Norms of child's growth by months. Tables of growth, weight, head circumference in girls and boys, causes of abnormalities

When a newborn is born, physicians immediately record the main indicators of his physical development, one of which is the growth of the child by months. In the first year of life, the baby increases it monthly, so the World Health Organization has set optimal values ​​for the increase in the child's growth by months.

Why watch the growth rate in infants

A pediatrician needs to regularly assess the parameters of physical development, such as the height and weight of the child by months to a year, and also the circumference of the chest and head.

He compares the obtained data with the values ​​in the special tables and concludes: whether the results are within the norm or not. Changes in these values ​​indicate whether the baby is developing harmoniously.

Most of all doctors are concerned about deviations from the average in the size of the head. However, there are reasons why it is not too early to worry.

Children local doctor on a monthly basis to measure the head circumference, height and w
eight of your baby

So, if a child is born big and a leading peer in terms of, the head size can exceed the norm.

The same applies to premature babies. Large deviations are observed in case of severe developmental defects, such as hydrocephalus.

All changes should be evenly increased .Too fast or slow pace, as well as an uneven increase in any value - this is an additional reason for consulting a doctor.

As baby grows up to 1 year

newborn often has a body length of 45 to 55 cm

Weight gain is:

  • in the first 3 months of life - 3 cm each month;.
  • from 3 to 6 months of crumb grows 2-2.5 cm every month;
  • from 6 to 9 - by 1.5-2 cm;
  • from 9 to 12 babies increases the figure by 1 cm per month.
Child growth standards by month Watching how your child grows every month is very exciting

On average, in the first year of life the baby grows up to 70-80 cm.

There are special tables to help calculate this parameter according to the age crumbs.

This diagram contains the average common values.

There are also tables that divide the level of growth into "low", "medium" and "high".The doctor is based on these data and can judge the deviation from the norm.

Below are the tables of the child's growth by months to a year.

Child Growth Standards for months to a year

Child Growth 1 month

Low Medium High
Boys 48,9-50,8 54,7 ± 1,9 58,6-60,5
Girls 47, 8-49,8 53,7 ± 1,9 57,6-59,6

child's growth in 2 months

Low Medium High
Boys 52,4-54,4 58,4 ± 20 62,5-64,5
Girls 51,0-53,0 57.1 ± 2.0 61,2-63,3

child growth 3 months

Low Middle High
Boys 55,3-57,3 61.4 ± 2.0 65,6-67,7 53,5-55,6
Girls 59.8 ± 2.1 64,0-66,2

Child's growth in 4 months

Boys 57,6-59,7 63,9 ± 2,1 68,0-70,1
Girls 55, 6-57,8 62,1 ± 2,2 66,4-68,6

child's growth in 5 months

Low Medium High
Boys 59,9-61,7 65,9 ± 21 70,1-72,3
Girls 57,4-59,6 64.0 ± 2.2 68,5-70,6

child growth in 6 months

Low Middle High
Boys 61,2-63,3 67.6 ± 2.2 71,9-74,1
Girls 58,9-61,2 65,7 ± 23 70,3-72,6

Child's height in 7 months

Boys 62,7-64,8 69,3 ± 2,2 73,5-75,7
Girls 60,3-62,7 67,4 ± 2,3 71,9-74,2

child's growth in 8 months

Low Medium High
Boys 64,0-66,2 70,6 ±2.2 75.0-77.2
Girls 61.7-64.0 68.7 ± 2.3 73.6-75.8

Child's height in 9esyatsev

Low Middle High
Boys 65,2-67,5 72.0 ± 2.3 76,5-78,7
Girls 62,9-65,3 70,1 ± 24 75,0-77,4

Child's growth in 10 months

Low Middle High
Boys 66,4-68,7 73.3 ± 2.3 77,9-80,1 64,1-66,5
Girls 71.5 ± 2.5 76,4-78,9

child's growth in 11 months

Low Medium High
Boys 67,6-69,9 74,5 ± 2,3 79,2-81,5
Girls 65, 2-67,7 72.8 ± 2.5 77,8-80,3

child growth in 1 year

Low Middle High
Boys 68,6-71,0 75,7 ± 24 80,6-82,9
Girls 66,3-68,9 74.0 ± 2.6 Table 79,2-81,6

growth in children under 12 years old can looks here.

The most intensive baby grows in the first 3 months of its life, and then the growth rates decrease, and by the end of the first year the baby grows more slowly.

Do not overly focus on the performance of the table. Values ​​are indicative, so small deviations from the mean values ​​do not represent signs of pathology.

How to measure the length of a baby's body

To observe the dynamics of an increase in this parameter in a crumb, it is not necessary to wait for another pediatrician's admission. To determine his parents can independently at home .To do this, you must have a soft measuring tape or meter long line:

  1. Grudnichok placed on a bed in a supine position so that it rested against the back of his head hard surface.
  2. The legs of the toddler are stretched in the forward direction, so that the feet are located at a 90-degree angle, and the parents mark the place with the line where his heels end.
  3. Then the toddler is raised, and the length from the head to the mark is measured.

Height and weight of the child by months Pletnev IN, pharmacist pediatrician, Clinic "Health of mothers and babies", Saratov

during monthly measurements of growth of the child are sometimes erroneous results, since it is a subjective study.

To see that the baby is growing, it is enough to observe the size of clothes worn by the crumb.

