10 cooking rules and 9 soup recipes for children from 6 months to one year: vegetable, meat, dairy first courses

In the life of any baby, a moment comes when they begin to introduce lure, and then come to the aid of proven mommy recipes for soups for children under one year. To feed the crumbs was balanced, it is advisable to introduce a variety of products to prepare the first dishes.
Recipes soups for children under one year

Nuances of introduction and preparation of soups for babies

To introduce soups for children up to the year pediatricians are advised, depending on what kind of feeding is the child. If the baby is an artificer, he feeds on mixtures, then it's worth thinking about this when the child is 5-6 months old.

If the parents and the doctor believe that the baby is not ready yet, it can start from 7-8 months. For infants who are breastfed, this kind of lure is given a month later than for artificial insemination. The first lure for breastfeeding can be read here.

10 simple and useful cooking rules

To ensure that such a broth for the baby has benefited and liked him, you need to adhere to such rules:
Use only high-quality water .It is advisable to take special purified drinking water, and not tap water.
You do not need to brew for a long time, on high heat, that the constituent dishes keep all the useful substances.
Completely discard the spices and seasonings of .Small children are categorically banned from this kind of supplements, the products must be natural.

Ganina NV, pediatrician, clinic "Healthy family", Novosibirsk

Doctor Ganina on soup recipes for children under one year old With the lure for artificial persons or infants, one should never rush. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the crumbs. If the baby-artificer can start to give the first dishes from 6 months, babies - later.

Soup recipes for breastfeeding for all are the same. We start with dishes in which 1-2 ingredients. Any disorder or the appearance of a rash is an excuse for cancellation of the product.

Minimize the amount of salt or exclude it altogether. If you teach your children to eat without salt initially, then in the future there will be no problems with it.
Do not make a frying , everything should only be boiled.

Vegetables for soup recipes for a child up to a year Use carefully allergenic vegetables such as tomatoes and red peppers, as well as cabbage - it increases the gasification of

. Rest with fat broth .Cook the first dishes on lean meat and fish.

From meat it is desirable to take: meat of turkey, beef, veal, rabbit, lean chicken.

Of fish, preference is given precisely to the marine: hake, pollock, pike perch. From vegetables is introduced: zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots.
Always cook from quality products .First you need to wash everything thoroughly.
Prepare and feed your baby with only freshly prepared food .Do not leave the dish next time.
Prepare soup puree for children up to the year .Such a consistency will not cause difficulties for the baby when eating. Due to the fact that the teeth of the kids in 5-6 months is not everything, it will be difficult for them to grind the unprepared food. In addition, a blender whipped food is ideal for the stomach mucosa.
Introduce new products gradually .

The first soup for a child of up to a year must first be tested by the mother for too hot or cold food temperature.

Topical recipes for puree soups for children from 6 to 8 months

Before preparing, pay attention to the number of ingredients. The dish can have 2-3 ingredients.

Potato milk soup puree

For cooking: Recipes soups for children under one year: milk

  • water - 170 ml;
  • potatoes - 100 g;
  • milk - 80 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 5 g;
  • carrot juice - 7 ml( optional).

Preparation stages:

  1. My potato and clean. Cut into small pieces.
  2. Put the vegetable in a saucepan and fill it with water.
  3. We put on the plate and cook for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Merge broth, potato three through a sieve or carefully mne.
  5. In puree, pour in milk and broth. Re-put on the fire.
  6. After the dish has begun to boil, remove the pan from the stove. We put oil and pour in a little carrot juice.


For preparation we take: Recipes soups for children up to the year: pumpkin

  • pumpkin - 70 g;
  • carrots - 70 g;
  • water - 150 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 5 g

Preparation steps:

  1. Pumpkin and carrots are thoroughly washed in clean water.
  2. Cut into small cubes.
  3. In a deep container we pour the cooked water, we put vegetables in it.
  4. Cook at low heat for about 20 minutes.
  5. After full readiness remove the pan from the plate, put the butter, whisk everything with a blender.

If desired, put a pinch of salt.

