What you can drink from the head while breastfeeding

  • About the causes of pain
  • Sleep and enough rest
  • Water
  • Fresh air
  • Proper nutrition
  • Massage and exercises
  • Compresses
  • Aromatherapy and herbs
  • Popular advice
  • Acupuncture
  • Medication methods

Headache sometimes possesses such force that a person temporarily losesAbility to work, he is not able to make informed decisions and thinks only of one thing: how quickly to get rid of torment. What then can we say about the nursing mother, who has a helpless baby in her hands, completely dependent on her, constantly requiring attention and so often crying.

When a woman is breastfeeding, removing the pain is not so easy. After all, you do not want to swallow a pill once, even safest. Therefore the question is very actual: what it is possible to accept or make to the woman from a headache at thoracal feeding? Is it possible to do without medication? And what pain relievers must necessarily lie in the home medicine cabinet?

About the causes of pain

The reasons for which the headache( cephalalgia), there are from 40 to 50. And it's not just about fatigue. It turns out that the development of cephalic influences:

  • Migraine .Spasm of cerebral vessels leads to intolerable long-term migraine pain. Treatment of migraine must be mandatory, otherwise the quality of life of a nursing woman will suffer very much.
  • Hypertension. The problem is especially acute in women after 35 years. Elevated blood pressure is not always accompanied by a headache, however, pain in the occiput may be one of the signs of hypertension.
  • Osteochondrosis .Unwillingness to do exercises in the morning, carrying bags on the shoulder, finding the muscles of the spine, especially the cervical region, in the wrong postures - all this eventually leads to dystrophic disorders of articular cartilage and erasure of intervertebral discs. And then another young mother begins to feed the baby for a long time in the same forced position of the body. So there are pains.
  • Stress .The first few months after birth for the newly mummy - this is one big and full of stress. The dream becomes superficial, all senses are sharpened, not to mention the experiences about how much and how the baby has pokaked and why the cessation medicines did not help.
  • Fasting .Lack of nutrients, in particular glucose, immediately affects the well-being of a woman. And how often it happens that my mother simply forgets to dine in the turmoil!
  • ARVI and the are always accompanied by intoxication of the body, one of the signs of which is cephalgia.
Breastfeeding at night
Night feeding sometimes becomes a test for strength

Having understood the reason for the pain, it is not difficult to develop ways to deal with it. Surprisingly, in many cases, pain can be relieved without any medication. A little effort - and relief will not keep you waiting. What is it about?

Sleep and enough rest

The headache of tension in most cases arises precisely because of lack of sleep. In the house where a young child has appeared, all members of the family can suffer from a lack of sleep, but nevertheless the mother's share is the greatest percentage of night vigils. How to be?

Talk to all family members at the round table. Open communication will help them understand what you need, as well as find out who could periodically replace you with "night shifts."Even if the father works full-time, he could take the crumbs in the early morning hours immediately after feeding - this is the time when the awake is hardest.

Feel free to exploit your husband, because you also work in kind, caring around the clock around the baby and doing housework. The goal is to sleep at least 8 hours a day. If the day the child falls asleep and you feel that you are falling down, sleep with him. The ironing of things and lunch can wait. At the time of sleep, do not forget to turn off the phone( according to the law of meanness, someone will call), curtain the curtains.


No matter how trivial it may sound, ordinary cool water often helps to cope with pain. Studies on this topic have been conducted more than once. So, patients, often suffering from headaches, were recommended to drink about 7 glasses of water per day( 1.5-2 liters), and after a while noticed that their condition was improving. So H2O is able to heal.

Glass of water
Ordinary water can be a good medicine

Water can not be replaced with other drinks like tea, coffee, soda and the like. Although it would be wrong to say that water is a panacea, the advice to drink more is simple, safe, cheap - so why not try it? The advice becomes particularly topical in the midst of the heat, when there is a high probability of dehydration.

Fresh air

Another common cause of cephalalgia is lack of oxygen. In the room where the baby is and the nursing mother, it must be cool and fresh, no matter what the weather is outside the window. Daily walks in the open air are compulsory.

Proper nutrition

The exhausted mother is often dizzy. There is also such a thing as a headache from hunger. Therefore, it is important for a woman breastfeeding to eat well. Well - it means that in her diet should be not only baked apples and biscuits, but also meat, fish, cereals, as well as fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber.

And of course, less chemistry. Ideally, it should generally be ruled out. No chips and crackers, food with high sugar content, dyes and preservatives.

