Can I Poppy Feeding Mom

  • Benefit and harm of poppy seeds when breastfeeding
  • How to properly consume poppy seeds when breastfeeding

Poppy baked bread is loved by many, but is it allowed for breastfeeding mothers? Seeds of poppy contain narcotic substances( opiates).Yes, the share of these components in the product is negligible, but how will it affect the baby? Is it possible to eat poppy during breastfeeding? How much product is safe?

Benefit and harm of poppy seeds when breastfeeding

Before deciding on whether this product is available with HS or not, you need to find out what can be harmful and useful for breastfeeding mothers and infants. The composition of the seeds is very rich:

  • Vitamins( E, PP).
  • Mineral substances( iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, magnesium, calcium).
  • Fiber.
  • Fatty acids.

In this case, all valuable trace elements are easily digested. And calcium is even more than in dairy products.

Regular consumption of poppy seeds has many advantages:

  • A good sleep is set up in case of insomnia.
  • The body feels an easy analgesic effect.
  • Gastrointestinal function is normalized.
  • Symptoms of chronic diarrhea are softened.
  • Voltage and fatigue disappear, the work of the nervous system comes to normal.
  • Strengthens immunity and resistance to seasonal catarrhal diseases.
  • The blood pressure is regulated, and the hematopoiesis process is normalized.
  • Exchange processes are being established.
  • Strength of bones increases.
  • Improves the condition of hair and nails.
  • The hormonal background quickly returns to normal after pregnancy and childbirth.
Seeds of poppy seeds
On the basis of poppy produce many drugs of conservative and traditional medicine. These are drugs for hemorrhoids, bronchitis, diseases of the cardiovascular system and liver, etc.

Thanks to these properties, poppy seeds become a desirable product on the nursing mother's table. The baby also benefits, as valuable vitamins and trace elements enter the breast milk.

Despite useful properties, under certain conditions, poppy can harm the body. Codeine and morphine, which are part of the seeds, also penetrate into the mother's milk along with vitamins and minerals. With excessive use of poppy, the doses of these drugs can negatively affect the baby, causing depression of the nervous system and inhibiting the development of the child.

The use of poppy seeds stimulates the secretion of bile, so the product is contraindicated in cholelithiasis and other diseases associated with the gallbladder.

It is undesirable to eat poppy seeds in diseases of the liver and respiratory system, as negative consequences will not keep you waiting.

And also poppy is contraindicated in constipation, ailment, which often affects women after childbirth. The use of the product will only worsen the situation.

Do not forget about the individual intolerance. Poppy seeds are a product that rarely causes allergies, but the infant does not yet have protective mechanisms, so even harmless foods can cause a negative reaction.

Can I Poppy Feeding Mom? Experts do not prohibit the use of this product in HS, but you must strictly follow the dosage to avoid unpleasant consequences. Many women who use baking with poppy seeds while breastfeeding, note that if the measure is observed, then nothing terrible happens, and the baby feels great.

How to properly use poppy in breastfeeding

Pediatricians do not recommend baking with poppy seeds for the ration of children under two years. But nursing mothers can eat such food already from 4-6 months of life crumbs, if the baby does not have a tendency to allergic reactions.

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  • For the first time you can eat a small piece of poppy bun or a little drying. Observe the reaction of crumbs need at least two days.
  • If allergies or intestinal discomfort does not appear, then you can eat food with the addition of poppy without fear.
  • The dose should be carefully monitored. An ordinary roll with poppy seeds( about 2-3 grams of seeds per product) will not harm the crumb. If we consider a pie, where the poppy seed acts as the main stuffing, then such food will not benefit the baby.
  • And Mommy must remember that the buns baked at GW, regardless of fillings should be used in very limited quantities, since such foods cause constipation and colic in infants.
  • To maximally minimize the risks of exposure to drugs on a baby, one should eat poppy not more often 1-2 times a week.
  • It is best to cook poppy pastries at home, using lean dough and a small amount of seeds.
Roll with poppy seeds
When preparing homemade buns, it's best to use a special baking poppy. Such a product undergoes certain processing and is considered the most secure.

When buying a poppy in a store, one should choose opaque packaging. When you open the package, you need to pay attention to the state of the product. Seeds should be dry and crumbly, glued and clogged lumps are unacceptable. A good poppy has no smell, any unpleasant odor should alert.

There are or are not poppy seeds at HS - the nursing mother decides for herself. It should be noted that in moderate doses this product will not cause harm to crumbs.