Potato-carrot soup

If the lure has just begun, it is advisable to start with a light dish, in which there is only carrots and potatoes.

For preparation:

  • potatoes - 30 g;Recipes soups for children under one year: carrot
  • carrots - 30 g;
  • water - 150 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 5 g

Preparation steps:

  1. Potatoes and carrots are cleaned and finely chopped.
  2. Pour clean water into the container, put the vegetables and cook until done.
  3. Beat with a blender, refuel with oil.

Salt is generally not used.

Sakovets NE, pediatrician, clinic "Avicenna-endocrinology", Kazan

Doctor Sakovets on soup recipes for children under one year old Introduction of complementary feeding is a very important stage for both parents and the baby. In the diet of a child up to one year, soup must necessarily be included. It is important not to rush with the introduction of products that moms often do.

1 product is injected no more often than once every 3-5 days. It is necessary to observe the baby, if everything is normal, its behavior has not changed, only then to introduce something new.

Soups for children 8-10 months

After the introduction of 2-3 vegetables in the diet, you can make food multicomponent.

Mashed potatoes from vegetables

It is important that all ingredients are pre-introduced into lure separately.

For preparation:

  • low-fat milk - 50-60 ml;
  • water - 100-110 ml;
  • potatoes - 25 g;
  • cabbage - 25 g;
  • carrots - 15 g;
  • butter - 5 g

Preparation steps: Recipes soups for children up to one year: vegetable

  1. Ingredients carefully washing and clean. We cut into pieces. Varim.
  2. After the vegetables are welded, they should be removed from the plate and beaten with a blender. Part of the water will have to be drained, left so that the mass is not too thick or liquid.
  3. In the resulting puree pour in the milk and put butter. Stir and put again on the fire.
  4. After boiling the dish is removed from the plate, let it cool down. From zucchini and cauliflower

    Zucchini is the first course of complementary foods. Recipes from it there are many. This recipe is one of the most loved by kids. If there is an allergy to a chicken egg, then this component can be removed or replaced by quail.

    For preparation: Soups recipes for children up to one year: cauliflower and zucchini

    • cauliflower - 80 g;
    • zucchini - 80 g;
    • water - 180 ml;
    • chicken yolk - half of 1 yolk;
    • vegetable oil - 5 g

    Preparation steps:

    1. Clean cauliflower, rinse under running water. We cut it in small pieces.
    2. We take a small zucchini. Mine, peel and cut into small cubes.
    3. In a deep container we pour water, we put beforehand cut vegetables. We put on the stove. Cook until cooked. Make sure everything is cooked over low heat.
    4. Whisk zucchini, cabbage blender or grind it through a sieve.
    5. In another bowl, cook the egg. To vegetables we add finely chopped yolk, a piece of butter.
    6. Stir thoroughly.

    Rice with cauliflower

    It is important to cook the ingredients separately.

    We take: Recipes soups for children up to one year: rice

    • rice croup - 7 g;
    • carrots - 12 g;
    • cauliflower - 15 g;
    • water - 100 ml;
    • milk - 75 ml.

    Stages of preparation:

    1. Vegetables washing, clean, cut into small pieces.
    2. Separately cook rice, carrots and cabbage.
    3. Grind the blender.
    4. We pour in the milk, boil it.

    If the babe is already trying to chew food, then the blender can not be used.

    Other recipes for 9-month-old babies can be read here.

    Ostrovskaya LI, pediatrician, clinic "Harmony", Rostov-on-Don

    Ostrovskaya doctor on soup recipes for children under one year old The diet of your child must be expanded. The first soup for babies is given starting from 6 months, gradually introducing different vegetables, meat, fish.

    Pay attention to the behavior and appearance of the child. If there are any changes, a specialist consultation is mandatory.

    Introduction of meat soups for children 10-12 months

    It's time to give the lure, which includes meat and fish. Remember that meat should not be fat and stale.

    Meat broth

    For this recipe, we will use beef or veal.

