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    The newborn is too small to appreciate the originality of your gift. Therefore, the most relevant at first will be items that will help a young mother take care of a baby: they will competently equip the space of an apartment or a children's room and eliminate the need to purchase the most important "consumables" in huge quantities.

    Set of baby cosmetics

    Care with comfort

    It is better to buy children's hygiene products in specialized stores or pharmacies, where the consulting seller or the pharmacist will provide you with expert help in choosing the right option. Remember: all children's products must have a certificate of conformity!

    • Diapers and diapers-overshoes. In the first months of these consumables will fly away with space speed. Therefore, packing as a gift will not be superfluous. When choosing these hygi
      ene products, ask the mother of the newborn what brand she trusts more and whether she should buy baby diapers or prefer universal ones.
    • Children's cosmetics. Baby care products should be odorless or with a gentle, subtle fragrance, colorless or not brightly colored, produced by a company you can trust.
    • Changing table. It will help the young mother not to overload her back, bending over the baby, is comfortable and multifunctional. This useful structure organizes the space, allowing you to accurately place all the means of caring for the baby( cotton buds, wet napkins, powder, diapers, etc.) lying at arm's length. Lying on the table, the baby gets air baths, and the hard surface helps the baby to makeThe first attempts to lift a heavy head, roll over on the stomach and try to crawl.
    Unromantic, but perhaps the most practical gift will be an envelope with money. Parents will be able to purchase exactly what they have conceived. If you are uncomfortable to limit your bills in an envelope, give the certificate for a certain amount. Presenting it in the store, parents will be able to buy the full program. And if the specified sum suddenly will not be enough, - to pay additionally.

    Set of clothes for newborn

    Replenish the wardrobe of the little fairy

    The crumb blossoms every day as a beautiful flower. A cozy overall for a walk or outfit is a good gift for a newborn girl. When choosing things for a baby, consider the following:

    • Although the gift is intended for a newborn, do not buy clothes of the smallest size. Children grow fast. The first months of life go out "just" only to visit the clinic. Many things can remain unattended even once. It is better to buy clothes for growth, for example, for a 4-6-month-old lady.
    • Buying for a girl, born in the summer, a coveralls for the winter, take a stock. If the "lady" is miniature, will fit 62-64 size( usually it corresponds to the growth of children), if large - it's better to take 68-72.
    • Clothes for crumbs should be primarily comfortable. The main thing is not to restrict the movements of the child and to allow mom to quickly change the diaper.
    • Consult your parents. There is a stereotype that things for girls should be pink in color. However, not all parents follow generally accepted rules and deliberately prefer other color solutions.
    Pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Gentle children's synthetic skin does not tolerate! Preference is given to natural materials - cotton, baize, calico, thin terry fabrics. Synthetics can only be used as a filler for baby blankets and pillows.

    Textiles as a gift

    Some parents from superstition do not buy a dowry for a child before his birth. One of the expected gifts will be textiles.

    • Bed linen. The baby in the first days and months of life spends a lot of time in her crib. Make "nest" warm and cozy will help quality, sewn from natural fabrics bedding - sheets, duvet covers and blankets removable soft sides. Delicate tones with a cheerful drawing will please the princess and will not irritate the nervous system.
    • Towels. No less important ritual is water procedures. A fluffy terry towel with a corner or a bath sheet will come in handy. And you can give a little charmer a terry dressing gown. Size choose more - from 74-80.While the girl does not know how to walk, it is more convenient for parents to wrap their daughter in a towel, a warm diaper or a sheet.

    We will help mother

    The appearance in the family of a new person is a pleasant effort and. .. not a minute of free time. Make a pause, to transfer the spirit between feeding, walking, changing diapers, taking baths and every minute communication with the baby the young mother will be helped by useful adaptations. Thinking about what to give a newborn girl and her mother, pay attention to modern means of communication and electronic cradles.

