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Expert: Natalia Klimenko, Ph. D., doctor of the highest category, obstetrician-gynecologist of the network of family clinics "Medexpert"( Kaliningrhell).In 1981 she graduated from the Alma-Ata State Medical Institute, majoring in "Medicine".In 2013 she raised her qualification in the field of "Ultrasonic diagnostics", in 2014 - in the direction "Obstetrics and Gynecology".Gynecological practice is more than 30 years.

The fact is that doctors always "put" the gestation period from the first day of the last menstrual periods of a woman. This is done for convenience, because the wo

man usually marks the date of menstruation in a special calendar, but to trace the moment of conception is quite difficult, even if you precisely follow your ovulation. That's why 1 midwifery pregnancy week "comes", when in fact there is no any pregnancy in the body, and the female body only begins to put the monthly cycle for preparing for the conception of the child. The obstetric period is usually 2 weeks longer than the term "from conception".

The estimated date of delivery( PDD), tests, screening and ultrasound is assigned to a woman precisely on obstetric terms. At this time, the test will show one strip.

What happens in the body of a woman

Usually the menstrual phase in a woman lasts from 3 to 6 days. At the same time, a follicle occurs - approximately 14 days in the body a new egg will mature, and the endometrium in the uterus will be renewed in anticipation of the fetal egg. The egg and sperm at this time still exist separately, in the organisms of different people, expectant mothers and dads, and are just getting ready to meet. All the most interesting will begin to happen only after a couple of weeks, this time is also called "1 week of pregnancy from conception" or 3 obstetric week. Only then it will be possible to say that what happens to the fetus.

Signs and sensations before the menstrual delay for all women are different, very impressionable ladies say that they felt even the moment of conception. But the test can only be confirmed by tests or tests.

Drawing pains in the abdomen, which during this period is felt by a woman and which some take for signs of pregnancy at 1 week, is nothing like a menstrual pain.

If you are planning a pregnancy and want to prepare for it, at this time you need to wait until the spotting becomes meager, and on the 5th-7th day of the menstrual cycle, visit a gynecologist who, after examination and tests, will tell you whether natural conception is available to you.

According to doctors and reviews of moms, the earliest time when you can believe a pregnancy test, comes if you have less than a day delay or the first day of the proposed menstruation.

Pregnancy planning

Obstetrician-gynecologist, Ph. D., doctor of the highest category of the network of family clinics "Medexpert" Natalia Dmitrievna Klimenko advises you to start planning your pregnancy with follicle monitoring.

- First you need to monitor the follicles - that is, find out when they are ripening, ripen, and already start from this. Monitoring is conducted on the seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and the last monitoring is the fourteenth, fifteenth day of the menstrual cycle. The follicle should grow from 0.5 mm to 22 mm - this is the size of the mature follicle, - explains subtleties Natalia Dmitrievna.- Monitoring is recommended to women planning pregnancy, and mandatory for those who do in vitro fertilization( IVF).If monitoring is unsatisfactory, hormone delivery is prescribed: follicle stimulating hormone( FSH), luteinizing hormone( LH) and prolactin are given 3-5 days from the onset of menstruation. Progesterone is taken strictly on day 22 of the menstrual cycle.

What your medical card will tell

When preparing for pregnancy and going to a gynecologist, take a map from the district clinic. In it, all your medical records: vaccinations, what hurted, whether there is an allergy, etc., and ask your parents about the diseases that you can not remember. Together with your doctor, check to see if all the vaccinations you need are done( rubella, hepatitis B, C, diphtheria, tetanus).

Blonde preparing to donate blood for analysis

Be ready to take the tests

Tell the doctor honestly about previous pregnancies, abortions, contraceptive methods that you are using, about past and chronic illnesses. The gynecologist will then give directions to the analyzes necessary for the planning.

Mandatory assays:

  • blood test: general and biochemistry;
  • blood test for the determination of the group and Rhesus factor;
  • blood test for antibodies to rubella, toxoplasma, herpes, CMV, chlamydia, HIV, RW, hepatitis B and C viruses;
  • blood sugar test;
  • blood clotting assay( coagulogram);
  • general urinalysis;
  • blood test and smears for sexual infections: chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, candidiasis( thrush).

