How to use a gas outlet tube for newborns

At an early age, babies often suffer from constipation, colic, bloating. In this case, doctors advise a nursing mother to restrict certain foods in her diet, make the baby massage in the intestinal area or put a warm water bottle on her tummy. But if these methods do not help, the rescue tube will be a gas pipe for newborns. It instantly has an effect without the use of medications.

How to use it correctly?

Unfortunately, a rubber gas pipe for the newborn is not always accompanied by an instruction. But to know how to properly use it, should every mother. In order to put a newborn gas pipe, it must first boil for 10 minutes, then cool. The hands of an adult should be well washed. Manipulation is carried out on a comfortable stable table, covered with oilcloth, and on top - a clean diaper. Action:

  • Put the newborn on his back, lifting and bending his legs. The older child is laid on the left side, bending the lower limbs to the stomach.
  • The rounded tip of the tube should be treated with a st
    erile oil or petroleum jelly. If neither one nor the other is not, you can apply a baby cream.
  • Caution, with rotational movements, insert the tip of the gas outlet tube into the rectum. A newborn catheter is inserted at a depth of 2-3 cm, a child up to a year - by 5 cm.
  • The tube should be left in the anus for 5-10 minutes, holding it with the hand.
  • After the departure of the gas tanks, the tube must be carefully removed.
Infant posture for rectal probe insertion
For insertion of the vent tube, the legs of the baby of the first month of life should be pressed against the belly of the

. It must be borne in mind that during the procedure, the feces can leave the babies, so clean sheets or napkins should be at hand.

In case the mother is not sure that she will understand, when the fireballs go away, you can lower the other end of the tube in a basin of water. When escaping the gazik in the water will appear bubbles.

After finishing the procedure, the baby needs to be washed. The gas outlet tube for the newborn is washed with soap and boiled.


Although this procedure brings relief, it can be dangerous for the baby. If the adult is not sure that he will do well, and the child resists, makes sharp movements, it is better to stop or postpone the process at a more appropriate time.

Before using the rectal tube for infants, it is necessary to read some rules:

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  • By standards, the gas pipe is made of natural rubber, so check that it does not emit odors of toxic materials.
  • It is allowed to re-install the gas pipe to the child no earlier than three and a half hours and only if necessary.
  • Do not hold the tube in the rectum for more than 15 minutes in order to avoid complications.
  • Careless application, as well as improper setting of a gas outlet tube for newborns, can lead to damage to the mucosa or perforation of the intestine, followed by bleeding.
  • It is desirable that the first time the procedure was conducted by a doctor or nurse, explaining and showing the mother the course of action, especially if a newborn needs help.
  • Do not use after the expiration date.
  • Rubber rectal tube is stored at a temperature of up to 250C, away from heating objects and substances that destroy rubber. Shelf life - three years from the date of manufacture, half a year after the first use.

New generation with Windy

Windy pipe Windy is safer for the baby and is easy to use. Windy are produced in 10 pieces in one box, but if you want, you can buy the device by the piece. Each box is accompanied by a detailed instruction. The Windy tube is disposable, so it is discarded after first use.

Advantages of Windy:

  • has a soft tip with a stop, which makes the procedure safe for the newborn;
  • across the tube there are incisions, so that the device is easy to hold in hands;The
  • tube is made of an elastic material that, when in contact with the intestinal mucosa, is heated to body temperature;The
  • catheter is already sterile, so it does not have to be boiled before and after use.
Vindi Gas Outlet
Windy tube Windy is considered the most safe and convenient to use. She deserves the confidence of many mothers.

. Price and reviews.

. Reviews of most people about the drug Windy positive: convenient, safe, quickly achieved the effect. Using a disposable rectal catheter significantly saves time. Some moms are not satisfied with the price: for the box Windy takes about 500-700 rubles, while a regular rubber tube costs between 20-40 rubles. But it is not necessary to buy a newborn baby all the packaging, you can take one or two tubes( from 50 rubles will cost one unit).

Each mother decides how to alleviate the condition of her baby. The main thing is for the child to be healthy, and nothing hindered him from knowing the world.