Is it possible to eat cookies "Maria" with breastfeeding

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  • Features of "Maria" cookie and its benefits for HS

For nursing mothers, it is important to be extremely careful not only toHealth of the baby, but his own. A daily diet should undergo a thorough evaluation and analysis of each of the ingredients separately. The dish can cause a negative allergic reaction in the baby's body. It is very dangerous, so it is important to do everything in order to avoid it.

From time to time a woman really wants to pamper herself with delicious food. For example, sometimes it's nice to take a little time yourself and drink a cup of tea with a biscuit. The latter product is far from always safe. His choice should be given great attention. Galetnoe cookies "Maria" with breastfeeding can not hurt. It is important to adhere to the basic rules and eat it in small quantities.

With each month of the menu, women can

become more extensive. The introduction of new food is necessary, but dangerous. It should be produced with great care. In this case, it will be possible to reduce the probability of an allergic reaction to zero. Babies often have colic and gas, which indicate the lack of the necessary amount of enzymes.

Specialists in HW do not recommend eating flour and sweet products immediately after the baby's birth. It is best to refrain from such dishes for several months. Cookies are allowed to enter the diet at least before the time when the baby is three months old. It is important to constantly monitor the reaction of the baby's body. If there is a negative effect of the dish should be immediately discarded.

Criteria for choosing

Before eating a cookie, you should find out whether all ingredients are completely safe for the baby's body. Do not buy meals that contain harmful dyes and additives. Refuse also follows from seasonings, jelly and preservatives. They always cause a negative reaction in the baby's body. Not allowed to eat chocolate and cookies, which are made using yeast and margarine.

It is important that the product consists of only natural ingredients. Substitutes and additives are unacceptable ingredients. It is best to choose your choice on the basis, which is made from butter.

Cookies Maria
Delicious and harmless cookies "Maria" - ideal for nursing mothers

Allowed cookies with HS

The recipe used for cooking should not consist of harmful and prohibited foods. To date, in any store you can find a wide range of products, each of them has special characteristics:

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  • ? To prepare a biscuit biscuit, too nourishing and allergenic components are not used. As a rule, they do not contain eggs, milk and butter. The dough consists of water, which is why the product can be attributed to the dietary class. Most often, kids do not have an individual intolerance to a biscuit biscuit. The dish "Jubilee" and "Maria" is very popular. These cookies can be part of any diet menu. It can be stored for six months without losing its characteristics. The cookie "Maria" does not cause allergies and practically does not contain sugar in its composition.
  • Oatmeal cookies have a positive effect on the body of every person. It contains a large amount of fiber, which promotes better digestion of food in the body of the baby. Such a variant of dessert can quickly and for a long time satisfy the hunger. Oatmeal consists of a large number of useful components that saturate the body with vitamins and minerals. Regular moderate consumption of cookies promotes the removal of toxins from the body. As a result, there is an improvement in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

When breastfeeding, it is allowed to eat biscuits from sesame, flax or sunflower. They also contain a large number of beneficial components for the body.

Basic rules for the use of cookies "Maria"

With the help of cookies, you can easily cheer yourself up. At the first stage of its introduction into the diet it is allowed to eat a small slice before lunch. During the next 48 hours, you should closely monitor the reaction of the baby's body. In the absence of allergy and diathesis, the portion can be gradually increased. These are the main criteria for entering any new product in the mother's diet with HS.

A negative reaction may appear as:

  • of red spots on the skin;
  • rashes;
  • itching;
  • redness.

If there is at least one symptom, the product is excluded from the diet for several more months. During this period, additional adaptation and formation of enzymes will be carried out. Only after the end of this period, it is allowed to retest.

At the first stage it is allowed to use only those cookies for which simple recipes are used."Maria" - an ideal, proven by not one generation option. In the event that a negative reaction to its use is not recorded, it is allowed to include biscuit and home-made gingerbread in the diet.

How many cookies can I eat during the day?- No more than four pieces.

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Mary's cookie recipe at home

To prepare a delicious dessert, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • 260 g of flour;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 300 g of sugar;
  • 30 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 30 ml of milk;
  • half a teaspoon of soda.

In the first stage of cooking it is necessary to mix the egg with butter, sugar and flour. Pre-flour should be sifted and add to the powder of soda and a little salt. The dough should get tight. It should be kneaded on a table, which is previously lightly sprinkled with flour. In this case, you can avoid sticking.

The dough is rolled into a layer a few millimeters thick. Any hostess can experiment as much as she likes and cut out various figures from him. They are laid on a baking sheet and sent to the oven, which was pre-heated to 220 degrees. The cookie will be completely ready in just five minutes.

Homemade cookies
Homemade cookies get more delicious

Features of "Mary" cookies and its benefits with HS

This kind of cookie belongs to the group of biscuits. They do not have a high calorie content and can not cause allergies in the baby. To prepare a shop cookie, eggs, milk and butter are not used. The dough is formed due to water. That is why it can be used in any version of the diet menu. Practically there are no contraindications to its use.

The cookie "Maria" has a long shelf life. He is three years old. That is why the risk to buy goods of poor quality is reduced to zero.

Such a delicacy can not harm the baby's body, which has not yet become stronger. However, to include it in the diet should not be the first three months after the appearance of the baby to the world. During this period, due to the biscuit biscuit, a gastrointestinal tract may malfunction. It leads to colic and excessive gassing.

When the baby is already grown enough, the mother is allowed to enter this cookie into her diet. To do this, select the first half of the day. The portion can be increased to four pieces per day in the event that no negative reaction was noted. This volume should be received only gradually.

Печенье "Мария"