Help the child breathe: choose an aspirator for the newborn

This item is needed to gently remove the secret that accumulates and withers in the spout of the newborn baby. It's all in the air that circulates in the rooms, it's dry, and the mucous spout of the baby dries up slightly or, on the contrary, accumulates in incredible amounts.
Aspirator for newborns

nose wash solutions The aspirator for a newborn should be in every kid's medicine cabinet. Solutions are needed in order to soften and wash the hardened mucus, which became lumps. All solutions contain a substance - sodium chloride or salt, not more than 0.9%.In pharmacies, you can find a very effective drug Otrivin , which is made based on sea salt.

At home, such a solution can be prepared from common salt, dissolving it in boiled water. If the amount of salt is exceeded, the mucous will begin to pinch, you need to be careful.

Nasal aspirator, with it rhinitis is not terrible

It is a real shock for parents to discover the primary symptoms of rhinitis in a child. This is very dangerous, because the baby stops suck

ing on the chest , his mouth is occupied with breathing, as the nose has stopped breathing due to the accumulation of mucus.

If the secretion of the secretion in the respiratory tract is sufficiently fluid, then the nasal aspirator will excel at removing it. If there are dry crusts in the nose, then they must be softened beforehand.

Also aspirators are useful for children under 11 weeks of , because at this age they do not know how to blow their nose, and wrong blowing causes otitis due to the fact that nasal mucus is collected in the upper auditory tube, then from the pharyngeal cavity to the middleEar and in the ear directly. Whether you need an aspirator for a newborn or not, in any case, carefully follow the nasal cavity of the child.

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Types of aspirators: understand what exactly is needed for your child

If you consider the function of an aspirator for the nose for newborns, then it is an elementary suction unit, which creates a slight negative pressure, and vacuum takes mucus from the nose.

This is completely safe and does not harm the child.

Aspirators for children under 11 weeks

  1. Syringe - for suction a small rubber pear is used;
  2. Mechanical - is a tube with a small air valve, the parents of the child blow the mucus themselves into the aspirator, and the valve serves not to swallow the mucus from the nose in the child;
  3. Electronic - a small compressor is used to create a negative pressure;
  4. Vacuum - uses a small container with water, where a vacuum is created.

Now let's take a closer look at each of them.


Douches have been known for many years, their effectiveness has been tested by our parents while in their newborn years.

Aspirators of this type appeared together with other products of medicine from rubber and rubber.
Nasal aspirator for newborns
They are distinguished by the simplicity, availability and cheapness of , they also fully perform their functions.

The air pear is equipped with a small plastic tip, which must be boiled and cooled before use.

These aspirators should be used with the utmost care, since with a strong tip, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract can be damaged. Another disadvantage is that children do not like it when such "tricks" apply to them.


Types of aspirators The most amusing aspirator , the principle of which is as follows: one end of the tube of a mechanical aspirator for newborns is placed slightly in the baby's nostril, then into another, and the other end of the tube is taken by the dad or mother in the mouth and by the force of its own lungs, the mucus from the child's nose is blown into the tube.

In order for an adult not to catch a cold, the aspirator is equipped with a disposable filter. The tips are made of plastic and can be disinfected.

It is necessary to periodically change the removable tips, for this purpose there are consumables on sale.


Such aspirators perfectly are suitable for the prevention and treatment of rhinitis, since, in addition to removing mucus from the baby's nose, it can wash the nose of .Electronic aspirator for a newborn is very easy to damage, so parents are dual to the device, besides its cost is very high. But children are very fond of such a thing, since the cleansing of the nose is accompanied by cheerful music.

Vacuum aspirators Types of aspirators

These very frightened parents, as their connection is made using ordinary household vacuum cleaner for carpets .

It is through the vacuum cleaner and a small water reservoir in a vacuum aspirator for newborns formed slack vacuum which( 15 per nostril) for 30 seconds, clears the airway path.

