Why should a child SNILS and how to get it

Child playing with documents

Everyone knows that after birth, every little man gets a kind of passport, called a birth certificate. However, in addition to this document, you need to get the rest, which will give the baby certain benefits in the future. For example, SNILS for a newborn entitles to receive a medical certificate, and also allows parents to purchase some drugs at a reduced cost or for free.

What is this

? This abbreviation is the insurance number of an individual personal account that can be issued in the Pension Fund. This document looks like a plastic card, but a little larger.

SUNLS is needed by every child, the parents of the baby should take care of it. The presence of the baby is not required. The insurance number is necessary to simplify the state system of data exchange and retrieval of information about a certain person. The right to receive only citizens of the Russian Federation. Parents can also receive a medical policy for their child after the completion of the SNILS.

In the future it is planned to completely switch to the SNILS system - that is, the insurance number will include all the necessary data for a person: bank cards, policy, passport number, personal information and so on. By one number you will be able to find out the entire database about the citizen. Also without a number it will be impossible to use the services on the Internet. By the way, similar system successfully exists in the USA.

Procedure for obtaining

To receive an SNILS for a newborn, it is necessary to have with you:

  1. of the parents' passports;
  2. birth certificate.

It is worth noting that you can get SNILS not only in the Pension Fund. In some remote regions of Russia, reception is possible in schools and universities. It is also interesting that you can get a document by hand on the Internet, on the official website of the pension structure. To do this, you must provide the above listed documents. After this, the newborn is assigned an individual number.

SNILS for older children

If it is necessary to make an SNILS for an older child who is not yet 14 years old, then it is necessary to have with them such documents:

  1. of the parents' passport;
  2. birth certificate;
  3. written statements of the parents.

For the registration of the presence of a child is not necessary.

Insurance certificate
SNILS protects children and gives them certain benefits

Those children who are already 14 years old must visit the Pension Fund on their own and provide the necessary package of documents for obtaining the registration number.

Advantages of

SNILS need to be registered not only to simplify the registration of data on the child. The document guarantees children under 3 years of age the benefits of obtaining pharmacological drugs for treatment, as well as the possibility of sanatorium rest. By the way, benefits for children from disadvantaged families are valid until the execution of 6 years.

When reaching retirement age, a person who at one time received SNILS will receive certain advantages when calculating pension payments. The state guarantees reliability and protection in the future.

Thus, to obtain the SNILS required a minimum of documents, in addition, no need to pay any fees - the number is issued completely free. Every child who receives a document automatically receives some rights and benefits, which is very beneficial for families with modest incomes.