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Expert: gynecologist of the clinic "Be Healthy"( Moscow) Ekaterina Krasilova. In 2011 she graduated from the Belgorod State National Research University. In 2012 she passed an internship in Obstetrics and Gynecology on the basis of OGBEZ "Belgorod Regional Clinical Hospital of St. Joasaph" Perinatal Center.

However, there are some changes.15 Obstetric pregnancy week brings with it an absent-mindedness and inattention. Future moms can complain about memory impairment, loss of concentration. This is due to the instability of the hormonal background. Now is not t

he time to conquer career heights. But to calmly and effectively refine the decree, you can do exercises for the brain: read books( not only about the choice of name and dowry), to learn by heart poems, to master foreign languages. Well, or at least learn to read and understand the results of screening. Useful for memory, and for the psyche, and for general education.

Sensations of a woman

The abdomen at the 15th week of pregnancy increases in size faster than in the first trimester. It can already be seen from the side, especially if the woman does not have a dense physique.

- The breast also grows, as if pouring, although milk is not yet out of the question. All pre-pregnant wardrobe has already been removed far away: on the future woman in childbirth there are now free dresses, trousers with a wide and high belt, skirts with an overstated waist. At a period of 15 weeks with a normal single-pregnancy pregnancy, wearing a bandage is not necessary( if twins - you may need support), but to exclude tight, tight clothes, you must. I recommend wearing cotton underwear, and bras choose the most comfortable, - says gynecologist Ekaterina Krasilova.

What happens to the baby and mother at the 15th week of pregnancy: the uterus moves to the abdominal cavity, and now its bottom is 7-8 centimeters below the navel. If before a woman was worried about pressure on the bladder, now it will disappear. There will be new sensations in the abdomen: the pressure of the uterus on the intestine.

- To prevent the problem with the administration of natural needs, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, - continues Ekaterina Krasilova.- Edema in a healthy woman while it should not be - no matter how much she drank liquids, should allocate more. Much worse dehydration and constipation. It is also necessary to include in the daily healthy diet fiber, fiber, cereal.

How the baby develops

Fetal development at the beginning of the second trimester:

  • coccygeal parietal size about 10 cm, weight 70 g;
  • skin is thin enough, similar to gelatin - the same smooth, translucent, although it already has several layers;
  • baby is all bright red, blood vessels are visible through the outer cover;
  • the body begins to become covered with a fuzz, and the body produces a special enzyme that is responsible for whether the girl is born blonde, and the boy - the brunette;
  • for a day the heart fetuses about 24 liters of blood.

The fetus at the 15th week of pregnancy becomes more mobile, more flexible. Handles bend in the joints, fingers learn to clench into tiny fists. These movements are not felt by the mother, they can be seen only on the screen in the office of ultrasound diagnosis. Until the perturbations, at best, a couple of weeks. Sometimes a child sucks a thumb: so he prepares to be fed breast milk. Swallow he learned by training on the amniotic fluid.

On the surface of the brain, future convolutions, grooves are marked, neuronal processes are laid. Active formation of internal genital organs continues. The ultrasound machine already shows the sex of the baby, although the testicles of the boys have not yet left the abdominal cavity of the fetus. This is the main thing that happens to the baby at this time.

How does my mother's appearance change and how is the mineral deficiency fraught with

? What do women feel about the third and half month of pregnancy? Read the responses at the end of the article. And here are the external changes that occur with the mother expecting the baby:

  • darkening of the nipples and areoles;
  • the appearance of a white line on the abdomen( it stretches from the navel to the pubis);
  • pigmentation on the hands, face( from almost imperceptible to pronounced).

All this will pass after childbirth. But the hair now, on the contrary, can please with splendor and brilliance. Hormones have a positive effect on the growth and condition of the hair. True, riotous hair is unlikely to remain with the hostess after the birth of a baby - but this is not now.

15 week may be accompanied by cramps in calves and feet, tooth decay, fragility and "blooming" of nails. These are the signals that there is not enough calcium. All that occurs to the fetus is the cause: the formation of the bone system in the baby, the active intake of calcium from the mother's body. The doctor can prescribe calcium-containing medications, but you also need to have vegetables( celery, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip) on the table, greens, berries and fruits, as well as cheese, lentils and nuts.

Do not forget about iron. This mineral is needed to maintain hemoglobin at the desired level.

- The volume of circulating blood increases, the body needs more iron. Its deficiency can cause dizziness, nausea and weakness, anemia. It is necessary to take complex vitamins and iron-containing preparations, eat right and take the necessary tests as prescribed by the treating doctor, - says gynecologist Ekaterina Krasilova.

