Instructions for issuing a passport for a newborn

If your family refers to amateurs to travel abroad, or abroad, you have relatives who you visit from time to time, then the birth of the baby raises the question: is it necessary to make an individual passport for a newborn? If so, what documents need to be collected.

According to Russian legislation, any citizen of the Russian Federation who has children has the opportunity to make a passport to a newborn child from the very moment of his birth.

There are no fundamental differences with an adult foreign passport such a document does not. Its peculiarity is only that the presence of a document does not give the child the right to independently cross the state border without accompanying an adult.

Alternatively, you can put the baby in a passport of one of the parents, but then all the trips with him will depend on the escort of that particular member of the family into whose document he is inscribed. That is, it will be impossible to transport the baby with relatives or other attendants by proxy.

This method saves the parent budget for an individual visa. With a personal passport, such a visa is required, but the possibilities for transportation of the child are also expanding. So it's worthwhile to weigh everything well and make the best decision for your family.

Infant with a passport
From the very birth a person can have his own passport

You can apply for a passport to a newborn at the place of residence of one of the parents or guardian who submits the application. In this case, it does not matter where the baby is registered.

It is impossible to entrust such an important document for a child under one year by law with a power of attorney. The parent is engaged in all this fascinating process.

Normal or biometric?

What is the best passport for a baby: biometric or an old one? Everywhere there are pluses and minuses. Judge for yourself: the biometric is issued for 10 years, whereas the old one is only 5. The microchip is pasted into the first with the content of data about the owner, even such a small one;In the old passport there is no such "chip".But with all the advantages of a biometric passport, there is one thing: for the first ten years of life, the child externally changes strongly and, perhaps, more than once. Therefore, there is a high probability that you will have to replace the document with a new one before the expiration date.

When submitting documents and obtaining a biometric passport, you need the presence of the owner, even quite a small one. And with the procedure for obtaining an old sample, this is not required. Yes, and the size of the state duty is significantly different: the passport of the new sample will have to be spent more.

Where to contact?

The following institutions are responsible for processing children's passports:

  1. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Management of the Federal Migration Service.
  3. Diplomatic Russian representative offices and consulates abroad.

How to apply for a passport to a child?

All the documentation for getting a passport is filled in by the parent or legal representative of the baby, communicating the necessary information about the child and some information about himself. Here is the list of documents that are needed to be provided to the FMS:

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What is needed for the registration of a newborn?
  • is a questionnaire filled in for a child, where from the back side there are parental data( as an option, a legal representative);
  • personal passport of the parent( legal representative) together with a copy;
  • baby's birth certificate + 1 copy;
  • insert on citizenship( needed when there is no such mark in the birth certificate);
  • 4 black-and-white or color photos of the youngster on a scale of 3.5 * 4.5 cm, made in an oval on matte paper;
  • receipt for payment of state duty;
  • the child's passport upon reaching the age of fourteen, as well as a copy of the passport;
  • if the child already had a passport, you will need a copy from his first page, where the photo is pasted.

Rules concerning the exportation of children abroad

Once again we want to emphasize that the child alone can not go abroad, even with his own passport - an adult accompanying is needed.

If a child is accompanied not by a mother or father, but by a relative or other authorized person, the power of attorney must be notarized. The form of such a document is available in any notary's office. The power of attorney indicates the country in which the child leaves, for what period of time and with whom. Often there is a need to do a notarized translation of the document. It is important to clarify its necessity in the consulate of the country where you are going.

According to Russian legislation, when crossing a border with one of the parents, it is not necessary to provide a notary permit for a trip from the second. The rule is valid when the other parent has not received an earlier statement of disagreement on the export of children from the Russian Federation.

A child looks at the globe
Where was I yet?

But there is one big thing: it's about leaving Russia. But such a consent from the second parent can be demanded by the state that you intend to visit. Sadly, because of the lack of such a certificate, you are refused entry to the country, and you are already with the collected suitcases and with a child of 1 year of life on hand. Therefore, take into account this nuance and take care of the necessary documentation in advance.

In the situation where the husband and wife are divorced, the most difficulties arise. When one of the parents does not give permission to travel abroad their children, you can go to court. It is there that such contentious issues are resolved.

Be sure to specify in the consulate of the country you wish to visit, information on the rules of entry, effective and regulated by their legislation.

If your child has his / her personal passport, take a certificate of his birth on the trip. This is especially true when you have different surnames or if you do not have children's records on your passports. So the border guards will not have unnecessary questions about identity.

Another important detail regarding the signature: the design of a passport for children under 14 does not imply the existence of a signature in it. Parents, do not put your signature on the child's passport. This is incorrect and qualifies as an error.

Let's sum up: if circumstances permit, it is better to make an individual passport for the child. So the trip will be calmer and you and the baby.

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