    We take: Recipes soups for children under one year: meat

    • veal or beef - 90-100 g;
    • carrots - 25 g;Onion bulb
    • - 6 g;
    • broth with meat - 100 g;
    • flour - 8 g;
    • parsley( root) - 8 g

    Preparation steps:

    1. Prepare meat broth. It should be clear and non-greasy. Beef or veal well mine, grind with a mincer to get minced. Varim.
    2. Carrots, onions, parsley, clean and cut into small pieces.
    3. In the broth, which was brought to a boil, put carrots, parsley and onions. If desired, you can put and potatoes.
    4. Ingredients should be cooked until the meat product is ready.
    5. At the end, grind the blender, again bring to a boil.

    Broth should be clear and non-greasy. It needs to be cooked on "second water", i.e. After the water with meat first boil, it must be drained and poured into the pan to the meat fresh water.


    We take: Recipes soups for children under one year: fish

    • low-fat fish fillet - 80 g;
    • potatoes - 20 g;
    • carrots - 15 g;Onion bulb
    • - 6 g;
    • buckwheat groats - 15 g;
    • water - 100 ml

    Preparing stages:

    1. Fish fillets are washed and put on fire. After full readiness, we cool the fish and choose all the bones.
    2. Cooking vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots washed under clean water and cleaned. Cut into small pieces.
    3. We put cut vegetables in fish broth and cook for 8-15 minutes.
    4. Buckwheat groats, wash 3-4 times and put it to vegetables. Continue to cook for 5 more minutes.
    5. Put the cut fish into the pan. Shake with a blender, let cool.

    Rice with tomato

    The following unusual recipe will help to diversify the children's menu.

    Take: Recipes soups for children up to the year: tomato

    • turkey meat - 30 g;
    • medium tomato - 1 pc.; Onion bulb - 7 g;Rice seeds - 10 g;
    • carrot - 15 g;
    • greens - 5 g.

    Preparation stages:

    1. Pre-cook the turkey.
    2. Vegetables are washed, cleaned.
    3. Carrots rub on a small grater, onions finely chopped. Boil it off.
    4. We cook rice cereals.
    5. We pass the meat through the meat grinder.
    6. Put the tomato for a few seconds in boiling water, peel.
    7. Cut it and stew it.
    8. Ingredients put in a pan, waiting for the boil. We add greenery.

    Whatever soup for a baby one year old mother has chosen, always consult a pediatrician beforehand. If the crumb is allergic to one of the ingredients, then you need to remove or replace it with another product.

    Than to feed the child in 1 year, it is possible to learn here.

    Comments from mom

    Helena, 24 years old, Kiev

    Mama Inna My son is 7 months old, we are breastfeeding. Began to give broths from 6 months. First there was one ingredient, then 2. Now we already eat with 3 ingredients.

    There were no problems with the digestive tract, allergic reactions were absent. I'm sure that vegetable soup for babies is very important.

    Elena, 35, Penza

    Recall of Elena I have 3 children. All artificial. They grew up on hypoallergenic mixtures, and I injected the lure earlier than the nursing mothers and the doctor advise.

    In 4 months my children have already eaten vegetable soups. Soup for a child of 7 months already contained fish or meat. Children have not had a year yet, and I already at full speed used the recipes for children after a year.

    Yes, sometimes there were disorders, but more often after meat broths, because of the large fat content. I just changed the meat and everything was fine.

    Olga, 20, Vladivostok

    A review of Olga We have a very sensitive girl, so any lure is a whole story. Now we are 11 months old, but we are very carefully introducing new products.

    Children's soups for up to a year we had only beef, and the fish-only a heck. Vegetable first meals are eaten without cabbage. I hope, by the year everything will fall into place. And we will try all the recipes that doctors recommend.


    Soup recipes for children under one year will help young mothers to diversify their baby's diet. Multicomponent dishes are a 100% guarantee that the child will receive all the necessary micro- and macronutrients and vitamins. It is important to pay attention to the state of the baby, and with the slightest change, turn to the pediatrician.

    A few more recipes for children's soups up to a year offer for viewing in the video: