Why and how to sterilize oil for a newborn baby

Caring for a newly born child brings a lot of joy and a lot of questions. For example, is it necessary to use baby oil and which is better for a baby? Why do some mothers boil it and how to do it right? Let's talk about all this in order.

Why use

oil Daily care for a newborn includes the treatment of wrinkles. In these places, most often there is diaper rash, because it is warm and humid. When the baby actively moves, friction can damage the delicate skin, which leads to inflammation and redness.

Therefore, we lubricate the newborn with a maslichkom. First, behind the ears, then we process the cervical folds, go down to the armpits, after which we move to the elbows and small wrinkles on the palms. We process the legs from the bottom up, starting with the fingers and gradually turning to the ankle joints. Do not forget to lubricate under the knees and in the inguinal folds.

Do not overdo it with oil. Of course, it perfectly moisturizes, but too frequent use of it deprives the skin of the abi

lity to "breathe", which is also bad. Therefore, we use it without fanaticism, in moderate quantities and if necessary.

Vegetable or shop?

The main criterion in the selection of oil is its tolerability by the baby and the appropriateness of the purchase.

To date, there are many means of caring for children. Such children's cosmetics are usually standardized, hypoallergenic, adapted specifically for use in infancy. Buy cosmetics of famous brands will not be difficult. However, even the most advanced and hypoallergenic agent in individual cases can cause skin irritation. You can use for lubricating and ordinary vegetable oil, sunflower or olive, for example. It has a number of advantages:

  • saves financial costs;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • does not contain fragrances and other chemical compounds;
  • it is possible to sterilize the oil.

Why boil

Do this just for sterilization. However, in the expediency of such actions, many mothers doubt, and this is quite logically explained. The fact is that the oil is used for external use, and not for internal use. In addition, it would be correct not to place crumbs in a "sterile" world, for real life does not imply such conditions.

But if you still decided to boil it, this is your personal choice and there is nothing criminal in this. Only it is important to learn how to properly perform this procedure.

How to do this

Advice to boil an oil does not at all mean that it should bubble with bubbles, like ordinary water. Our goal is to sterilize it, and for this it is enough to warm up in a water bath.

Boiling oil on a water bath
Water should boil, not the contents of

. To properly boil, you will need the oil proper, which you have chosen, a large saucepan, a capacity for boiling( a glass jar is suitable).


  1. Pour in a large saucepan of water. Pour a small amount of oil in a jar or a glass bottle and put in a pan. You can put cotton cloth on the bottom of the pot. It will serve as a kind of layer and will prevent the occurrence of cracks in the bank. The can with oil should be heated gradually. Do not put the container in the already boiling water.
  2. Put the pan on the gas and bring the water in it to a boil, then reduce the heat. Boil recommended from 5 minutes( minimum) to 30( maximum).In this case, only water should boil, and the oil is sterilized by heating.
  3. After the specified time, you can remove the container with oil from the water and allow it to cool. Cool it down to room temperature, then tighten the lid and put it in a dark cool place.

Do not allow the oil to boil, otherwise it will ignite. To avoid this, we also make a water bath. If the ignition does occur, do not attempt to extinguish the fire with water. At best, your experiment will end with a black stain on the ceiling. The container with the burning liquid is covered with an iron lid from the pan, thus eliminating the access of oxygen. Without oxygen combustion, the flame instantly goes out.

Shelf Life

Boiled oil after heat treatment is considered sterile only a few hours. So, if you want to use a sterile oil for a newborn, it is recommended to make a small portion and repeat this procedure as needed.

In any case, everything that is done by the hands of a caring mother for a newborn karapuzik, conveys her love and tenderness to her own baby. Therefore, you decide to use vegetable oil, boiled at home, or purchased, the choice is yours.

Olive oil and olives