    • Chaise lounge. This is a multifunctional variation on the theme of a child seat. The inclination of the back of this useful device is adjustable: the baby can sit, and can lie down to rest. Sunbeds have visors that protect the child from the bright sun, equipped with fixing belts and carrying handles. You can take them on a trip. Many models are equipped with a musical appendix, supplemented with toys-rattles, have a useful developing function. The baby learns to entertain herself. And finally, after a few months, a chaise longue can serve as a highchair for feeding - some models are accompanied by a removable table. Buying a chaise longue, pay attention to the shape of the carcass - that it had an anatomically correct terrain. Rocking chairs and electronic swings. The improved cradles help the infant to self-sink, observing the surrounding world. Orthopedic correct form of construction, soft seating, vibration combined with a lullaby song and favorite mobile - the baby is calm, happy mother. A swing can be moved from room to room after itself so that the child does not remain alone.
    • Baby Monitor. This is a special electronic communication tool for mom and baby. There is a "walkie-talkie" made up of two parts."Adult" part can be attached to the belt of trousers or put on your hand like a watch. The child's half usually has a "toy" design, is installed next to the crib of the child or the stroller. In the room, the range of the device is from 50 to 100 meters, and in the open space up to 300-400 meters. The baby monitor can be one-way( mum hears what happens in a baby cot or a room, but can not say anything in response) and two-way( the feedback function allows mother to talk with the baby, calm).If one-sided models are forgotten and hidden away after a while, then with the help of two-way models it will be possible to keep in touch with the child walking in the yard unattended. There are analog and digital radios. The former are cheaper, but more susceptible to various interference, are manually tuned and offer poor communication quality. Digital baby monitors provide a confident reception without interference, have automatic channel switching and a longer range, but are more expensive. When choosing a device, give preference to a digital two-sided model having a maximum range. Pay attention to the material from which the baby monitor is made - whether it is toxic, whether it will withstand impacts and falls. When buying, do not forget to check how good the reception is.
    • Video monitor. Analog of baby monitor. It consists of a video camera with a transmitter, which are installed next to the child, and a receiver with a monitor, located next to the adult. With the help of the baby monitor, the mother will be able to observe the baby, while in another room or even in the next apartment. The range of the device is from 100-150 to 500 m. Additional functions - backlighting, connection to home TV, sound signal( including in the case of "wet film"), video recording - expand the possibilities of baby monitors, but also make it more expensive.

    Entertaining and cognitive equipment

    To develop, knowing the world around in all its diversity, the baby will be helped by toys. At first the child considers everything around - the space suddenly expanded, pleases with unusual colors and sounds.

    • Mobile or carousel. Learning to fix the look will help toys hung over a crib or stroller. With pleasure looking at the figures that rotate under the musical accompaniment, the little one can spend a little time alone, and Mom in the meantime will do several important things.
    • Traditional rattles. Not only allow the child plenty of noise, but also help develop visual and auditory concentration.
    • Development mats. This is a real mini playground for newborns in the form of a soft mattress made of bright material with additional accessories. They can be one-sided and two-sided, differ in size and shape. Above the rug are cross-mounted arcs made of soft plastic or dense foam rubber. On the resulting cross you can hang various toys and periodically change them. For the tiniest, there are rugs with lifting boards, raising which adults can leave a child alone for a few minutes. Models are more complicated - mats-transformers, which with light movement of the hand turn a portable cradle for rocking the baby, a cradle or a bag for toys. There is a rug-house, a path-labyrinth and even a rug in the form of puzzles.
    Choosing a gift for a newborn developing tools, pay attention to the materials from which they are made, environmental safety. Check for defects and damage, build quality.

    Children's luxury items

    If financial opportunities allow you to make royal gifts, pay attention to the following options.

    • Car seat. If the baby was born in a family of motorists, this item is simply necessary. There are three types of car seats for babies:
      • group 0 - baby cars for 0-6 months, that is, for crumbs that can not sit alone;
      • group 0+ - a car seat equipped with a handle for carrying with the baby. Designed for children from birth to 1 year. This model can be used as a carrying, rocking chair or chair, or it can be installed on the chassis of a stroller;
      • group 0+ and 1 - car seat for babies from birth to 4 years. This universal model has several tilt positions( for sleeping and wakefulness).All car seats are equipped with seat belts.
    • Humidifier. Too dry air in the room adversely affects the body. Dehydration, problems with the lungs, drying out the skin and mucous membranes - to avoid these problems, and to strengthen the immunity of the baby, to create a favorable climate in the nursery will help the humidifier. It will clean the atmosphere of dust and microbes, regulate the temperature of the air, saturate it with moisture.
    • Nightlight. Kids, like their mothers, have a round-the-clock lifestyle. That the child does not clear up, waking up at night for the next meal or changing a diaper, a night light is useful, the dimmed light of which is quite enough for important night manipulations.
    • Family silver. Metal is not only precious, but also useful - it has bactericidal properties. Silver pendant or a set of silvered combs will be a perfect gift for a little princess. Let the thick hair is still far away, the comb with silver coating is good for gentle massage of the newborn's head. Depending on what kind of budget you have, you can buy a silver spoon( "for a tooth") or a gift set from a spoon, mugs and rattles with a "toy" ornament. Some parents pierce their ears early enough. The original gift in this case will be silver or gold jewelry - miniature earrings laconic design, with reliable clasps.