Massage and Exercise

The technician of getting rid of pain with the help of a lot of massage. Consider some of them:

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  1. Self-massage of the head. With gentle movements, press your fingers against your temples, then massage your head from the crown to the periphery in a circular motion. This will improve blood circulation, and tension will go away.
  2. Lightly massage the bridge of the nose( improves the condition with migraine and sinus headache).
  3. Take a little coconut oil and rub it into the scalp. You can do without "additives".Take a bath or shower and massage the head in such a way that you are soaping it with shampoo. Immediately two effects: the relaxing effect of water and massage.
  4. Walk with your index finger and thumb on the inside of the palm of your hand. Bite the tip of the little finger or just massage it. So the nerve endings are activated.
  5. Put 2 tennis balls in the toe, then lay on a firm, level surface, and place the balls at the base of the skull in the occipital region. Try to relax and lie down for a few minutes.
  6. The Lyapko applicator has a good effect. It is a needle of the same size, evenly distributed throughout the surface. Arrange horizontally so that the applicator is on the occipital area and lie down for 20-30 minutes.
  7. If the pain is related to the cervical osteochondrosis, try the following exercise: tilt the head forward, pressing it to the chin. Put your hands on the back of the head in the lock and put pressure on your head, as if trying to bow to her. Count to 50. Slowly release your hands. During the exercise, the back should be flat. The actions are designed to stretch the cervical vertebrae and release possible injured vessels and nerves.
  8. It is best if a massage is made by someone close to you or even a professional. Then you can relax properly.

Acupressure from headache


The recommendation to apply cold is effective if the headache is caused not by the increase( decrease) of blood pressure, but by anxiety, fatigue, anger, etc. The ice pack is applied to the forehead, occiput, temples - where pain is felt. Relief comes due to narrowing of blood vessels.

Compress with hot warm water can also help relieve the pain caused by fatigue equally, like taking a hot shower. But in some cases the situation, on the contrary, can worsen.

National amateurs apply in the form of compresses sheets of white cabbage or burdock.

Essential oils
Essential oils of some herbs beneficially affect the nervous system and relieve headache

Aromatherapy and herbs

Soothing scents can simply be inhaled, added to a bath or rubbed during a neck and head massage. Mother's milk will be suitable for camomile, lavender, mint, ginger. As an aromatherapy, you can use Vietnamese balsam "Star", which has a distraction. Simply anoint them in the area of ​​the temples and lie down for 15 minutes to rest.

Warning! Not all herbs are suitable for treatment during breastfeeding, as they may be much more dangerous than known analgesics. Therefore, before drinking herbal tea, study its composition and consult with a doctor about the advisability of its use.

People's Councils

Hearing popular advice, it's good to use your thinking abilities and to check information whether the method is really safe for breastfeeding. Fortunately, many of them have been tested for centuries, and therefore do not lose their popularity. Here are some tips:

  • grate potatoes on a grater, squeeze it and drink ½ cup of juice;
  • brew currant sprouts for tea( 2 tablespoons per cup of boiling water), drink 1/3 cup per day;
  • linen napkin as it should be soaked in chamomile infusion and attach to a sore spot;
  • brew green tea with lemon or add lemon juice in a glass of warm water;
  • apply lemon zest to the forehead;
  • drink ginger tea with lemon;
  • rub 2 cinnamon sticks into the powder, add water to the formation of mushy mass and attach the mixture to the forehead, to the temples. In half an hour the pain will go away.


The method takes time to visit several sessions, but if you want to get rid of pain without pills, it makes sense to sound like such procedures.

Not quite a traditional method of anesthesia, but effective

Originally from ancient China, acupuncture affects the body through reflex points, relieving the patient of various types of pain, including from the headache.

Medical methods

Nursing mother can not tolerate cephalgia, and why, if medicine knows and recommends for a short-term use quite safe means. Remember two of them: paracetamol and ibuprofen. These pain relievers belong to the NSAID group. Both not only allow you to take off the pain, but also act as antipyretics if necessary. Paracetamol is recommended to take in the dosage of 325-500 mg, and ibuprofen 200-400 mg per single dose.

And what about the citramone and analgin? Consultants for breastfeeding, as well as doctors do not speak in their favor. Analgin has long been banned in many countries, as its oppressive effect on hematopoiesis has been proven.

Sometimes as a treatment you have to resort to medicines. If so, choose first of all a safe remedy

Citramon is an excellent remedy, it helps almost always with the combination of acetylsalicylic acid, caffeine and paracetamol. But, penetrating into breast milk, a medicine of this kind can be harmful. Therefore, either you need to immediately feed the baby after taking the pill, and the next feeding to melt, or give up the Citramon in general in favor of safer means.

Details of all the permitted and prohibited drugs for headaches during the lactation period are described here.

In general, if people's methods and medications permitted for use do not help, you can not experiment with your health( and in our case not only with your own).Make an appointment with the therapist and undergo a comprehensive examination.

Probably, the reason in the raised arterial pressure or, on the contrary, in a hypotension. In rare cases, a regular headache can signal the presence of a growing tumor. We do not want to frighten our readers, but with constant pain, it is correct to exclude such a diagnosis, and only a specialist is competent to put the right diagnosis. Or maybe it's just a matter of chronic fatigue, and a woman needs to add magnesium and calcium in the diet.

So, the treatment of a headache in a nursing mother is not as simple as in the usual situation, but not so difficult to be hopeless. Use the mind, analyze why the head hurts. Do not forget about the prevention in the form of morning exercises, walks in the fresh air, sufficient drinking and balanced nutrition.

Headache in a nursing mother