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Expert:Elena Lyzlova( personal site), obstetrician-gynecologist, expert of CRD.She graduated from the Moscow State Medical University named after IM Sechenov. The circle of interests covers all fields of medicine and health.

14 obstetric week of pregnancy - this is how many in months? To consider helps the doctor obstetrician-gynecologist PMGMU them. IM Sechenova Elena Lyzlova.

- The obstetric month is four weeks, therefore, the 14th week is three and a half months. The age of the fetus at this stage is 12 weeks. The placenta has already stopped growing as quickly as in the first trimester. Development of the fetus is in full swing, - the doctor explains.

How does

Mom - The majority of women in the "position" for the second trimester of pregnancy mood stabilizes, rarely occur episodes of tearfulness and emotional outbursts. She is still set up "inwardly" herself, as if listening to what happens to the fetus. But this ceases to be the cause of unrest, hysteria, anxiety. Family relations are gradually harmonized. Men begin to understand: it is very important to pay attention to what the woman feels. This is due to the adaptation of the pregnant woman to the hormonal background, which is aimed at the maintenance and development of pregnancy, - says Elena gynecologist Lyzlov.

A future mother may notice that her life guidance changes, a global reassessment, a review of the old positions. This is because she is preparing for a new mission. She sensitively responds to what happens to the baby in the womb. And he, in turn, reacts to what happens to his mother.

Pregnant continues to steadily gain weight. This is due both to the increase in the volume of circulating blood, and to the retention of fluid in the body, the accumulation of fat mass. The abdomen at the 14th week of pregnancy will make it possible to hide correctly selected clothes with free cut from the views of those around them.

first child's ability

- Some women lay an ultrasound scan( first trimester screening) it is up to the fourteenth week of gestation. Obtaining favorable results of ultrasound is accompanied by a colossal internal emotional upsurge, continues the gynecologist Elena Lyzlova.- The fetus continues to actively grow and develop: the organs and systems of the baby are formed. Ultrasound at the 14th week of pregnancy shows that the fetus takes shape of a small person. Head, neck, trunk, arms and legs - externally the fruit at the 14th week of pregnancy looks almost like an adult. The child makes active movements of the limbs, sucks a finger. The size of the fruit during this period is about 8-10 centimeters, by weight it is approaching forty-five grams. Determining the sex of the child at this time is not always possible, so parents should be patient.

Intrauterine growth and fetal development lead to an increase in the uterus, and, as a consequence, the circumference of the abdomen. At this time of pregnancy obstetricians-gynecologists determine the height of standing of the uterine fundus during a medical examination. With the help of a portable Doppler sensor it is possible to recognize the distinct palpitations of the baby.

And what happens to the baby and mom at the 14th week of pregnancy?

  • The child begins to coordinate movements: touching his face with his hands or clutching at the umbilical cord. He already knows how to turn his head, frown. Can move or roll over if the doctor touches the mother's stomach.
  • Its lungs actively work, committing from 40 to 70 respiratory a minute.
  • The fetus at the 14th week of pregnancy has learned to swallow and recognize the taste of intrauterine water: sweet to him more to his liking, and from sour or bitter he frowns.
  • On the face are visible cheeks, nose bridge.
  • Thyroid hormones are produced.
  • Ovaries descend to the hip area( in girls).
  • The prostate is laid( in boys).

Sensations of a woman

Mom can complain about what hurts her lower back or after a long standing on her legs pulls her stomach. It makes sense to inform the treating doctor about this and give yourself the opportunity to work comfortably and the necessary rest.

Nails, teeth, hair - the appearance of a woman undergoes great changes in 40 weeks of an interesting situation. At week 14, tumors on the skin may appear: papillomas, moles. This is a game of hormonal background. When he returns to the previous channel, they will disappear. But it is better to see a doctor if the birthmarks begin to darken and increase, and already available papillomas grow and harden.

The recommended mode: time to deal with yourself

So, to date, the results of biochemical screening, which is delivered on the eleventh to thirteenth weeks, have already been analyzed by the attending physician, the corresponding conclusions and medical recommendations have been obtained. What next?

- Women, for whom this pregnancy is not the first, they say that they mark the first movements of the fetus. However, the medical community believes that, most often, at this gestational age, pregnant women are confused by the movements of the baby from the peristalsis of the intestine, says the doctor Elena Lyzlova.- When the time comes, these feelings in the abdomen will be difficult to confuse with something else.

14th week of pregnancy - the opportunity to take care of yourself, to devote free time to dosed physical exertion and small pleasures.

  • Walking in the fresh air in the park areas and out of town.
  • Swimming, aqua aerobics.
  • Breathing practices during yoga classes.

All this can take place in the absence of medical contraindications. The same applies to sex: if there is no threat, the sexual life proceeds in the couple almost the same as before pregnancy. However, you need to be careful in choosing the poses and balance the activity of the partner with your position and well-being. Pain during penetration is unacceptable. If the temperature rises after the night of love, brown discharge begins - it is necessary to contact the gynecologist as soon as possible: the doctor will check the tone of the uterus and exclude the possibility of a frozen pregnancy.

Remember that 14 midwifery weeks are 12, not 14 weeks of pregnancy from conception.

14th week of pregnancy: the main thing

What to do this week

  • To make the first planned ultrasound( if not done earlier).

What happens to the mother

  • Warts( warts) may appear in the anus or vagina. They can be disposed of by freezing nitrogen or using a laser. Preliminary consultation with a doctor is mandatory!

What happens to the baby

  • He coordinates his movements.
  • Differentiates the taste of amniotic fluid.
  • On the face are visible cheeks, nose bridge.

Photo of the tummies

Photo and video of the kid( ultrasound of the fetus)


Привет пузатикам! !!We also went 14 weeks to get something toxic again, but the crumb just miracle in 11 weeks did the uzi, said it develops normally without complications!:) But my tummy is growing before my eyes, already only clothes for pregnant women, I'm even a little shocked, Scary!

Maria , http: // calendar.php? Action = week_output & week_id = 14

Caught stealthily 14 weeks. The state of health in principle is not bad, but sometimes it can be a little nauseous at night. Also, "skip" and gastronomic "jumps", the good that the husband indulges my little quirks.

, Elizabeth , http: // pregnancy_calendar / 14_nedelja_beremennosti.html

This week first time I felt something. .. And yesterday again so clearly)))
Although when I was at the doctor's reception, he said that it was too early) But from where heknow?:))))
At the reception was on Thursday, listened to the heart. .. I just creep from it! What a miracle it is!
Inside me LIFE)))
The pussy grows, in the evenings it just falls out, in the morning it seems as though the stomach has not pulled in.

Anyuta , http: // shevelyashki