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  • 2 in kindergarten: a sweet curd without
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vermicelli cake has many options. Add cottage cheese or mince to the casserole, cook on the basis of small vermicelli without additives. To salty casserole you can serve an interesting sauce: tomato-creamy, mushroom, bechamel. Sweet is perfectly complemented with sour cream, jam, condensed milk. The caloric content of the dish can vary, which is convenient if one of the family members is on a diet.

To reduce calories simply: substitute fatty cottage cheese for low-fat, sugar for sugar replacer. It is better to take pasta of solid varieties: they are low-calorie and useful.

recipe with cottage cheese

Cottage cheese casserole Vermicelli in kindergarten - not only delicious lunch or dinner option, but also useful. Moms know how hard it is to

"cram" the cottage cheese into the baby. Namely, this product is responsible for strengthening bones, dental health. It is a storehouse of vitamins and microelements, so necessary for a growing body.

Little opponents dairy products just do not give up cheese casserole with noodles in kindergarten. Often kids do not even guess what ingredients are included in the dish, so do not rush to disclose the cards. To make the dish tasty, use a proven step-by-step recipe. In the kindergarten canteen everything is measured by GOSTs, so you follow them.

You will need:

  • pasta - 250 g;
  • low-fat cottage cheese - 250 g;
  • eggs - three pieces;
  • granulated sugar - four tablespoons;
  • salt, seasoning - to taste;
  • oil for lubricating the mold.

Preparation of

  1. Cook the pasta, almost until ready.
  2. Whisk the eggs to the foam with sugar. Add the resulting cottage cheese to the resulting mass.
  3. Combine the curd-egg mixture with the pasta.
  4. Put the prepared mass in a greased form. Send it to the oven for 20 minutes. The optimum mode is 180 ° C, but be guided by the features of your own oven.
Curd casserole with pasta as in kindergarten should be magnificent. Rub the cottage cheese using a sieve, and you will achieve it.

Casserole from vermicelli and vegetables

Baked pasta like in kindergarten: a sweet curd without

If the kid loves desserts, but can not tolerate cheese, cook him a sweet casserole with pasta in kindergarten without the addition of milk product. You will try the dessert for the company - remember that it is not dietary. But one piece of vermicelli pie saturates for half a day. Below is a variant without cottage cheese with step by step instructions.

You will need:

  • vermicelli "cobweb" - a pound;
  • granulated sugar - glass;
  • eggs - nine pieces;
  • butter is a hundred-gram piece.

  1. Preparation Add sugar, oil is still warm to the cooked pasta.
  2. Whisk the eggs. Pour them into a dish with the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Pour the mass into the prepared mold, level it.
  4. Bake in the oven for about an hour( 180 ° C mode).
vermicelli pudding in kindergarten acquire a special flavor if you add cinnamon or vanilla. Serve better with compote, kissel.

Pasta casserole in a deep plate

Variant with minced meat

You can prepare a vermicelli casserole with meat, twisted in a meat grinder. The pie is a mix of garnish and meat dishes. Make him tomato sauce, serve a salad - and a full dinner is ready.

You will need:

Vermicelli - half a kilogram;
  • any stuff - a pound;
  • large onion;
  • vegetable oil for frying;
  • milk-glass;
  • egg - two pieces;
  • hard cheese - 150 g;
  • spices, salt.
  • Preparation of

    1. Cook the noodles.
    2. Simultaneously prepare the onion with minced meat: fry, then extinguish.
    3. Whisk eggs with milk.
    4. Spread out the ingredients in layers: vermicelli - meat filling - vermicelli. Pour over the egg-milk filling.
    5. Generously sprinkle the "top" with grated cheese.
    6. Send to the oven( mode - 180 ° C) for 20 minutes.
    7. About readiness testifies to a golden crust.
    For vermicelli-meat casserole it is better to take a pork-beef mix. Then the dish will turn out rich and juicy.

    Baked pasta and cottage cheese

    Multivark to help

    Pasta casserole can be prepared in a multivark. If such a device is in the kitchen, then it is even better to give preference to it. Prepared in this way, the casserole is airy. Due to the peculiarities of the "Baking" mode, the base rises well, the cake is baked from all sides.

    You can adapt any pasta casserole recipe as a kindergarten to the multivark. The baking will take about 40 minutes, but the plus is that you do not need to follow the process.

    Do not take the casserole out of the multivarker at once: let it cool down a little. So the pie will not fall apart. Take out the pastry with the help of a container for cooking for a couple: cover them with a bowl, turn them over.

    4 secrets of a delicious dish

    Find a proven recipe - half the battle. To make a dish tasty, you need to know certain tricks. Remember the four secrets.

    1. Do not cook macaroni. Noodles for casseroles can not be cooked until the end. If you ignore this rule - the main ingredient will turn into a sticky mess. Please note that after boiling the pasta will continue to be cooked in the oven or multivark even as a minimum of 20 minutes.
    2. Rinse the noodles in cool water. This simple manipulation prevents the pasting of pasta. After washing, sprinkle them with a couple of drops of oil( vegetable or olive).
    3. Correctly work with cottage cheese. Vermeshelevo-curd casserole will turn out magnificent, if cottage cheese preliminary to loosen. To help a blender or a normal sieve.
    4. Use breadcrumbs. If you put the rusks on the bottom of the mold or sprinkle them with a multi-bowl - the cake will not stick. Beforehand, lubricate the bottom with oil.

    If a pasta casserole, as in a kindergarten, gets tired of monotony( and this happens with frequent cooking), then you can experiment, each time getting new flavoring accents. A wide field for experiments is opened by unsweetened casseroles: in mincemeat it is possible to add various condiments, soy sauce, tomato paste. Meat can be combined with vegetables or completely replace it with them. Sweet casseroles will acquire a new taste if you add vanillin, cinnamon, cocoa, dried fruits to the base. Dessert baking allows you to experiment with serving to infinity: berry sauces, homemade ice cream, various jams - such "guests" on the plate will please the child.