Breastfeeding after caesarean section

  • Importance of first breast attachment
  • Danger from using teats
  • Insufficient breast milk
  • How to eliminate stagnation?
  • Influence of antibiotics on lactation

It is very difficult for a woman to adjust breastfeeding after cesarean delivery. Difficulties can be overcome if we take into account the experience of previous generations. A large number of women could prove that it is possible to restore normal lactation even after surgery.

After operation it is difficult to breast-feed because of the following negative factors:

  • is not possible immediately after the baby's appearance on the light to attach it to the chest;
  • he gets a pacifier, which gets used very quickly;
  • milk can come late and in insufficient quantities;
  • has a bad impact on drugs and medications that are used during surgery.

Importance of the first attachment to the chest

For infants, contact plays an important role immediately after birth. In this case, the baby can quick

ly adapt to external conditions. The process favorably affects the further lactation.

Stimulation of the nipples causes a hormonal splash that triggers a further process of producing breast milk. Due to this, the uterus is contracted and active production is performed.

Cesarean section is an operative intervention that takes place under general anesthesia. That is why it is impossible to immediately attach the baby to the mother's breast. The extraction process is already complete, and the surgeon needs to process the seams and finish the operation. The situation adversely affects the psychological state of the child, because it is important to immediately be in the hands of the mother. At this point, the transmission of microflora will take place, which will later play a key role in the formation of the immune system. If you had to use general anesthesia, then a woman will be able to move away from it only after a few hours.

The first attachment to the breast in the hospital
The first application of the baby to the chest

The doctors managed to establish that the lactation can be completely restored even if the application was not made in the first hours after the baby's appearance. How to adjust breastfeeding after cesarean - to boldly tackle the problem.

After the operative intervention in our maternity hospitals, the baby is applied to the chest for a few minutes. In an ideal situation, this period should be at least half an hour. Attention should be paid to both breasts, only in this case you will not have to think about artificial feeding in the future.

Danger from using teats

For a nursing mother, it is very important that the child does not receive any artificial food or nipples immediately after birth. This will need to be followed by staff or relatives. It is necessary to do everything so that the baby can spend at least one hour at the breast. In this case, the milk will begin to be actively developed.

If the baby received the first food with the help of a nipple, then in the future he may have problems with the correct nipple grip. A woman should help him and with his hand direct his mouth towards the halo. He must be immersed as deeply as possible.

Problems with improper gripping may occur even in those children who, immediately after birth, immediately apply to the chest. The task of a woman is to teach them the right position. After a certain time, the baby will no longer need help, since he will understand the basic principle of feeding. He will dexterously begin to cope with the task in any position and place.

Medical personnel will help a woman adapt

A nipple is a potential barrier to breastfeeding. With her help, the baby can get food without any effort. In this case, he quickly gets used to the situation, and he no longer has the patience to extract milk naturally. Breastfeeding can be continued even if the baby was fed through the bottle for several days. Therefore, it is quite realistic to establish breastfeeding after cesarean section.

The main thing is not to abandon the idea and do not stop trying:

  • The teat or bottle should be completely excluded from the use of the child. For this, it is necessary to warn the personnel of the maternity home and close relatives about the decision to ask to check the process. A woman can additionally and independently check periodically.
  • The baby should be allowed to be at the breast for an unlimited time. Only at first he will quickly get tired. In this case, he needs to give a little respite and continue the process.

Adequate feeding should be given to premature and weak children. In this case, it is difficult for them to suckle their breasts for a long time. When getting insufficient volume of food, the kids begin to behave irritably and do not sleep well. With the help of complementary food you can quickly restore strength. In the future they will be required for sucking breast milk and stimulating its production. It is recommended to give a expressed composition with a spoon or pipette. In this case, you can avoid the negative situation with the addiction to the bottle.

If the child was born strong and healthy, then the need for lure disappears by itself. He can only cry from stress. To eliminate it is recommended to take the kid on the handles and shake. In some situations it is advisable to let him cry out in full.

A child should be comfortable while feeding

Some women mistakenly believe that the baby is crying because of hunger, so when supplementing the mixture, he must quickly fall asleep. However, pediatricians agreed that the baby falls asleep after artificial nutrition only because it is difficult to digest. To determine whether the baby gets enough nutrition, you can by recounting his urination.

During the first week of life the baby should not be fed if the number of urination per day is:

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  • to the breast first 72 hours - two;
  • 3-6 days - four;
  • after 6 - more than six.

