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  • 1 General information about the problem
    • 1.1 Common causes of stool retardation
    • 1.2 What complications can be
  • 2 Preventing and treating constipation during pregnancy
    • 2.1 How to treat stool delay in the first months of gestation
    • 2.2 Second-trimester therapy
    • 2.3 What to do in the last three months of pregnancy
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How the development of the baby depends on how the pregnancy will develop. Therefore, questions about the prevention of constipation, about what drugs can be used, and whether it is possible to push hard during constipation worry many pregnant women.

General information about the

problem Constipation is the stool retention for several days in a row. For each woman in the position, the period of such a delay is individual, for one, the absence of a chair every other day is constipation, for another, more time should pass. In this case, a woman may b

egin to have a stomachache, nausea and bloating may appear.

Not always constipation comes at once, and the pregnant woman is puzzled by the question of how to go to the toilet "by and large".Initially, there may be:

  • fecal volume reduction;
  • feces become dry and hard.
There may be cramps in the abdomen, pain, a feeling of raspiraniya. Insomnia and irritation often accompany the main unpleasant sensations.

Pregnant woman about to take medicine

Common causes of

stool retention Constipation can be both a physiological feature of a person, and can occur due to certain reasons. For example, the delay in the excretion of stool occurs under such circumstances as:

  • improper nutrition;
  • small volume of consumed liquid;
  • lack of motor activity;
  • inability to go to the toilet under unsuitable conditions.

It must be remembered that constipation may be a manifestation of the disease. Therefore it is important to listen to the body, if there are any more symptoms. And if they are, contact the doctor right away.

What complications can be

What is dangerous and what are the consequences of constipation:

  • inflammation of the sigmoid colon;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive system;
  • cracks in the anal passage;
  • is depressive.

Preventing and treating constipation during pregnancy

Constipation in pregnant women has its own causes, features and safe methods of treatment.
What is the most dangerous constipation during pregnancy and what drugs are best used in different trimesters?

Pregnant woman drinking water

How to treat stool retardation in the first months of gestation

Constipation in early pregnancy is due to a rise in the blood level of progesterone - a pregnancy hormone. Changes in diet and life of a woman, toxicosis can also become the cause of stool delay in the first trimester of pregnancy.
The following tips will help in the prevention and treatment of constipation.

  • Diet. Limit the reception of coffee, tea, chocolate, bread, rolls, fatty foods. More vegetables( zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers), fruits( plums, apricots), fermented milk products( cottage cheese, kefir).Eat often, but in small portions.
  • Drinking. In the first trimester a woman has dehydration due to toxicosis. When vomiting, a lot of fluid is lost, which must be replenished. Drinking is often necessary during the day, and in the morning on an empty stomach it is recommended to drink a glass of water or fresh kefir. Compote of dried apricots and prunes, too, will well adjust the water-salt balance.
  • Medications. In the first trimester of pregnancy only certain drugs for constipation are allowed. For example, powder "Mukofalk."It contains the husk of psyllium seeds, which does not split and excretes stool. Take the powder should be prescribed by the doctor for several weeks, according to a certain scheme. Exceptionally, according to the doctor's prescription, the medicine "Transipes" is used, which is not absorbed into the blood and softens the feces well.
  • Walking and gymnastics. Movement improves bowel function. If there are no contraindications to physical activity, daily walks in the fresh air are needed. From the gymnastic exercises the corners of the body to the right and to the left are suitable, walking on the spot, swinging hands.
What to do with constipation during pregnancy can not be at any time - this is an ordinary enema. It over-stimulates the muscles of the abdominal and pelvic organs, which can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

Pregnant woman cooking soup

Therapy in the second trimester

2nd trimester of pregnancy is a wonderful time. The organism of the future mother adapted to hormonal changes. Toxicosis is over, the diet now includes more foods and dishes. A woman feels the child's movements and how it grows, this motivates her to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In the second trimester of pregnancy to all the above recommendations can be added folk remedies that are easy to use at home.

  • Mixture with honey. This is a mass of honey and dried apricots, prunes and raisins. This mixture can be eaten several times a day, instead of sweet with tea.
  • Oat broth. The reception of oat flakes for the night is well influenced with the addition of crushed prunes and boiled beets.
Pregnant women should not take linseed oil and Vaseline oil, grass hay, buckthorn and rhubarb!

What to do in the last three months of pregnancy

Constipation in late pregnancy often occurs because of an enlarged uterus that squeezes the intestines, and also because of a decrease in the activity of a woman.
Therefore, the following measures are recommended for prevention and treatment of stool delay.

  • Diet. There are less flour products, fatty foods, coffee, chocolate, semolina, pears, blueberries. More to eat vegetables, fruits, fermented milk products.
  • Drink a lot. Do not limit yourself in the consumption of liquid. An exception is swelling. In this case, drink fluids as much as the doctor recommends.
  • Medications. On the appointment of a doctor, you can use the same funds for constipation during pregnancy as in the second trimester( Mukofalk and Transipeg).Also in the 3rd trimester, you can drink probiotic "Dufalac".The dose is selected individually, "Dufalac" is taken in the morning, you need to drink it until the normalization of the stool, and then another week the drug is taken to maintain the effect."Dufalac" softens the stool and normalizes the flora of the intestines. If you need urgent emptying, glycerin suppositories will work. Their reception is allowed after consultation of the doctor. Candles stimulate the work of the intestines, soften the feces. Introduces a candle in the morning, in the anus. After the introduction you need to lie down for a while. Also, according to the doctor's prescription, you can enter microclysters "Microlax".
  • Folk remedies. Along with oat broth and a useful mixture of honey and dried fruits, a lot of positive feedback on the forums on the Internet has the reception of pumpkin oil. Pumpkin oil is mixed with a spoonful of honey and one third of a glass of yogurt.
  • Mode and gymnastics. In the third trimester of pregnancy, weight appears, the stomach grows, the body prepares for childbirth. If motor activity is not contraindicated, daily walks are recommended. Sleep in a well-ventilated bedroom. It is useful to carry out an easy complex of gymnastic exercises every day: lying on your back try to pull your knee to the shoulder;Sitting turning the body left and right;On inhalation raise your arms up, and on exhalation lower it down.

During pregnancy, you can not ignore the situation with constipation. Due to the stagnation of stool in the intestine, the poisonous substances of decomposition fall into the blood of the mother and fetus. This carries a danger to the child's life. Pain and discomfort in case of constipation disturbs the woman herself. In general, the treatment of constipation during pregnancy helps and prevents phenomena that prevent pregnant women from preparing for maternity.