Additionally, a gynecologist can prescribe:

  • colposcopy( painless examination of the entrance and walls of the vagina with a device reminiscent of a horizontal microscope with an illuminator);
  • ultrasound of pelvic organs;
  • blood test for lupus;
  • antibody to human chorionic gonadotropin( hCG);
  • antibodies to phospholipids;
  • antibodies to the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor( TSH) - if the monthly irregular, does not get pregnant or had miscarriages;
  • analysis for hormones of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands( endocrinologist issues).
Do not spray on the cabinets. The doctor will give you referrals to the therapist, lor, oculist, dentist, endocrinologist, allergist and other specialists, if necessary. To begin a campaign on doctors follows, when monthly will end.

Listen to the sensations of

If a woman dreams of becoming pregnant, then every month at the beginning of the cycle she will listen to her feelings in the stomach and imagine what happens to the baby and mom at 1 week of pregnancy. But this week is a phantom period, conception has not yet occurred, therefore, the swelling of the mammary glands, and the temperature, and complaints about what hurts the stomach, symbolize the approach of menstruation, and not the onset of pregnancy.

Keep track of your secretions: if their character has changed, contact your doctor. The answer to the most popular female question - whether there can be monthly in pregnancy - is positive. There are several options: it can be a different kind of bleeding, or if one egg was fertilized with the maturation of the two eggs, and the second one went out with the menstrual blood. If pregnancy is confirmed, spotting can be the result of a miscarriage. Do not delay the visit to the gynecologist!

The girl has a strawberry, orange juice and milk for breakfast

Adjust the diet of

There are no products that increase the chances of conception, but if you are planning a pregnancy, switching to a "healthy" diet is useful and necessary. Doctors advise you to eat more meat, fermented milk products, replace sugar with honey, and products made from the highest grade flour, puff and dough - for bread from wholemeal bread with bran, dry biscuits and uneatable pastries. Preferred porridge, side dishes of cereals, citrus, rich in folic acid and fish. Balance your diet, and then the stomach at 1 week of pregnancy will feel easy and free.

Give up carbonated water, fried, food with dyes, fast food, alcohol and tobacco. In general, nothing new: a child needs a healthy mother who is nutritionally balanced and balanced.

Is it possible to "order" a boy or girl

The most expected news after two stripes on the test is the sex of the future child. Most modern couples do not care about the legacy of the throne, but in the desire to conceive the boy's wife wait for a crescent moon in the sky, a dry frosty night, open the window, head north and do other intricate manipulations."Order" of a boy or girl is possible only with an intracytoplasmic injection of a sperm into an egg( ICSI) - a type of artificial insemination for couples with male infertility, explains the physician Natalia Klimenko.

- In this case, embryologists examine each sperm in a sample of male sperm for genetic diseases. Doctors see with which sperm are dealing - male or female type. If you have a "mass" of children of the same sex, then you can "order" the other sex. Specially selected spermatozoon at repeated magnification doctors "manually" enter into an ovule with the help of the most thin microsurgical tools.

Once again we emphasize: at this time it is not necessary to look for the first symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages of 1 week - after all, the fetus in the body is simply not there. But the female body has already set foot on the path of preparation for conception, and in your power to help him cope with this natural and miraculous process. If everything works out, then in a couple of weeks you will read articles about pregnancy and find out what is happening to the mother on a specific date, what happens to the baby and what feelings it is worth to prepare for. In the meantime, enjoy the life of a woman.

1 week of pregnancy: the main thing is

What to do this week

  • Balance your nutrition.
  • Give up alcohol and cigarettes if you smoke.

What's new this week

  • There is still no fetus in the body, but the cycle begins.
  • Drawing pains in the abdomen and swelling of the chest - a standard set for the beginning of menstruation.

The blue-eyed girl put a finger to her lips and laughs


I had wild pains, with vomiting, and, sorry, diarrhea. Much easier became when taking OK - it hurt, but tolerated. This is because of my bending of the uterus. Doctors said that, perhaps the pain will pass after childbirth. Also have passed! Absolutely, absolutely!

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I have a terrible migraine and an intestinal disorder on my first day. The headache is so strong that I have to lie at home in absolute silence for a day. .. while I'm on oral contraceptives( Jess), go in for sports and try to eat right. On ALL facilitating drugs( aspirin, tsitramon, instant, nurofen), I have swelling of the facial tissues( allergy?).

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I have 36.9 - 37.8 with monthly it happens. Not every, but it happens. .. The doctor says that this is normal. And I, too, have little air and pressure forever at zero. ..

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