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The special charm of the age of 10 months is that there are no surprises mom will not be disturbed. The daily routine of this period is not too different from the 9-month regime. You can completely forget about sleepless nights, find time for all household chores and pay enough attention to your husband. But all this is possible only if you accurately observe the child's sleep in 10 months and feeding. Discipline is required not only for the baby, but for the mother.

approximate 10 day month crumbs

kid has grown so much that seems to be ready to play non-stop day and night. He is active, very mobile. The smartest begin to walk, others quickly move around the apartment crawling. I do not want to distract the crumb from the game, especially since he often protests about it. How to be? Is it worth it to somehow change the usual order t

hat developed a little earlier?

A child of 10 months sleeps in a crib with a favorite toy The opinion of pediatricians in this case is the same: the regime of the child's day in 9-10 months is not subject to correction. Observing it, you will avoid a lot of problems, on which we will be more detailed below. But some changes can still be.

For example, by the age of almost all children, without exception, go to a two-day nap. If a month ago, your baby is asleep three times a day, taking his sleep for 40 minutes in the morning and evening, and about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, but now he no longer wants to be laid to rest too early. If the holiday falls on a day 10.00-10.30 am( the pipsqueak woke up no later than 7), therefore, they are ready to adopt a new, more mature mode of the child in 10 months. Evening rest expects the baby from about 15-16 hours. The duration of each sleep is 1.5-2 hours. This frequency allows you to represent the regime of the child's day at 10 months in the table.

6.00 Rise and first breakfast, wakefulness. The second breakfast, daytime sleep.
12.00 The crash wakes up and plays. You can go for a walk, do massage, gymnastics.
14.00 Lunch and the continuation of games.
15.30-17.00 Second day's sleep. Dinner, time of games.
.Last feeding and sleeping until the morning.
This mode of the child's day in 10 months by the hour assumes 4 hour periods of wakefulness. By the time of sleep, according to the schedule, the baby usually rubs his eyes, showing his mother that he is tired and wants to rest. It is important for mom to put the crumb right now, when he is ready to sleep. If you miss the moment, pipsqueak "peregulyaet" - instead of the normal rest and proper routine awaits the day moods, lack of appetite and a bad mood.

Features Power

If we talk about the child's eating habits at 10 months, everything is clear and familiar: 5 feedings every 4 hours. The baby's diet is expanding somewhat, which already includes meat, fish, liver pate, meatballs and minced meat cutlets, a variety of fruits and vegetables, with which you can actively introduce crumbs in summer and autumn. In addition to boiled vegetables in the form of puree, you can offer the child raw in grated form, for example, carrots.

Observe the feeding regimen of a child in 10 months follows the following scheme.

Breakfast, breast milk or a mixture. Oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, corn. Suggest a cottage cheese or casserole, milk noodles, pudding. For dessert, children's tea or juice. Oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, corn. Suggest a cottage cheese or casserole, milk noodles, pudding. For dessert, children's tea or juice. 18.00 A full dinner of vegetable puree with a piece of boiled meat or fish. You can drink a delicious dish with juice. 22.00 Dinner before bedtime, breast milk or mixture, which will be replaced by kefir.

In the continuation of the topic, we suggest to see an interview with an expert on how to make a menu for a baby in 10 months.

How to comply with the

A rabbit eats himself from a spoonful regime A well-formed day schedule for a child of 10 months provides health to him and a normal state of health for the mother. If the schedule is not adhered to, the baby becomes nervous, capricious, and appetite worsens. Many parents believe that the crumb is so demonstrating the character. This is not a true judgment, since such psychological moments for a given age are not characteristic. Now it is extremely important to discipline both the baby and ourselves to avoid such difficulties.

Even if your rhythm of life differs from the recommended one( for example, you wake up not at 6.00, but an hour later), always put the baby to sleep at the same time in the daytime and in the evening, feed strictly by the hour. This schedule is convenient, because the child is always calm, fit to sleep without hysterics and nerves. Mom can also plan his day, devoting time not only to the family, but to himself.

Violation of the frequency and duration of sleep requires clarification of the reasons.

  • These include late bedding - when that "moment" is missed, the crumb is more tired. To fall asleep to it is much more difficult, and the dream becomes sensitive, restless.
  • Babies who have received too many impressions for a day are soaking up the sleep, so bright emotions and new sensations of crumbs up to a year should be carefully metered.
  • The atmosphere in the room is very important. The ideal sleep of the baby will only be in a well-ventilated nursery, where wet cleaning is carried out regularly, the air temperature does not exceed 22 ° С.