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    • 1.1 Why it is important to take the tests on time
    • 1.2 Is it possible to do without morning sickness
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  • 3 Sensations and lifestyle of mom
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  • 4 12Week of pregnancy: the main thing
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Expert: Elena Sabirova, obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medis clinic, Ivanovo. Graduated from the Ivanovo State Medical Institute in 1996 with honors, clinical residency was held on the basis of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Faculty of Postgraduate and Professional Education of the IGMA.Has specialized certificates and certificates in the field of gynecological endocrinology, pediatric gynecology, mammology, cervical disease, o

zone therapy and occupational pathology.

Most countries do not keep a pregnancy that has not reached the deadline. It is believed that this is a natural selection, the dumping of inferior genetic material. In Russia, this idea is not supported by either gynecologists or women. Is it correct? A controversial issue. According to official data, up to 33% of all pregnancies are interrupted at an early date. That is, even before the moment when the woman finds out that she is in position. Nevertheless, for Russian doctors the pregnancy of any term is significant, even if the term is only 4-6 weeks.

- If there is a spontaneous abortion, then we understand that some kind of software failure has occurred in the fruiting egg. Most likely, it was an inferior pregnancy with gross developmental defects and, of course, this causes great psycho-emotional shocks in women. But when, finally, we get to the 12th week, then we breathe out with relief and congratulate each other on this period, I and my patient, "says gynecologist Elena Sabirova.

Visits to the female consultation

When the patient informs the doctor about her pregnancy, the fact of which is confirmed, for example, by the test for hCG and delay of menstruation, the outpatient stage of monitoring her condition begins.

- The patient needs to register for pregnancy, when the term amenorrhea( that is, the period from the last day of menstruation) is 58-60 days. The term up to 61 days of amenorrhea is the time when the doctor can still begin to medically interrupt the pregnancy that failed. Well, if an ultrasound has already been performed before this date, and the doctor clearly understands what happens to the fetus, whether it corresponds to its development, whether there is a heartbeat. If this is not the case, we can still have 7-8 weeks to offer the patient a medical interruption of the deceased pregnancy, so as not to injure the endometrium of the uterus, - explains Elena Sabirova.

12 obstetric week is not the same as 12th week of pregnancy from conception, and 10. Timing is different for two weeks. After all, midwives count from the date of the last menstruation, and conception occurs at the time of ovulation, that is, about two weeks later.

- In my practice, there was no case that by the 12th week the woman did not know about her condition, - says the doctor Elena Sabirova.- But we share our stories with colleagues, people are different and, unfortunately, sometimes we are faced with ignorant ignorance of women and absolute ignorance of one's own organism. For example, a woman has recently given birth, is in a state of active lactation and has not reacted in time to what feels bad, not as usual. She feels sick, she does not sleep well - and writes off this for general fatigue during the care of the infant, ignoring the stomach at the 12th week of pregnancy and not suspecting that she is already waiting for the second.

Pregnant in gray holds a test strip for urinalysis

Why it is important to take tests on time

Gynecologist Elena Sabirova notes that when registering, there are fundamentally important tests. For example, a general blood test. He can demonstrate the existing problems early enough, if they are. For example, report an inflammatory process or anemia. Also, a fairly detailed picture of what happens to the baby and mom at 12 weeks of gestation gives an overall urinalysis, including urine culture for the presence of microflora and sensitivity to antibiotics.

Why OAM is so important:

  • gives an idea of ​​the state of the genitourinary system of a woman;
  • helps to identify pathology( salt diathesis or pyelonephritis) at an early stage;
  • is the basis for prescribing treatment for serious infections in the urinary tract.

At the same time, the beta-subunits of chorionic gonadotropin are determined, as well as the biochemical study of the protein: papp a-test( biochemical test of papa).On ultrasound at 12 weeks, the embryo is evaluated for a number of parameters and indicators:

  • in its structure;
  • by proportionality;
  • on the coccygeal-parietal size( KTP);
  • on the thickness of the collar space( TVP) - allows to identify the risk of Down syndrome;
  • for the size of the nasal bones.

Placental circulation is also evaluated. These are the most serious, most responsible studies of all that are carried out throughout pregnancy. In our country, since 2016, systems of non-invasive prenatal tests have become available, for this it is necessary to donate blood from the vein. This allows you to determine the risks of the most common chromosomal abnormalities and find out who will be born - a girl or a boy. This is quite expensive research, but extremely effective - 97-98% accuracy.

Is it possible to do without morning sickness

There is an opinion that 12 weeks is the finish line for toxicosis, which doctors prefer to call early gestosis. He is familiar to many. Here's what the woman feels in the first weeks of pregnancy:

  • drowsiness;
  • change in sensitivity to odors;
  • new taste preferences;
  • slight nausea.

In the medical sense, gestosis is vomiting. And you need to understand that vomiting from 1 to 3 times a day is considered an easy option, the usual course of pregnancy, which does not require a doctor.

A doctor will begin to provide medical assistance if a woman loses her appetite and body weight, if the quality of her life is fundamentally violated up to disability. If the fever persists for a long time or episodes of vomiting is observed up to 5-6 per day.