5 factors affecting the rate of growth of the infant

  1. Heredity. If the parents are low, there is a high probability that the children will also be the same. In this case, they inherit the genes of short stature.

    Influence on child If mom is a model, and dad is a basketball player, do not expect the baby to be short

  2. The course of pregnancy and childbirth. Whether the baby was born, whether the mother at the time of GW and during the gestation of the child, whether she consumed alcohol - all this affects the magnitude of growth. The fact is that, while in the womb, the crumb is very susceptible to various violations of the discipline of mother during pregnancy.
  3. Social factors:
  • the correct balanced diet: natural or artificial feeding, its frequency;
  • the position of the baby in the family, its importance as a member of the family;
  • emotional status of the baby and the state of the nervous system.

Height of children in 6 months Fedoseyeva SN, pediatrician, doctor of the highest category, BU "City Children's Hospital No. 3", Cheboksary.

In order for the baby to grow evenly according to the values ​​of the norm, it is desirable that the infant is breastfed.

It will be useful to take daily walks in the fresh air, a full-fledged sleep and regular check of the parameters of the district pediatrician.

  1. Growth hormone. For the growth of the human body is responsible for this hormone. It promotes the acceleration of the growth of the tubular bones of the extremities.70% of the growth hormone is produced at night. Therefore, when a little man goes to bed late, often wakes up, then the hormone production is disrupted. Its maximum level is observed during puberty.
  2. Absence of congenital anomalies in the baby, preventing the normal development of crumbs.

You can find out the factors that affect the weight gain in newborns here.

What to do if the indicators differ from the norm, is it worth worrying

An experienced pediatrician is engaged in assessing the degree of deviation of the baby from the norms of development. He will follow them in dynamics and compare past and current results by a special method.

If a doctor suspects certain signs of illness affecting these parameters, he will send for consultation to a narrow profile specialist.

How to measure the growth of a child The level of development of the child is determined by measurements of the indications of height, weight and head circumference in the

complex. It is worth worrying to parents only if the child's growth by months to a year deviates to a large extent from the average values ​​of , since such a violation can lead to diseases of the musculo-Motor and cardiovascular system.

That's why any significant deviation should not be ignored by both parents and pediatrician. He needs to find the cause of the disorder and prescribe appropriate therapy, in order to save the health of the crumbs in the future.

There are certain factors that parents can influence:

Factors contributing to the growth of children

  • Breastfeeding. Up to six months of the baby should be fed with mother's milk, and then begin to introduce complementary foods. The mother needs to eat properly and balanced, so that with the baby the child receives the necessary vitamins and microelements.
  • Regular feeding.
  • Walking in the fresh air.
  • A good dream. The kid should wake up rested and vigorous.

Factors slowing the process

  • Poor ecology.
  • Artificial feeding: even the best mixtures can not replace mother's milk.
  • Inadequate care of the infant: malnutrition, maternal smoking, lack of supervision by the pediatrician.

Height and weight of the child in 5 months Gromova SM, children's neurologist, doctor of the highest category, Department of Pediatrics, PSPbGMU im. Academician Pavlov, St. Petersburg

If the baby grows intensively, this may be due to the fact that both parents are high. If it is active, calm and has a good appetite, do not worry, it is necessary to observe this indicator in dynamics.

To compare all the basic parameters of growing up your baby, we suggest you to study the table of weight and circumference of the child's head by months to a year.

Age, month
Weight, kg
Head circumference, cm
Weight, kg
Head circumference, cm
1 4.2 33.9 4.4 37.3
2 5.1 38.3 5.5 39.1
3 5.8 39.5 6.3 40.5
4 6.4 40.6 7.0 41.6
5 6.9 41.5 7, 5 42.6
6 7.3 42.2 8.0 43.3
7 7.7 42.8 8.3 44.0
8 8.0 43.4 8.7 44, 5
9 8.3 43.8 9.0 45.0
10 8.5 44.2 9.2 45.4
11 8.8 44.6 9.4 45.8
12 9.0 44,9 9,7 46,1

Parents' reviews

Irina, 26 yo, Cheboksary

Child My baby was born prematurely with a length of 46 cm and weighing 2.5 kg. I had big fears that my daughter would be bad at gaining height and weight of the baby by months.

I feed her, and we already caught up with our peers! Now to us half a year, and we have grown up to 68 sm, and the weight has increased up to 8,5 kg.

Alena, 31, Moscow

Growth rate of 2 months My second son was born on time with a normal body length of 50 cm. Now the baby is 2 months old, he grew 12 cm.

I was happy and proud that my son grows so fast, but, After reading some articles on the Internet on this topic, pricked up.

I was asked this question by a pediatrician and the doctor calmed me down, saying that the process was going well and will continue to observe.

Ольга, 28 yo, Saint-Petersburg

Abnormalities in weight and height in children Son will soon be six months old. He is worried about his short stature and small weight: the height and weight of the child in 5 months are only 63 cm and 7 kg.

The baby is on artificial feeding almost immediately after birth. In our family, the husband is tall, 185 cm, I have 160 cm. Probably, it's too early to panic, but it does not come out of my head!


During the first year of life, the baby should grow by an average of 25 cm. There are many factors that both promote growth and inhibit it.

Parents need to make every effort to keep up to standard on all parameters. But also remember that there are factors that do not depend on them. Stable growing up of the baby is the best evidence of the health of the crumbs.

In the video, Dr. Komarovsky will tell you whether the weight and height of the child should be in accordance with the norms.