Lactamyl for nursing mothers

  • Composition
  • Features of use
  • Comments on the mixture
  • Contraindications to use
  • Opinion of doctors
  • In nursing mothers, milk may unexpectedly disappear or its quantity will not be enough to satisfy their baby's hunger. To date, there is a huge amount of drugs used to stimulate the process of lactation in the body. Lactamyl is a new generation product that will help to quickly restore the natural process of producing breast milk in a woman's body.

    Features of the drug

    Lactamyl is a dry powder based on herbs that help the rapid release of mother's milk. To improve the state of health and increase the immunity of women, vitamins and minerals were additionally included in the composition.

    The drug is indispensable for nursing mothers under the age of 20 who feed the first child. The mixture is sold in pharmacies, it can be stored for 18 months. Save all the useful properties will succeed if you stand packing will be in a dark, cool place wit

    h low humidity.


    Mixture Lactamil has a positive effect on the body of a woman due to the presence of the following components:

    • is a useful component of anise, fennel, nettle and other herbs;
    • vitamins of groups C, A, B;
    • folic acid;
    • pectin;
    • a huge range of minerals such as sodium, iron, zinc, calcium and others;
    • for the assimilation of all components used whey protein.
    A hundred grams of the product contains only 438 kcal

    Reviews indicate that the drug is very popular also because of the affordable price. A day is enough to drink only two portions of the drink, and the natural process of lactation in the body of a woman will be restored.

    Features of application

    The instruction tells us that the product is sold as a dry powder, which must be diluted in warm water before use. Drink follows only after you are convinced that the drink has a homogeneous structure. Depending on the individual needs of moms, the mixture can be applied one to two times a day. This amount is enough to restore the quality and volume of lactation.

    The drug is simply indispensable for those couples who were fortunate enough to become twins' parents.

    You can pre-prepare the composition and store it in the refrigerator. However, the shelf life in this state is limited - one day. Open packaging with powder can last no more than three weeks without loss of properties.

    Lactamyl is a natural, environmentally friendly product that helps restore lactation. The effect can be seen even after taking the first portion.

    Feeding the baby
    The baby will not be hungry, in fact will receive the necessary amount of milk, and along with it all the necessary minerals and trace elements.

    Reviews about the mixture

    It is important for nursing mothers to provide such conditions for her baby, in which he could receive enough milk. The use of the drug improves the process of its production in the body of a woman. To date, more than one thousand people have been able to convince themselves of this. Young mothers note the following positive effect of the mixture on the body:

    • increases the amount of milk several times;
    • drug helps to restore the process of milk production in the female body after cesarean section;
    • baby gets all the necessary amount of useful vitamins and minerals;
    • is also used for preventive purposes so that milk does not disappear in mothers whose children are already over half a year.
    Pauline: There were problems with lactation after caesarean section. The breastfeeding counselor advised taking lactamyl. Honestly, she reacted with doubt, but she began to drink twice a day on a glass and on the third day milk appeared. The child began to gain weight well. He is now 1 year and 3 months old, and I still feed him.
    Masha: Still in the maternity home, there were problems with breastfeeding. I had to switch to artificial nutrition, although I really wanted to feed my daughter with breast milk. I tried a lot of money, including Lactamyl, which I liked more than others. It was possible to restore lactation and even abandon children's formulas. Although I must say that the tool is quite expensive.

    Blend daily helps many women, so it's no surprise that almost all the reviews on the network are positive. However, there are situations in which the drug can not help a woman in lactation. In this case, and there are negative reviews. Let's see in more detail why this happens:

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    • The reasons for poor lactation can be very different. At the first stage of treatment it is important to establish what is associated with such a change in the body of a woman. Only an expert in this field can make the prescription of the drug and guarantee a positive result. Does not allow self-treatment.
    • All preparations to increase the amount of milk in mums need to be diluted with water, in which case the maximum effect from their use is achieved. For some women, the process itself seems complicated, so they mis-accept the mixture. Remember that a positive effect can be expected only if the instructions are followed.
    • For some women, it's important to keep an eye on your figure. Therefore, even during the feeding of a child, they prefer to refuse high-calorie food. However it may sound phenomenal, it is also classed as negative sides of the drug.

    In addition to the above negative opinions, all other sides of the mixture are only positive. The only thing that should be paid attention is contraindications, in which it is strictly not recommended to use the product.

    Contraindications to the use of

    A woman should be as attentive to her body as possible, not only at the time of bearing the fetus, but also when lactating with the breast. In the instructions for the drug, cases in which it is strictly not recommended to use it are well documented:

    • In humans, intolerance to any components of lactose is observed throughout life.
    • The presence of hypersensitivity to one of the components that make up the mixture. It consists of herbs that can cause an allergic reaction.
    • When the product is used, the child has a rash. This situation is extremely rare, but if you find the first redness on the baby's skin should immediately seek the advice of a specialist.
    Rash in infants
    Take the drug is recommended only in the prescribed dosage. Exceeding the norm can negatively affect the health of both mother and child

    Opinion of doctors

    Lactamyl is an adjuvant that helps restore normal lactation in a woman. His reception should begin if the woman noticed the production of less milk in her body. It is advisable to start drinking a cocktail if it did not appear on the first day after the birth. That's why some experts advise you to take the package of such a drug with you to the hospital. With complete absence of milk, the effect of the drug will not be effective. In this case, it is best to get advice from a specialist in this field.