Pregnant in white sits on the couch and rubs his neck

Disturbing symptoms of

Most often, painful sensations appear due to constipation. The glycerin suppository or laxative drugs will help to solve the delicate problem( consultation of the doctor is necessary).If the process is allowed to go by itself, the situation can become complicated up to hemorrhoids.

Other options, why can there be pain on the 15th week of pregnancy.

  • Unpleasant sensations in the coccyx region .May be caused by squeezing the nerve endings on the lower back. It is recommended to move more, to reduce the amount of sedentary work, to spend time outdoors, to perform regular exercise. Do not be superfluous will be yoga for pregnant women, swimming, feasible gymnastics.
  • Cramping pain .At this time they indicate an unfavorable course of pregnancy. If the lower abdomen hurts, immediately call an ambulance.
  • Pulls the bottom of the abdomen .This should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. Do not self-medicate and apply waiting tactics if brown discharge appears. After all, they are a threat of termination of pregnancy.
Here is a description of the normal discharge in a pregnant woman: they are mild, of a light color, of a uniform consistency, with a barely perceptible sour smell. Estrogen can make them more fluid than normal.

Anxious discharge smells sharp, unpleasant. They have greenish, yellow, red shades. Consistency resembles cottage cheese, when urinating feels burning, and during the day - itching, swelling, redness of the external genitalia. Pus is also unacceptable in the discharge of a pregnant woman. You need to contact a doctor immediately, because this can be a sign of a stagnant pregnancy.

Recommended mode and school for young mothers

- At week 15 there is no reason to limit yourself to sex. If only sexual rest has not been prescribed by a doctor and cervix in good condition. Regular sexual activity is useful for the mother's body and growing baby. The gained weight does not interfere in bed. During proximity, endorphins are produced and muscle tissue is maintained in tone, "says Ekaterina Krasilova, a gynecologist.

Travel, flights, long trips are not forbidden, if the pregnant woman does not have contraindications for this. Always consult your doctor in advance. A safety belt is necessary.

It is strictly forbidden to take any medication on any period of pregnancy on its own. For their appointment, you need to see a doctor, be sure to warn him about the presence of pregnancy.

A school for young mothers is recommended to start attending from the moment of pregnancy planning. Better - with a partner, his psycho-emotional support will not hurt. In addition, he will know that, for example, a foot massage with cramps in the gastrocnemius muscles at the 15th week of pregnancy helps best. Since midwives consider pregnancy from the first day of the last month, now there is 15 obstetric week, and not 15 weeks of pregnancy from conception.

15th week of pregnancy: the main thing

What to do this week

  • Hand in a general urine test.
  • Upon examination, the doctor performs measurements of the height of the uterine fundus and abdominal circumference, and also listens the fetal heartbeat and measures the weight and blood pressure of the mother.
  • Additional surveys and consultations of narrow specialists are appointed individually, based on complaints and general conditions.

What happens to my mother

  • Nipples and areoles darken.
  • A white line appears on the abdomen.
  • Pigmentation may occur on the skin of the hands and face.

What happens to the baby

  • The eyes of the fetus begin to move to the bridge of the nose from the sides of the head.
  • The auricles move from the neck to the head, they are almost formed.
  • The hearing is already there: the child distinguishes sounds, can react to external stimuli, for example, loud people's voices, claps, tapping or clinking of dishes.
  • Fetus size about 10 cm, weight 70 g.

Photo of the tummies

Photo and video of the kid( ultrasound of the fetus)


I have a 15th week! Now some kind of calm has come. The early toxicosis has already passed( yes it was somehow not strong), the abdomen and waist somehow increased at once, from the 1st month of pregnancy( in the first 9 weeks it recovered by 2.5 kg), and now the stomach, it seems, is not at allfrom place! Also I do not recover almost( although the doctor says that everything is fine).In short, if I had not always wanted to sleep terribly( especially at work), I might have forgotten that I was pregnant! I'm looking forward to the moment when the cub will move.

Luba , http: // index.php? Showtopic = 34

I have 15 weeks and 3 days! Too I do not feel myself pregnant absolutely and periodically worry about this. Toxicosis and no other changes were there( such as intolerance to smells, drowsiness, breast augmentation, nausea, etc.).Bliiin, well, at least something, but no. For 15.5 weeks, not a single sign, well, apart from the absence of monthly and ultrasound data and all the analyzes of

Darja , http: //

we have 15 weeks. Everything goes well, no toxicosis, thank God)) Often there is a desire. .. Yes, even we want to sleep, too, often! The stomach is visible and very noticeable. The sex of the child has not yet recognized. .. pregnancy is the first, I'm 18, that's where the new adult life begins)) I myself am the size of a cat, such a little mom is a baby.

ales , http: // 15_nedelya /