    Exclusive: handmade

    If the dowry of a small princess is rich and the baby already does not need anything, you can present a present made by yourself.

    • Pillows-letters, from which the name of the newborn is formed. Stitched from bright fabrics with a cheerful pattern, soft dumples will decorate the interior of the nursery.
    • Photo album made in the technique of scrapbooking. A perfect variant of an exclusive gift for a newborn girl. Cover the cover with a cloth, putting a sintepon, which will make it pleasantly soft to the touch. You can decorate with half-beads, figurines of dolls, wheelchairs. Inside it is necessary to provide not only the pages for the very first photos, but also secret pockets for the results of the pregnancy test, the first ultrasound of the baby, the metrics / biros from the hospital, the first curl. It is very important for every mother to keep it all in memory.
    • "Roll" or "cake" made of terry towels. "Cook" it is quite simple: carefully fold the brown and white towels in narrow strips, roll with a roll and bandage with a bright ribbon.
    • Knitted hat, blouse, sliders or overalls. These woolen things will warm the baby in cool weather. The assortment of shops and departments for knitting is rich, it is not difficult to find a suitable video lesson or a master class. And most importantly, things that are connected with their own hands will not only be unique, but they will also give your baby warmth and positive energy.
    And you can present as a gift special sets for casts - with clay or gel, which will help young parents "create" an imprint of the palms and legs of the child in memory of themselves and the younger generation.

    Cakes from diapers

    Do not repeat the mistakes of others

    Avoiding unpleasant surprises - both for the donor and for the gifted ones - is easiest, having discussed in advance the wish list of the perpetrators of the celebration. Firstly, this will immediately exclude a number of positions. Secondly, it will help to identify the brands of manufacturers of children's products, which are trusted by young parents. Thirdly, finding out your preferences and needs, you will avoid numerous repetitions with gifts.

    • Flowers. The very first gift for a young mother and her newborn daughter is most often numerous bouquets with which happy relatives and friends meet girls on discharge from the hospital. Staying in joyful euphoria, adults forget that in the first days of life the child is susceptible to infections and allergens, and the pollen is one of the strongest irritants. A bouquet from the happy father of the family will be enough. Flower compositions can be replaced with a "bouquet" of toys.
    • Design of diapers. Trying to design the most standard, but the necessary gift, some of the heaps of diapers build a multi-tiered cake. Pediatric Doctors do not recommend this. Hygiene items for the youngest should be sterile and they need to be removed from the package before use.
    • Soft toys. Do not give a newborn girl a textile animal and dolls. As a rule, they are designed for children from 3 years. Gifted for a birth or 1 month, the toys will be hidden away on the mezzanine shelves and covered with an impressive layer of dust, in which dust mites can also start.

    Table - Rating of popular gifts and from which it is better to refrain

    What to give What to give What to give What to give
    Diapers Seas of flowers
    Envelope with money or its equivalent in the form of a cash certificate Alcohol and chocolates for young mother
    Baby monitor Soft toys, especially huge sizes
    Car seat Toys with loud sound effects
    Toys- rattles Animals
    Children's cosmetics Balloons
    Bathing accessories: bath towel, rubber toys Baby food
    Stroller Nipples, Dummies
    Chaise lounge Breast pump for mum
    Bedding Things used
    Mobile or carousel-cushion Synthetic clothing
    Sling or ergo-backpack Arena
    Developing mat Pharmacy products - hygiene products, therapeutic teas, gas ventsTubes, syringes

    If you are in search of what to give to the birth of a girl, remember: roads are not a gift, but attention and the way you present your gift. Consult with young parents. So you can avoid mistakes and will please the culprit of the celebration, and its relatives, and yourself.