family, which means traditional .Recipes in such institutions are passed down from generation to generation. Not for nothing Pinedo is so loved by the people of Valencia.

  • On the beach often gathers amateurs and professionals of sailing and water skiing.
  • North of Pinedo is a private sailing club, where lessons are provided for this sport.
Getting there
  • By city bus 14 and 15 minibus. Get off at the stop with the characteristic name Pinedo.

Beaches in suburban areas are not so crowded, and the water here is year-round transparent.

In order not to be wasted on renting a car or taxi, you can travel by public transport and by bike. But only buses can go very long, besides they are stuffy. Quite another question is a comfortable and athletic trip by bike.

La Devesa

La Devesa( or La Devesa) is much larger than many of the beaches of Valencia, its length reaches 5 km. It is also considered part of the Albufera Reserve( which should be taken into account, as the entrance to the park is paid).Beaches of valencia

Near the beach there are trees where you can walk or hide from the hot sun. Such a bank is very suitable for those who quickly burn .All the amenities on the territory are available, and the main entertainment is rest from all the fuss and problems.

  • Walking through the reserved area of ​​Valencia, relaxing at sea and surrendering all problems.
How to get there
  • The same route as Pinedo - 14 and 15 bus, only you need to go 1 stop further.



Patagon( or Patacona) belongs to the municipality of Alboraya. Due to its location, it is very rarely visited by .It is located near Malvarossa, but it is separated from the popular beach by a small river, which dries up during the hottest period of summer. Beach holidays in valencia

The length of the Patagon is up to 2 km. The sand is shallow and white, like all the northern shores. It has all the amenities, except for some equipment for people with disabilities.

  • Valencia and the sea, what more do you need for happiness?
How to get there
  • By city bus on 31 minibus, get off at the stop of Mare Nostrum - Mar Tirreno.


El Perelonet / Rekati

Far from Valencia beach El Perellonet( or El Perellonet) is located in the vicinity of the village of Perelo, which is 15 km from the city center. Get here most favorably by car .Renting a car on vacation is a good idea. You can see much more, get to places where public transport does not go. With his car in general a different level of comfort, the roads in Spain are excellent, the signs are understandable, it is not possible to get lost. Beaches of valencia reviews

Near the beach there is a residential complex that provides its services, like all Valencia hotels on the beach. The peculiarity of this place is in the rice fields, which are just behind the residential complex.


The beaches of Valencia are huge and varied, it's very difficult to choose one. It is recommended to proceed from what kind of rest is still preferable: for lovers to lie in the sun and take part in local actions, city beaches will suit, for sports fans and comfortable rest without people - places in the suburbs. And depending on the budget, you can choose the range of the shore and other nuances.