Why does an infant sleep with an open mouth

Every loving and caring parent seeks to provide his child with comfortable and safe conditions, monitors health, notes any changes or behavioral features. Sometimes there are questions about which before the advent of children and did not think about. Especially often this happens in those families where the baby is the first and long-awaited. Agitated mothers can experience because of hiccups, room temperature, redness of the skin or routine of the day, overcoming the questions of the district pediatrician. What can we say about possible violations of breathing and sleep? Any changes, no doubt, will not go unnoticed.

Baby's dream: what is it?

Usually a newborn baby sleeps on the back. If the tight swaddling is not applied, then the knobs and legs are bent. Repeating the "embryo pose", he presses his hands to his cheeks, and draws his legs to his stomach. Only after 6 months the baby will be able to sleep in a full relaxation position, with legs and arms stretched out to the sides. The mouth shoul

d be closed while breathing in and exhaling through the nose.

This type of breathing allows the air to warm up and clean in the nasopharynx from dust, the lungs are more actively ventilated, and the blood is better saturated with oxygen. If the baby breathes through the mouth, the air in the lungs gets too cold, which can lead to respiratory diseases. Dust and pollen of plants, falling on the mucous, can lead to a feeling of dryness of the mouth, coughing, coarsening of the voice, and in some cases - the manifestation of allergic reactions.

Baby back on the back
Sleeping position for a healthy newborn baby

If your baby sleeps with his mouth open, you should take a closer look at this phenomenon and try to eliminate it. Stories of relatives that their children "slept the same way, and nothing bad happened", should not dull your vigilance. Such a trifle, it would seem, can lead to serious problems in the future. After all, a baby can develop a bad habit to breathe through the mouth, which can lead to chronic hypoxia or anemia, as well as sleep disturbances.

The first steps of the parents

  1. Calm down and do not panic if you first noticed that the baby is sleeping with an open mouth.
  2. Quietly approach the bed and listen to the breath. If you hear a quiet sniff, the baby breathes his nose. Hence, everything is normal.
  3. If the child breathes his mouth and this phenomenon is observed more than once, it is better to seek advice from a pediatrician.

Why open your mouth and how to avoid it?

The simplest and most common cause - is an inconvenient sleeping posture for .The child's mouth can open slightly if the head during the rest is thrown back. The tone of the circular muscles of the mouth is still weakened, so the jaw may involuntarily drop. It is enough to put a small pillow under the head. If it is not, a folded towel or a diaper can come up.

The second option: the baby nose stuffed with mucus , which makes breathing difficult. In this case, breathing in and out is through the mouth. The child usually sleeps restlessly, nervous, crying. The fact is that mouth breathing is not peculiar to small children, with nasal congestion it can seem as if they are suffocating, unable to "switch" to the oral type of inspiration-exhalation in time.

A child sleeps with an open mouth
Open mouth during sleep in a baby may be a sign of a disease

Reasons for the appearance of mucus or "crusts" in the nasal passages - excessive air dryness in room , indoor air pollution( tobacco smoke, chemical odors, dust, etc.).Ventilate the room before going to bed, use a humidifier during the heating season and too hot summer days, be sure to monitor the hygiene of the baby's nasal cavity( cleanse the nasal passages with cotton buds or a small syringe, use sea salt solutions).

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How to clean the nose of a newborn?

If the nasal congestion is caused by a cold or viral disease, then it is necessary to contact the district therapist who will prescribe the most suitable treatment option. With similar symptoms, diagnoses can be different: from banal ARI to an increase in palatine tonsils, inflammation of adenoids or chronic rhinitis. Strict adherence to the advice of a specialist will help improve well-being, and self-medication can lead to sad consequences. ..

Did they cope with the disease, but the baby still opens his mouth in a dream? It is possible that due to the long nasal congestion the child is accustomed to breathe through the mouth. And it can manifest itself during wakefulness. Parents will have to retrain the crumb so that he can return to the right breathing. Fortunately, this is not too difficult. It is enough to use an elastic trainer or vestibular plate several times a day. These soft silicone attachments will allow to normalize the muscle balance of the primal area. They are used up to two hours in the daytime and all night.

So is it worth worrying?

Attentive to your own child is the norm of responsible motherhood. Any change in the behavior or condition of the baby should attract the attention of the parents. But this attention must be rational and reasonable. To panic from the slightest stuffiness of the nose or the mouth that has opened in a dream, too, is not worth it. Analyze the general condition of the baby, compare it with external factors. If in doubt, contact a specialist. And remember that your efforts and efforts are the guarantee of children's health!

Baby is sleeping with an open mouth