With caesarean section, the body of a woman is weakened, so not everyone can manage lactation in the maternity hospital.

The process should not be left at home. Nature has all the necessary mechanisms that will help a woman to feed a baby. It is important to show only patience and perseverance.

The situation is normalized gradually when a number of rules are fulfilled. It is unlikely to develop the regime. However, a woman can try to use different positions.

An important role is played by the correct grip of the nipple. This baby should be taught by his mother. It is not always possible to do this with the first feeding. However, sooner or later the nature of the baby will take its, and he will learn how to eat properly. This reflex is congenital. In order to open it, you do not need to accustom the baby to the nipple instead of the mother's breast.

A woman may additionally have a question about how to carry out feeding if the baby is always asleep? Specialists in the GW recommend that you look at the baby half an hour after he fell asleep. During this period, you can observe periodic smacking lips. The process is due to the search for the mother's breast. In this case, it is recommended that you take the baby in your arms and attach it to your chest. Try not to wake him up at the same time.

Mom must overcome her desire to feed the child as soon as possible with a mixture. Having tried the bottle once, the baby may no longer want to use the breast as the main tool for feeding. According to statistics, after cesarean it is possible to establish lactation within only three days.

Insufficient breast milk

Immediately after surgery, a woman may not have enough breast milk. During this period colostrum is produced, which has the greatest nutritional value. That is why the volume is relatively smaller.

Lactation may fade if you do not use milk for the first few days. If the baby refuses the breast, then it must be pumped. In this case, the process will continue, and after the rehabilitation it will be possible to produce breastfeeding.

In this case, expressing serves as a signal to the body that breast milk is needed and used by the baby in large quantities. Immediately after birth, do not pay attention to the volume of breast milk. Expressing is done in order to stimulate the production of the necessary amount of hormones in the body.

Expressing is not necessary at the first day. During this period it is best to rest and gain strength after surgery. After this, pumping will have to be done every two hours. Over each breast should work for at least five minutes.

Expressing breast milk
If the child refuses the breast, then it is necessary to preserve lactation by expressing

. In the maternity home, the woman should show the basic principles of the process. Improve the stimulation can be by periodically pressing on the chest or directly on the nipple. The movements of the fingers should be smooth and end in an aureole. The pressure should gradually increase. A woman should not hurt herself.

It is also possible to use a breast pump. Suitable manual and electrical options. When using the latter, additional simulations of the movements that are made when the child is sucked are performed.

After the operation, drink as much liquid as possible. It will be required to fill the balance. Do not abuse the drinks, because they can lead to stagnation in the chest. The physician will answer all the questions in more detail. He will also take into account the peculiarities of the woman's body.

How to eliminate stagnation?

If the parents have the opportunity to place the mother and the baby in a separate room, then the feeding should be made on demand. Thanks to this, it is possible to prevent milk stagnation. The process begins to be regulated by internal mechanisms. In just a few days, it is possible to achieve a normal volume that will suit the baby and not adversely affect the health of the mother.

Milking occurs often enough if the baby is brought exclusively for feeding. To prevent a negative situation, it is recommended to perform an additional pumping twice a day. During the process, the emptying of the breast should be carried out until the last drop. In this case, the process of normal lactation will be provided.

Mother feeds the baby with the breast
Patience will help to establish the process of

There are times when this option does not work. In this case, the maximum express milk is needed once a day. For subsequent feeding, a standard sample schedule should be used. From the expression should be discarded, even if the woman feels a strong tension in the chest.

From the expressing it will be possible to refuse only after stabilization of lactation. After this, there should be no discomfort or tension in the chest.

Influence of antibiotics on lactation

Complications can be prevented if a course of drugs is taken. They include antibiotics. That's why the danger of harming the baby's body through breast milk increases. This issue is considered depending on the drugs, as well as the individual health status of the mother. The doctor can not only choose a course of treatment, but also advise a woman about their admission.

Mom should also consult with an anesthesiologist. He will talk about the effects of drugs on milk and the lactation process itself.

Personnel should ask all questions of interest. Quality service will help to prevent a negative situation in the future. It is necessary to find a common language with the personnel who will take care of the woman and the child. Remember that it is much easier to agree to a polite request than to a scandal.

If you follow the basic rules, you will be able to normalize lactation. It is important not to give and not to teach the baby to the nipple. In this case, it will be possible to quickly restore the body after cesarean section and to adjust breastfeeding.

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