- I note that in most cases, early gestosis does not end at week 12, but at 16. And then comes the sheer splendor: that wonderful period when the inconveniences of the first trimester of pregnancy have already come to an end, and the inconveniences of the third have not yet begun, - Elena smilesSabirova.

Toxicosis( early gestosis) in itself is a good sign. A signal that the correct course of pregnancy is going on is immunologically correct.

Child development and first screening

The first prenatal screening has come. This is a whole complex of activities, which includes not only ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy, but also biochemical research. Screening is a filter that is used to determine the probabilities of fetal malformations, screening out abnormal pregnancies.

By this time, the embryo is already growing so much that it is called a fetus. In fact, this is an unborn child. What happens to the baby?

  • Bookmark all the organs and systems held.
  • The central nervous system is quite active.
  • There are simple reflexes.
  • The child begins to respond to light and olfactory signals.
  • Taste receptors are included.

The sex of the child can already be determined, but many doctors of ultrasound diagnostics do not consider this important. Although the fetus at 12 weeks of pregnancy is clearly visible, and doctors can consider the outline, contours and even the structure of the genital organs - provided a good view and decent equipment. There are intrauterine movements, but they are not felt from outside yet.

If there is a twist of the

Why prepare for those women who are in anticipation of twins?

- Of course, such a pregnancy is not considered physiological, it is a biological failure. Physicians are always straining when they hear that there is a need for a multiple pregnancy. The number of twins, troies has increased dramatically now. This is due to the fact that reproductive technologies have become very popular in the world: not only IVF, but also various outpatient methods, such as stimulation of ovulation, says obstetrician-gynecologist Elena Sabirova.

Complications of multiple pregnancies occur on average 5-6 weeks earlier than would be expected in a single pregnancy. All systems are working on wear and tear. The risk of developing bleeding, premature birth, other complications of vascular nature is several times higher.

A woman is "programmed" to bear only one child within the allotted time period.

Sensations and lifestyle of mom

What does a woman feel during this period and what should she pay attention to? Menstrualnopodobnye brown discharge at the onset of pregnancy at any time - not the norm. Any bleeding is a threat of termination of pregnancy. The body requires that you pay attention to it, so it's urgent to see a doctor, urgently on ultrasound.

- As soon as it becomes clear that everything is fine, there are no peculiarities of the course of gestation, you can safely travel weeks up to 30. Of course, having access to medical care, says gynecologist Elena Sabirova.- We need sports and it's important to do it. We are now moving away from old, dogmatic methods of pregnancy, when no sport, no sex, lie and lie with your feet higher. This is categorically wrong. The patient should lead an active lifestyle, but at the same time be sensitive to yourself, to the sensations in the abdomen, to respond to your needs, take into account the necessary restrictions. The main criterion of utility is pleasure. Among my patients there are heads of dance studios, fitness instructors, just very energetic women. They all ask me "can I?" And then go in for sports and travel smoothly until it brings pleasure. At some this boundary comes in the region of 36 weeks.

First-aid kit of a pregnant woman

When going to a gym or airport, you should not forget about medicines. Favorites of the "pregnant" first-aid kit:

  • folic acid;
  • preparations with omega-3 fatty acids;
  • gestagens: Dufaston, Utrozestan, Prajisan.

Folic acid is a mast for future mothers. It should be taken 3 months before pregnancy and continued until the very birth. The drug reduces the likelihood of developing severe viral defects( autism, ADHD, Asperger's disease).

- And here the preparations of magnesium in a combination with vitamins of group In, unfortunately, have no the proved effect, - Elena Sabirova marks.- Some doctors sin by prescribing too many medicines, some of them interchangeable. But my opinion is that until the 12th obstetric pregnancy week comes, this makes no sense, unless it is a really strong synthetic remedy, which in principle increases the chance of a full-term baby being born.

12th week of pregnancy: the main thing

What to do this week

  • To register for pregnancy in the LCD.
  • Pass the first prenatal screening( as directed by the doctor): do ultrasound and pass tests.
  • To take a certificate from the gynecologist for the employer about registration. It is necessary for calculating the time of leaving for the decree and the subsequent payment of the allowance.

What happens to the mother

  • The toxicosis ends.

What happens to the baby

  • All the main organs and systems have been laid.
  • The body length of the baby is 6-10 cm, its weight is 15-20 grams.

Photo of the tummies

Photo and video of the kid( ultrasound of the fetus)


They gave me a piece of paper for the dairy kitchen. I have not done it yet. The doctor promised juice and milk. A trifle, but nice. You need to visit a dentist( that's real trouble), the oculist( has already signed up), the cardiologist( the doctor said that they have a cardiologist and strongly praised him.) I registered easily, if I did not cancel my cardiologist) and the therapistVariants - it is necessary to go to the therapist in the LC, we'll see).

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God, I was so waiting for the end of this trimester, I thought that it would be easier for me. Well, where there really. Whoever has not experienced this, does not understand. Although one good news - was on screening - we are all fine. On the soul it was straightforward, or the anxiety prevailed. All good mood and well-being!

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Was online today on an ultrasound!so cool! Saw handles, legs of the kid!
True doctor malicious was somehow and stole from me a piece of joy from the first meeting. ..

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