From parents will need a great wit and agitator skills, as when the vacuum cleaner is very noisy and scares children. In order for children to succumb to the procedure, it is necessary to turn the process of cleansing the nose into a fun game.

device needs periodic cleansing nozzles, is completely safe and has unlimited use of resources, which is more than enough for many generations of children up to 11 weeks.

Price order for

The cheapest is sprinkling, its cost is limited to a hundred rubles a maximum.

Much more expensive are compressor - from one and a half thousand to two with a small. But the most expensive at the price are aspirators for newborns with electronic equipment - from 5 thousand p. About

respiratory disorders in newborns

Which aspirator is best for newborns disordered breathing in children can be caused by the following factors:

  • colds, accompanied by coughing and sneezing, investigating the accumulation of mucus in the nose and nasopharynx;
  • allergic reactions that cause mucus secretion;
  • is a hormonal disorder;
  • the soft palate is in a weak tone;
  • foreign bodies of very small size, such as dust or pollen, got into the nose.

If the baby's nose accidentally gets at least a drop of breast milk, then the breath will be severely impaired. The upper respiratory tract can be very urgently edematous due to a gum rupture when cutting a tooth - this also leads to a violation of breathing.

Does your child have adenoids? Symptoms of this disease is visible to the naked eye:. Puffy face, nasal tone of voice, smooth nasolabial folds, etc.

6 Rules how to clean a newborn nose aspirator

In order to effectively use the device, you need to know how to clean the nose aspirator in newborns.

The instruction of the nasal aspirator for newborns reads.

  1. The child needs to be put on his back or gently toss his head back, put a roller from the towel under his head. A couple of drops of emollient solution drip into the nostrils - this softens the mucus lumps. The head should be held in this position for 15 seconds.
  2. The pear of the manual aspirator is compressed, the tip is gently inserted into the nostril. The second nostril is slightly pressed, and the pear is quietly allowed - this leads to absorption of mucus.
  3. Mucus and saline are removed from the nose.
  4. Aspirator need to pull back and push the bulb to display the mucus from the aspirator on a rag or towel.
  5. The tip is wiped off and you can start cleaning the second nostril.
  6. If the cleansing was not satisfactory the first time, then the procedure must be repeated several times.

It is undesirable to clean the nasal cavity of the child more than twice a day - it can irritate the mucous membrane very much.

This is also due to the fact that you can not often use saline and physiological solution for the spout of the baby - this greatly affects the dryness of the mucosa. Now you know all about how to properly use an aspirator for newborns.


Proper use of nasal aspirators is absolutely safe , but use caution when using the device.

It is necessary to watch very carefully the removable tip, as it can stay in the nostril if it is deeply carried on, and it can also damage the nasal mucosa. When a drop of blood appears on the mucosa, it is necessary to gently tilt the baby's head and press the wing of the nose.

Before using the aspirator, you need to consult a pediatric speech therapist and pediatrician, it will be helpful to know the feedback on aspirators for newborns. This is necessary in order to select the necessary aspirator and to identify the stages of development of rhinitis.

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Parents' feedback on the use of an aspirator for a newborn

Aspirator for newborns reviews Malika, 27 years old.

"My son often gets slime in his nose, they decided to buy an ordinary pear. Very pleased with the effect, the old is always the most reliable.

After learning how much an aspirator costs for newborns, they decided that the expensive purchase would not be enough, but the pear copes well. Washing the spout with Otrivin with an aspirator for the newborn, we got rid of the problem. "

Aspirator for newborns reviews Galina, 19 years old.

"The daughter's breathing was disturbed due to the dried up sopecks. Steel was used regularly for saline. The doctor said that you need to buy an aspirator.

On the child did not begin to save and bought the most expensive - for 5 thousand rubles, an electronic aspirator. To the child it is very cheerful, when we do or make procedures, the respiration was normalized. The thing makes a reliable impression. I think this is one of the best aspirators for newborns. "

Each first-aid kit for all fine parents should contain a nasal aspirator, then the baby will breathe in full breast and avoid many respiratory diseases.

Learn more useful and interesting information about aspirators for newborns can be found in the video.