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  • 1 most popular gift ideas
  • 2 that we should not give
  • 3 Expensive gifts: the pros and cons
  • 4 What dream girls
  • 5 social media Until a few tips that give a girl of 10 years
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At ten years old girl alreadyNot a baby, and not yet a cranky teenager. The young lady still depends entirely on her parents, but already has a character. Do not try to "thrust" the daughter or the goddaughter what you think is necessary. A gift that does not meet the wishes will gather dust in the far corner. A gift for a girl of 10 years should be useful and interesting.

Present what she dreams of for a long time. How to do it? Long before the birthday accidentally ask the child what she would like to have. Learn about personal attachments and hobbies.

most popular gift ideas

analysis of the opinions and advice of parents to communicate in online forums, suggests that present a gift year-old girl. Popular ideas can be

divided into the following categories.

  • Ladies' Things .These include various imitation jewelry: bracelets, earrings, pendants, lovely watch, original jewelry boxes. Just remember, the sets should not be "baby", but close to adults. At this age, the girl is already beginning to follow the fashion, imitating the main authority - my mother.
  • Games and toys .Girls at the age of ten still play dolls or designers. If the birthday of this category, feel free to give to her for her birthday sets long-legged Barbie with carriages and horses, houses with furniture for dolls or sophisticated designers "Lego" for girls. If the child is diligent and loves collective leisure, a wonderful game will be a board game for the entire family such as "Monopoly" or an old kind lotto with wooden barrels. For the restless the floor game "Twister" is suitable.
  • Clothing .At the age of ten, girls like to dress up. Items of the wardrobe as a gift are more appropriate from parents or from grandparents who know the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl. Cool caps, fashionable jeans with rivets, which she had long dreamed of, an original sweatshirt or a flirty scarf. .. The only requirement is originality. Choose bright prints, clothes with the image of her idols, fashionable teenage styles and models.
  • Sets for creativity .Girls are inherently creative. Give her a set for embroidery or for sewing a doll-tilde. At the peak of fashion paintings for drawing by numbers, panels from rhinestones or compositions from beads( money trees, trees of happiness).
  • Sports and active recreation .A girl who loves sports or drives from morning till night in the yard with friends? Note the gifts for active recreation: casters, skates, skateboards, balls, bicycles, sets of badminton or table tennis, swimming masks. The original presentation will be a bright and stylish sports backpack, and the object of special lust for modern girls is the gyroscope.
  • Children's cosmetics .Choose beauty products according to age. Kits suitable shampoos and shower gels, aromatic bombs or bath foam, eau de parfum, lip balm, nail varnish. The culprit of the celebration will be especially pleased to receive such a gift from a friend.
  • Books .In addition to fiction, pay attention to cognitive books: collections of tips for caring for yourself, for children's cooking and housekeeping. Usually these books are called "Encyclopedia for Girls".
But with the opinion that it is better to make a gift for a girl 10 years with your own hands, you can argue. Of course, in the adult world, handicrafts are valued above those that are off the assembly line, but a little girl is unlikely to appreciate the uniqueness and exclusivity of the presentation.

that we should not give

If you do not want to disappoint the birthday gift, and later lying unnecessarily or was peredaril, the list of bad ideas will help to avoid mistakes.

  • Not for season .If the birthday is in the summer, then skates, skis and snowboards as gifts will not do. And if the child is "winter" - do not buy an inflatable pool or a swimming circle. Chad will be upset, because he will not be able to immediately try out the present in the case.
  • Too simple and trivial .It's not a good idea to get off with a chocolate or a postcard. Such "pleasantness" is given without a reason.
  • Toys not by age .Do not give too much children's toys: strollers for dolls, puzzles with cartoon characters, children's dishes or a doctor's kit. Of these toys, a ten-year-old child has grown. Conversely, too "adult" gifts: massive expensive jewelry, ladies' decorative cosmetics( powders, tonal creams, bright lipsticks, mascara) - before them the ten-year-old princess grow and grow.
  • Office supplies .Judging by the reviews, girls at the age of 10 do not like to receive a gift of stationery: pens, pencils, notebooks, notebooks. This is good parents and so buy schoolchildren regularly.
  • Gifts for boys .Obviously "boyish" presents: a machine( even if it is on the radio) or a steep robot from the star wars will not impress the little princess.

Dear gifts: for and against

It so happened that the most expensive gifts the child receives from parents, grandparents or from the godfather. However, not always the choice of an expensive presentation will be correct. Do not indulge every whim of a child.

According to psychologists and experienced moms, if you thoughtlessly fulfill all the whims of a daughter, then with age, "appetites" will only grow. Not the fact that by the age of 18 you can give the girl a cabriolet. Approach the choice of gift intelligently. It should be necessary for games and recreation, for study and development.

A happy girl lies in bed with a tablet

What do the girls in social networks dream of

If you are thinking about what to give your daughter for 10 years, study this list. It is made taking into account the preferences of girls of this age who share with their contemporaries dreams and desires in social networks.

  • Modern gadgets of .These include tablets, laptops, smartphones, e-books and digital cameras. Treat such desires with understanding, otherwise the girl will feel like a "white crow" among peers who have both iPhones and tablets. To choose electronic things better together with the birthday girl - only she reliably knows what functional is needed.
  • Pets .If you can afford to have a kitten or a parrot cockatoos, this is a wonderful gift for a New Year girl in 10 years. The birthday girl will be squealing with delight, seeing a guinea pig, a puppy, a hamster or a turtle. Children of this age are very concerned about pets and are ready to take care of them completely.
  • Certificate for shopping .Ten-year-olds like to make purchases on their own, to manage personal finances. Depending on the preferences of an adolescent daughter, this can be a gift certificate of a toy store, a department of fashionable teenage clothes or any other.
Instead of a certificate, you can give a daughter, a goddaughter, niece or granddaughter money in an envelope. She will be very happy, especially if she has long been saving for the right thing.

A few more tips on what to give a girl for 10 years

If the girl has everything and it's hard to surprise her, you can make an unusual surprise:

  • is inexpensive and very fun to stage a "treasure search" in the courtyard, or invite friends to play a "quest in reality";
  • order a professional photo shoot;
  • make a book-photo album with the birthday girl in the title role;
  • send to aqua park, aquarium or dolphinarium;
  • present a ticket to the circus;
  • to write down a master class on soap making, floristry or cooking;
  • to arrange a trip for a child abroad, if finances permit.

Try to present a gift for 10 years to a girl in an unusual manner. Wrap in a beautiful wrapper, send by mail. You can hide in the room and play the game "hot-cold."Do not forget to make the culprit of the celebration a sincere compliment and shower it with wishes.