Dopegit with breastfeeding

  • Feasibility of using Dopegit during lactation
  • Than excess dosage is dangerous?
  • Features of the treatment of blood pressure in the period of HS
  • Influence of the drug on the baby
  • Medical recommendations
  • Overcoming the blood pressure crisis

Dopegit during breastfeeding is used to lower blood pressure and eliminate the symptoms of coronary artery disease. As additional properties should be noted diuretic effect. After using this medication, the intensity of the heart muscle is markedly reduced. The normalization of the flow of blood is recorded, which enters the peripheral system.

Dopegit is a unique drug that helps normalize central genesis and metabolism. Thanks to the reception, the work of the central nervous system is improved and muscle tone is restored.

A drug of this type should be taken with hypertension. It can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Dose assignment should be determined by the attending physician based on the res

ults of the analysis. As a rule, a minimum dose is initially assigned, which can be increased only in case of inefficiency. It should be noted that the drug should also be phased out gradually. The process should take at least two days. During the day, you can drink no more than two grams of Dopegit. Dosage can be increased only if there is no effect. The maximum volume should not be more than 50 mg.

Feasibility of using Dopegit during lactation

The instruction says that the drug can be consumed by pregnant and lactating mothers. However, in certain months, its reception should be minimized. During this period, the risk of harm to the baby's body increases.

Measurement of pressure
Dopegit - an effective drug for the normalization of blood pressure

To date, there is no well-formed indications for taking this drug. Scientific research has not revealed a negative impact from its reception on the baby's body. Unfortunately, Dopegit can cause a number of side effects, so during breastfeeding, they should be treated with the utmost care.

Side effect on the mother's body when taking Dopegit:

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  • to lack the necessary mobility of the facial nerve;
  • a woman can be very sick and dizzy;
  • breakdown;
  • heart failure begins to manifest even more;
  • pulse becomes slower;
  • transfer of heart problems to angina pectoris;
  • strong puffiness, which is accompanied by dry mouth;
  • abnormal liver function;
  • exacerbation of chronic rhinitis;
  • is a strong inflammatory process in the salivary glands;
  • negative change in blood composition;
  • allergic reaction;
  • anemia.

The negative effect is most often observed if you do not adhere to the dose that was set by the doctor.

If you regularly take this medication, then the risk of a few extra pounds is increased.

In case of hypertensive crisis, it is necessary to call an ambulance

There is also a number of contraindications in which the drug is not allowed to treat:

  • the body of a woman is susceptible to certain components;
  • additionally taking antidepressants;
  • had previously been diagnosed with liver disease;
  • anemia;
  • has a history of myocardial infarction;
  • the woman is currently in a bad emotional state;
  • pheochromocytoma.

If there is a kidney failure, do not use the drug. Before using it, consult a physician. You may need to change the dosage.

Feeding and Dopegit can be combined. In any case, there is no scientific evidence that would indicate otherwise. Only a small number of women noticed small signs of negative reactions in babies. The appearance of jaundice was noted in a number of cases. Also, women recorded a decrease in milk production.

How dangerous is excess dosage?

We have already found out whether it is possible to use the drug during the GW period. If a woman accidentally exceeded the dose, it is necessary to rinse the contents of the stomach as soon as possible. If possible, self-stimulation of vomiting is carried out. Otherwise, the negative effect will be much stronger, as the components of the drug are absorbed into the blood. After that, they can penetrate into breast milk. In this case, negative manifestations may occur, which will negatively affect the well-being of the mother and the child.

Even if bowel evacuation has occurred on time, the frequency of cardiac contraction should be monitored continuously. The drug can affect negatively on the circulation of blood, the work of the kidneys and the central nervous system. That's why in the process of taking the medicine you need to be extremely careful.

Features of the treatment of blood pressure in the period of HS

Within a few days, the change in pressure can occur against a background of physiological characteristics. As a rule, in this case, a woman has had violations in the work of internal organs before.

Hypertension can also occur for the first time in the period of gestation. This indicates the adaptation of the woman's body to external conditions. Negatively, this process can also be affected by severe fatigue, stressful situations and other external negative factors.

Hypertension during lactation can also be caused by the following situations:

  • a woman takes an excessive amount of drugs that are needed for uterine contraction;
  • during the day, Mom drinks too much coffee and tea;
  • had previously been diagnosed with hypertension.

Influence of the drug on the baby

When choosing a medicine for hypertension, first of all, the fact that the woman is breastfeeding is taken into account. Milk has the properties to accumulate in itself both positive and negative components. It should be noted that the time taken after taking the drug and feeding are also taken into account.

As part of Dopegit, the active ingredient is methyldop. It can not adversely affect the growth and further development of the baby. This is why the drug is allowed to drink during pregnancy and lactation.

The woman is sleeping
With increased blood pressure it is necessary to lie down and relax

Medical recommendations

If you need to reduce pressure during lactation, your choice should be stopped with the following preparations:

  • dissolving fat and water;
  • created by means of a molecular compound;
  • preparations that are quickly excreted from the body of a woman;
  • medications reaching the required concentration in the blood for a short time;
  • ionized compounds.

All these nuances must be taken into account by the attending physician when choosing an effective drug for lowering the pressure. If necessary, a woman should clarify all the points of use and impact that interest her.

Self-medication in this matter is not allowed. Trusting commercials is not worth it, because they are most often told only about the benefits of the tool. During admission, a woman should monitor her health. If there are abnormalities, you should inform your doctor immediately.

Overcoming the blood pressure crisis

With a sharp jump in this indicator, a woman can feel severe pain in her head, nausea, vomiting and circles before her eyes. If the hypertensive crisis has come, then it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance. In its arsenal there are a number of means that will help in a short time to normalize the state. It is important that only those drugs that can not harm a baby during the GW period are used.

Before the arrival of an ambulance, you should drink a sedative. As such, tincture of motherwort or valerian can be used. You can take one Dopegit pill and put it under your tongue. In this case, the pressure will come to a normal state slowly, so the woman will not become ill. It is optimal if the situation stabilizes within 24 hours. To prevent such situations in the future, it is recommended to take the drug course. During lactation, the taking of tablets is canceled, once the positive effect of their use has been achieved.