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Breastfeeding is a significant, crucial stage in the life of a mother. During this period, the baby is laid the foundations of healthy work for the whole life. Therefore, it is so valuable, how and what does the mother eat, in order to feed the baby qualitatively.

Whether apricots are needed for a newborn baby

The foods that feed a nursing woman are processed into breast milk for feeding babies. Therefore, the mother selectively approaches her diet, so as not to harm the baby, but give the necessary vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, amino acids.

In the period of fetal development, as well as in the first month after birth, the baby needs trace elements. First of all, it is calcium and phosphorus for the formation of strong bones, sodium and potassium for the work of muscles, and copper, mangan

ese, boron for musculoskeletal functions.

It is in ripe apricots that these and other useful substances are contained. The abundance of vitamins C, E, R, group B, as well as minerals and their compounds is irreplaceable for the organism, and therefore, necessarily in the menu. And by the amount of carotene, apricot is in the first place among Russian fruits. Therefore, the apricots are so necessary for the baby's organism during breastfeeding.

It is not recommended to abuse fruits and vegetables , but gradually introduced in small amounts they are useful and required for the life of a small organism. Many fruits, including apples, peaches, plums, pears, apricots, help the digestion of the baby, prevent constipation.

But overeating apricots is not recommended, like any other products. The excessive amount of fruit consumed will cause diarrhea, so mothers try to keep the golden mean in the use of fruits and vegetables. If there are problems of the gastrointestinal tract and digestion, consult a doctor about the use of fresh apricots. Perhaps the doctor will advise you not fresh, but processed fruit. It is tasty, useful and pleasant to use fruit soup, compote, jelly, confiture, apricot jam, candied fruits. The testimonials of experienced mothers, having two or more children, about the tolerance of the children to the dishes from the fruits are only positive.

Compote of apricots
Apricots and dishes of them should not be eaten by mom( at least regularly), if the baby has constant strong colic. Wait until he turns 3 months

The benefits of apricots

Of course, after seeing these beautiful, bright, fragrant, tasty fruits, any person will want to eat at least one fruit. Especially the nursing woman, who eats for herself and for her little baby. But here the question is: is it possible to breastfeeding mothers with certain products, can the nursing mother have apricots?

The usefulness of fresh apricots, as well as dried apricots and dried apricots is proven and does not require confirmation. Fruits contain in their pulp useful, necessary substances necessary for man.

  • An acid-sweet taste of apricots brings sugar and organic acids.
  • Minerals, primarily potassium, help kidney function and the cardiovascular system. Starch and tannins contained in fruits are also useful and necessary for the mother's body and the baby's body for digestion.
  • Fiber is useful for intestinal motility.
  • Apricot pectins are involved in the induction of toxins.
  • Hemoglobin improves immune defense, promotes hemopoiesis.
  • Iodine, contained in apricots, will help the thyroid gland to remove unnecessary cholesterol.
  • Tannins slightly strengthen the intestines, prevent diarrhea, they impart a special astringent astringent taste.
  • Iron and iodine are necessary for the prevention of anemic conditions and for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Delicate "apricot" color gives the fruits of beta-carotene, which is a strong antioxidant.
  • Essential oils give a unique aroma.

Can a nursing woman have apricots

Apricot - a beautiful, juicy, tasty, sweet, healthy fruit - was born in Armenia. In the Middle Ages, Armenian merchants brought the "Armenian apple" to Europe, and then to Russia. And now, probably the most beautiful and juicy Yerevan apricots are on the market.

Mom and the baby need useful substances contained in appetizing, juicy fruits. Especially in the first months of life crumbs. The more often moms eat apricots, the more useful substances will get a baby with the milk of mom.

It is known that from the sweet food of a nursing woman, the milk becomes delicious, sweetened. Sugars in fresh apricots in sunny years up to 27%, and in dried even more. Considering that when feeding mom is desirable to give up sugar and sweets, these sunny fruits will bring a lot of pleasant moments mother and baby. The kid will like to eat milk with such a sweetener. Would Mom refuse such a useful and tasty fruit?

Often, an allergy occurs due to constipation, in which harmful substances are retained and enter the blood. In this regard, apricots are a prevention against allergy

Apricots do not belong to allergens. Enter them gradually, cautiously, 1-2 pieces a day. Observe the crumb, behind his skin, behind the chair, the general condition. If a kid is behaving as usual, there is no change in appearance, cocoa, as it should be at his age, so he fit apricots. And we are in the affirmative when asked whether it is possible for a nursing mother to have apricots.

important : after apricots emptied on baby rash, baby naughty, maybe even a fever, there were problems with the chair. At such turn of events of apricot to mum is categorically it is impossible.

rules for parents

apricots, peaches, plums, apples and other fruits are breast-feeding woman eats, starting from the third week of feeding. When the baby is a month old, Mom brings in his menu fruit daily. To these useful and tasty fruit brought mother and baby only benefit, keep the following guidelines:

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  • If the family does not have allergies and child on the prone to the disease on both sides, it is possible for the first- The second month is to confidently introduce apricots into the menu of a nursing woman.
  • Any fruit is eaten not in the morning on an empty stomach, but a couple of hours after a meal, so as not to cause irritation in the stomach and fermentation in the intestines. Before dinner and dinner it is useful to eat fruit 15-30 minutes before meals.
  • Eat fruits and berries on a season, in the place of their growth, at a time of natural maturing. The shorter the path from the tree to the table, the more in the product of utility and energy. Those fruits that lie on the shelves all year round may have gone a long way of transportation and storage.
  • In recent years, sellers have learned to chemically process fruits and vegetables for transportation, long-term storage. Therefore, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables in hot water and soap. If the chemical does not work on the adult, the baby can get the strongest poisoning.
  • If the newborn has colic, give up the fruit for a while until the baby has an unpleasant symptom.

diet of lactating mothers

menu is for lactating women, keep in mind that the daily calorie meal is at least 2,500 kcal. Mom, who are in a hurry to lose weight, it is advisable to wait at least one month. And when the lure is introduced for the baby, the caloric value of the mother decreases to the desired value.

By the way, apricots are low-calorie - no more than 41 kcal in 100 grams. These delicious fruits are often used in diets.

Fresh Apricots
Make sure that no one in the family has an allergy to apricots. If it turns out that someone has something, then they need to be consumed with caution, carefully monitoring the state of the child

During the first months of life, crumbs, pediatricians and nutritionists do not recommend fruits and berries of red and bright orange for consumption. Such fruits are considered to be the most allergenic. The color of ripe apricots is soft, delicate, beautiful, so they are resolved by everyone. It is advisable for the first time to use not fresh fruits, but processed ones. For example, try the compote of dried apricots.

From the second week of life of a newborn, dried apricots, apricots, kaisas and decoctions of them are allowed.

In the third or fourth week it is allowed to introduce apricots in small portions. From the second month, fruits are mandatory in the menu, at least in small portions. Apples and apricots stand in the first place, if they grow in your area.

In the third month, fresh fruit juices are welcome. Juice from fresh apricots is useful for vitamins, microelements and what struggles with putrefactive fermentation in the intestines.

Closer to half a year, pediatricians recommend injecting baby food.

To the doctor for the help of

Apricot is a fairly neutral fruit, it is not on the list of allergens and foods that cause colic in the baby. And yet, treat it with caution.

Parents behave correctly when they turn to a doctor for advice on any issue or study the relevant literature. In regard to the nutrition of a nursing woman in each case, please contact your pediatrician. The doctor knows you and the baby, so he will recommend the products you need. And most likely the apricots will be in the list of useful.

Fruits of apricot